The new deal

Did you know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for president in 1932 during the Great Depression as a moderate Democrat with this Mantra: “I’m sorry, but we just don’t have enough money to make a difference”? In 1933, money was suddenly available for all kinds of social programs, and the United States was thus completely preserved from a years-long, decades-long period of hopelessness and rampant poverty. These new programs were named “the new Deal”.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

So what had happened? Where did the funds for the new Deal suddenly come from, seemingly out of nowhere? Well, the whole thing is not witchcraft. The events are actually quite well documented. Which is why you should wonder why you might just hear about it for the first time.

What had happened?


A huge movement of trade unions and socialists had “approached” Roosevelt and told him: “do something or we will do it! We know that something can be done, and we know that You know what needs to be done!“Roosevelt was the most “involved” president in the financial world that we had until then. So he summoned his friends from the business world and banks to announce to them, in short: “we have no choice! We have to do something!”

At the end of this meeting, half of the bankers and businessmen agreed to a 94% tax on the super-rich. It was about people with an annual income of $ 200,000 and above. Anything above this amount would be subject to 94% tax. The other half of the bankers and businessmen at the meeting did not agree with this “Agreement” and its resolutions. In principle, they set about abolishing this “New Deal” over the next decades. But this is stuff for another article.

Back to the year 2020:

Proportionally, today we have a lot more money to solve the problems than we had in 1933. It is untaxed money, on which currently several hundred billionaires and Multi-millionaires (who want to become billionaires) sit. In rough quantities! The money would be brought back by the people who take hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. People who have paid little or no tax for decades. So when the question is asked, “but how does Bernie Sanders manage health and education, etc. want to pay when there is not enough money?!“do not be misled. There’S plenty of money for everything Sanders promises and it’s enough for more!

Bernhard Sanders

Over the past fifty years, our tax system in the United States has been “turned upside down.” It evolved from a System in which the wealthy paid the most taxes and the middle class and the poor the least, to a System in which the middle class and the poor pay the most taxes and the wealthy, especially the super-rich, pay the least and in many cases even no taxes at all. With Sanders ' Plan, our current upside-down tax system, where people get tax refunds that take in billions of dollars a year (no joke!), converted back into a progressive instead of a regressive system.

For forty years we have been living in a madhouse (probably for more than forty years, but this is also material for another article). It is time for the wealthy to pay their share. It is time for the hyper-rich to stop living at the expense of the middle class. And finally, Sanders and the People’s Movement, which he represents, insist that it is imperative that we, as a country, democratize as quickly as possible all institutions that serve the well-being of the people (health care, education, environmental protection).

Unlike other politicians who prefer to allow companies to continue making profits with health care, education, and environmental degradation, Sanders makes clear that only a final and complete removal of profit interests from these institutions gives us a Chance to protect the environment and preserve human life, rather than exploit or harm it.

The reason for this is that those whose profit interests are diametrically opposed to the well-being of living beings on this planet are also those who are least likely to support the process of humanizing health care, education and Environmental Protection. All of these were universal values after the New Deal, before the flood of neoliberal privatizations swept over us some forty years ago.

And that’s all! This is the quintessence of bernie Sanders ' campaign. Nothing “radical”, nothing that has not already existed and nothing that is not as American as Apple Pie.