Gorbachev warns, the media is silent!

Gorbachev published a brief but penetrating call for keeping the world together and peace breaking apart more and more. The article has been published in the Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper the German media like to cite for rushing against Putin. But otherwise there seems to be no interest in this newspaper. In Germany you can find the article otherwise only at RT and Sputnik, Yes exactly these evil news from Russia which destroy the Western System. As if Russia needed it, there have always been kingdoms that have fallen.

The year 2020 is only two months old, but the world has been on the brink of conflict between the great powers twice. This was real military action in Iran, Iraq and Syria. Then the people concerned seem to have become thoughtful and moved away from the abyss… what is that? This is the old policy of “balancing on the brink of war”. A dangerous and adventurous policy.

More and more often you hear voices, war, the use of force, is acceptable. Songs of praise on nuclear weapons are sung again. “It smells like war.”

The West blames Russia for everything and Russia blames the West. The US is withdrawing from the disarmament treaties. Warplanes fly ever closer to foreign borders, ships come dangerously close to each other, civilian aircraft are shot down.

For the sake of power, the Hawks are ready for anything. There is a saying: “war will solve everything.“This is harmful and dangerous.

There is another saying: “war is the continuation of politics by other means.“Clausewitz would be very surprised to learn how his words are used in the 21st century.

If the consequence of politics is war, then it is up to such a policy!

Now you should hear something else in the world, the most important word should be “think”.

Stop! Stop any action that brings us closer to disaster, that is what responsible politicians should propose to the people.

This is especially important at a time when the world is facing a common, dangerous threat, the Coronavirus pandemic. Once again, we have seen how fragile the global world is, how great is the danger of slipping into Chaos. We must defend ourselves against this with reason, solidarity and common action.

The responsibility of the Great Powers is particularly great. It is a pity that the leaders of the United States and Great Britain have rejected Vladimir Putin’s offer to come to Moscow on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory. They have refused to discuss the current troubling Situation with the other permanent members of the UN Security Council and to confirm the thesis that a nuclear war is unacceptable.

Nevertheless, I continue to hope that responsibility wins against adventurism, that reason wins against Chaos.