Why right-wing extremists terrorize women, Jews and Muslims

Jews were behind feminism and feminism was to blame for mass immigration. Such and similarly abstruse claims can incite right-wing terrorists.

Like the ten-time murderer of Hanau, the assassin of Halle said in his video: “feminism is to blame for the declining birth rate in the West, which is the cause of mass immigration. The root of these problems is the Jew.”

This conspiracy fantasy is widespread in the right-wing scene, said Anne Helm in the ARD magazine “Panorama”.

Subject Of Anti-Feminism

Helm is a politician of the Left party and analyses the right-wing radicalisation on the internet. She says it is important to understand that anti-feminism, anti-Semitism and racism are related: “there is a conspiracy theory behind this. Namely that a so-called Jewish financial elite, which rules the world, has invented feminism on the drawing board in order to get women to have fewer children, in order to destroy the white race and cause a genocide against the Whites.“After right-wing attacks, racism and anti-Semitism are usually the focus of attention. According to Helm, it is therefore important to recognize antifeminism as a motive for action. He plays a crucial role in radicalisation. “Only when we understand this can we possibly react to it in a timely and preventive manner.”

Anti-feminism unites terrorists

Antifeminism, which rejects equality and diverse forms of life, is seen as the unifying Element of right-wing terrorists. From her point of view, feminism enables a multicultural society that should be strictly rejected. For example, in his “manifesto”, the assassin of Christchurch (New Zealand) blamed feminism for the fact that women do not have enough children and that therefore there is a “population exchange” with Muslims. The Norwegian mass murderer Andres Breivik, who targeted young women, wrote: “the rise of feminism means the end of the Nation and the end of the West.”

Sexfrust of men

At the beginning of radicalization is often the frustration of not having a girlfriend, Helm says. Personal frustration becomes anger at all women and feminism. In male-dominated groups such as student associations, football clubs and Communities on the Internet, frustrated men come into contact with the claim that the Jews were behind feminism and thus also behind the falling birth rates and the alleged alienation. Political scientist Judith Götz said in the online magazine “ze.tt” antifeminism has a bridging function to the centre of society. There, many would experience the dissolution of traditional gender roles as threatening. And it is more acceptable to be anti-feminist than openly racist.