Under the swastika

In the media they are now almost only called “volunteers”. But especially at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, it was also possible to read in the so-called quality Press that the armed fighters in eastern Ukraine, who are there in the context of an “Anti-Terror Operation” against the predominantly Russian-speaking population, are true fascists.

Faschisten der Ukraine ARD/ZDF

From time to time a report about the fascist fighting troops breaks through the propaganda veil, but also in view of the increasing NATO maneuvers against Russia it is not surprising nowadays that the media companies are silent. What’s more, they cover these fighters. The taz managed to call the members of the Azov Battalion nine times as volunteers in a single contribution! That should be a record.

In the following some news from the press about the Nazi fighters who are active there in the east of Ukraine, where the swastika banner was already waving under Hitler. Many of the articles contain the usual Propaganda at the time of publication. More important is the statement that these are actually neo-Nazis.

Der Spiegel

The far-right Azov volunteer battalion, which is fighting pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine conflict, is getting more and more support from Europe, also from Germany.(…) The reason is a recruitment offensive for a ‘reconquest of Europe’, with which the Regiment also recruits young people among German neo-Nazis.


When the Revolution broke out on the Maidan, the Misanthropic Division was the first unit to arm itself.(… ) Last autumn, according to the ‘SonntagsZeitung’, right-wing radicals founded the Misanthropic Division Switzerland. The organization operates as a direct branch of the eponymous Division in Ukraine. This is considered the most brutal volunteer unit in the fight against the Russian separatists. Their supporters worship Hitler’s Waffen-SS, many of whom are convicted criminals.

Focus Online

As reported by The Telegraph, the Ukrainian military is sending the right-wing battalion to the front line of battle. In the town of Marinka, the militiamen had advanced before the tanks of the army and had captured a Checkpoint. ‘The most important thing is that we have created a bridgehead for the attack on Donetsk. And when it comes, we will go ahead,’ Biletsky says.

junge Welt

Croatian volunteers fight on the side of the neo-fascist ‘Azov Battalion’ in Ukraine. The government in Zagreb has no Problem with that. and further " the recruitment of international mercenaries is organized among others by the neo-Nazi ‘Misanthropic Division’ (…) Their goal is the ' reconquest of Europe ‘in a’race war’.

Paramilitary units such as the Azov Battalion also emerged during the Croatia war. Above all, the organization' Hrvatske obrambene snage ' (Croatian Defence Forces), whose symbolism was in the tradition of the fascist Ustasha militia, was a pool of Croatian and European neo-Nazis.


A 31-year-old businessman wants to take a toilet break in Starobilsk near Luhanks at an abandoned gas station when suddenly three masked men jump out of a car. They pull a gun over his head, take the equivalent of almost 1,700 euros from him. Again and again they accuse him of being a Separatist. ‘Three times I was interrogated. And always beaten — with the rifle, with the blunt end of an axe in the kidneys,’ says the man. (…) The commander of the Aidar Batiallon partially admits to Amnesty International the brutal methods: ‘this is not Europe. It’s all a bit different. The procedures have been simplified. If I want, I can pull a Sack over your head and lock you up for 30 days — on suspicion of helping separatists.‘He also admits that suspects were beaten and that they were blindfolded. And that his battalion maintains its own prison camp.


For the new presenter Christian Sievers it was the first Today Show on Monday— and because of this show, ZDF now has the same fierce anger. The programme, which also dealt extensively with the Ukraine conflict, also showed members of the nationalist Azov Battalion, which is fighting alongside the government troops against the separatists in the east of the country. On their steel helmets, swastikas and SS- runes.


In the struggle in eastern Ukraine, the government in Kiev apparently wants to cast out the devil with the Beelzebub: confessing Neo-Nazi groups are at the forefront. The battalions are called Azov, Dnieper or Donbass. These are groups of far-right extremists that were founded in spring 2014 and are currently prominent in the fight against the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Jüdische Allgemeine

Is our so-called Western freedom in Mariupol already being defended by paramilitary, fascist, Nazi-affiliated units? Amnesty International has called on Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to put an end to the horrific activities of the marauding militias. More than 40 self-appointed Freischärler groups are currently allowed to torpedo Ukraine’s much-vaunted national unity with the acquiescence of the Ukrainian leadership by force of arms.


Moskal is governor of the largely separatist-occupied Luhansk district and has learned of many crimes committed by the Ajdar Battalion. ‘Already about 30 Ajdar fighters have been arrested, for brutal murders, for shootings, for kidnappings. They are also taking action against Ukrainian officials. So they shot at the House of a district councillor, whose wife is chairman of the regional court‘. Moskal has now handed over to the prosecutor’s office a list of 65 such crimes — and that too is only a fraction, he said. From the list it follows that at least part of the battalion acts like an unscrupulous Mafia organization. Again and again, men in uniforms plunder homes and take people away to extort ransom from their relatives.

Amnesty International

Every trace of Aleksandr Minchenok from Lisichansk has been missing since July. At that time he was ‘arrested’by forces close to Kiev on a trip with his grandmother in eastern Ukraine. His parents have not heard from him since and fear for his life. (…) Then the parents of Aleksandr Minchenok, Ekaterina Naumova and Yuriy Naumov, rushed to the checkpoint, where they were told that their son had been arrested by the Ajdar Battalion. The battalion is one of over 30 so-called volunteer combat units formed as a result of the conflict in Ukraine and is close to the government in Kiev.

junge Welt

… the conservative US news website Fox.com headline on Monday: ‘has Ukraine created a Monster that it cannot control?’. Fox meant the Russophobic and mostly openly fascist troops who are at the forefront of the Kiev Junta in eastern Ukraine and have committed countless war crimes: according to Fox ‘kidnapping of civilians, torture and executions’ as well as the use of ‘Hunger and thirst against civilians as a weapon of war’. There are therefore over 30 ‘neo-Nazi voluntary associations’. Some, such as the infamous ‘Azov Battalion’, are under the Ministry of the interior, while others, such as the ‘Right Sector’, operate independently of Kiev. A third group-like the’ Dnipro Battalion ' — appears as a private army of oligarchs linked to the Junta. According to Fox, the leaders of all three categories are now in key positions in the so-called security ministries and authorities.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

After graduating in 2009, she was assigned as a fighter helicopter pilot. But she actually wanted to get behind the wheel of fighter jets. Probably out of Frustration at the slow progress she took a ‘time out’ in spring 2014 and committed to the far-right volunteer battalion Aidar. This Formation is branded by Moscow as ‘fascist’ and has also been accused by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) of torturing prisoners. At the time of her arrest, Savchenko was working for the Aidar battalion.


In addition, the volunteer armies should serve to build a new security apparatus. The advisor of President Petro Poroshenko, Anton Gershchenko, does not tire of repeating that the men and women ‘who are currently defending their homeland from the Russian terrorists in Donbass are the first choice in building a new police force’. The government is also trying to get parts of the volunteers into the regular armed forces. However, this has not been very successful so far, because many volunteer battalions are still better equipped than the regular forces.


Moscow’s accusations that fascists are doing their mischief in Ukraine and threatening Russians are not completely unfounded. In the’ Azov Battalion ‘even foreigners fight to lead the’ white man ' to victory in the country. (…) The British BBC reports on a Swedish sniper fighting with the so-called Azov battalion against the separatists. Mikael Skilt is a former member of the Swedish army, on whose head a prize money of 5,000 euros is now to be exposed. Skilt, who claims to be the commander of a reconnaissance unit, describes himself as a Nationalist. However, his views are more like those of a typical neo-Nazi.