The counter-attack

At the Munich Security Conference on February 15, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed the urgent need for international cooperation “to build a common future.” He called on the west to abandon its attitude of superiority and abandon its bias against China. Given the personnel composition of the conference, he should hope in vain. The representatives of the US and its allies still dream of continuing on the wave of imperialist euphoria of the late 20th century. You can surf at the end of the 19th century and look down on the Rest of the world like a huge backyard. The term “Westlessness”, which arose as a result of the increasing loss of meaning of the US empire, is only the Symptom of a long, self-inflicted development.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave a speech at the 56th Munich Security Conference (MSC) on 15 February 2020.

It was very revealing to look at the facial expressions and gestures of the, mostly Western, so-called “international decision makers” as they discussed the so-called “Westlessness” with a touch of melodrama, reluctance or nostalgia.

“West lessness” sounds like one of those awkward concepts that seem to a hangover after a night of drinking in the Parisian district of artists of the ' 70s sprung. In theory, in the age of WhatsApp, “Westlessness” is supposed to mean a lack of bipartisan cooperation to confront the most pressing threats to the “international order,” while at the same time nationalism, mocked as a narrow-minded populist movement, prevails.

But what Munich actually revealed was the deep longing for those exuberant days of humanitarian imperialism, in which nationalism in all its facets could be portrayed as the villain who hindered the relentless advance of the profitable, neo-colonial eternal wars.

The MSC organizers took great pains to manipulate the discussions by emphasizing the need for multilateralism so that they could record a whole Latte of grievances as a direct result of “the rise of an illiberal and nationalist camp in the Western world.” As if this were a rampage perpetrated by an almighty Hydra with the heads of Bannon, Bolsonaro and Orban.

The courage to admit that various nationalist counter-attacks can also be seen as a reaction to the merciless Western plundering of the global south through hot and cold wars as well as through financial and entrepreneurial exploitation lies far from the best thinking minds in Munich.

Anyway, here is the Link to the MSC report. Only two sentences in it are enough to see through the MSC game:

In the post-Cold War era, the Western-led coalitions were free to intervene almost anywhere. Most of the time there was support in the UN Security Council, and whenever a military Intervention was initiated, the West enjoyed almost unchallenged freedom of movement for the military.

There it is. those were the days when NATO could bomb Serbia with complete impunity, lose a war against Afghanistan miserably, turn Libya into a militia hell and plan countless interventions throughout the south of the Earth. And, of course, this had nothing to do with the fact that the bombed and attacked were forced to seek refuge in Europe as refugees.

The West is better

In Munich, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha came quite close to this point when she said that she found “Westlessness” as an issue quite marginal. She stressed that multilateralism was an Asian feature, extending the issue to the ASEAN countries (the Association of Southeast Asian nations).

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was sharper with his usual Finesse, noting how " the structure of the Cold War rivalry is being recreated in Europe. Lavrov was a master of euphemism when he noted how " escalating tensions, NATO’s eastward advancing military infrastructure, military exercises of unprecedented scope near the Russian border, and the excessive inflating of defense budgets all together create, above all, unpredictability."

But it was the Chinese state Commissioner and Foreign Minister Wang Yi who really got to the point. Wang Yi stressed that “strengthening global Governance and international coordination is urgently needed right now,” and said:

We must overcome the division between East and West and go beyond the difference between the south and the north in order to build a world community with a common future for humanity.

“World community with a common future” may be the standard terminology of Beijing, but it has a fundamental meaning because it embodies the Chinese concept of multilateralism, which states that no single state has priority and all nations have equal rights.

Wang went even further: the West — with or without “Westlessness” - should free itself from its unconscious mentality of civilizational superiority, abandon its bias against China, and “accept and welcome the development and revival of a Nation from the East with a System different from that of the West.“As a Diplomat, Wang is naturally experienced enough to know that this will not happen.

Wang also managed to raise the eyebrows of “Westlessness"listeners to almost alarming heights when he once again stressed that the strategic partnership between Russia and China would be deepened-in addition to exploring “ways of peaceful coexistence” with the US and deeper cooperation with Europe.

What was to be expected from the so-called “System leader” in Munich was quite predictable. And it was also faithfully recited by the current chief of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, another Washington revolving door practitioner.

The threat of the 21st century

Everything the Pentagon likes to talk about and discuss has been exposed. China is nothing more than a growing threat to the world order — the “world order"dictated by Washington. China steals western Know-how, intimidates all its smaller and weaker neighbors, seeks its “advantage by all means and at all costs.”

As if it needed a reminder for this well-informed audience, China was once again placed at the forefront of the Pentagon’s “threats,” followed by Russia, the “rogue states” Iran and North Korea, and “extremist groups.““No one asked whether Al Qaeda in Syria is also part of this list.

The " Communist Party and its affiliated organs, including the people’s Liberation Army,” were accused of “increasingly operating in locations outside China’s borders, including in Europe.“But everyone knows that only an” indispensable Nation “is authorized to operate” in locations outside its borders " in order to bombard others into democracy.

No wonder Wang was forced to call all this a “lie” :

“The root cause of all these problems and questions is that the US does not want to see the rapid development and rejuvenation of China, and even less would it want to accept the success of a socialist country.”

In the end, Munich has disintegrated into the cat war that will dominate the rest of the century. As Europe is de facto irrelevant, and the EU is subordinate to the concepts of NATO, the “West lessness”, in fact, only an empty, cramped concept: The whole of reality is caused by the toxic dynamics of the rise of China and the decline of the United States.

The indomitable Maria Zakharova has once again put it in a nutshell:

They spoke of this country (China) as a threat to all humanity. They said China’s policy was the threat of the 21st century. On the other hand, I have the feeling that, especially through the speeches at the Munich conference, We are experiencing the revival of new colonial approaches, as if the West no longer considers it a disgrace to reawaken the spirit of colonialism through the division of people, Nations and countries.

An absolute highlight of the MSC was when the diplomat Fu Ying, the chairman of foreign affairs of the National People’s Congress, unmasked the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, with a simple question:

Do you really believe that the democratic System is so fragile that it can be threatened by Huawei?