Clinton Propaganda at the Berlinale

Hillary Clinton was received “like a movie star” at the Berlinale. The Episode sheds light on the phenomenon that even suspected war criminals are morally acquitted – if only they rail against Trump and Putin. The process also calls into question the Constitution of the “critical” Festival Berlinale. The media reports about the performance are a testament to poverty.

Hillary Clinton has been given a questionable and uncritical stage by the Berlinale Film Festival. The ex-US politician is confronted with accusations of war crimes (against Libya, for example), internal party intrigue (against Bernie Sanders, for example) and opinion-making (against Russia, for example). Nevertheless, this week she was received on the red carpet of the Berlinale “like a movie star"according to the media. There she presented a TV series about her Person (more about the character of the TV production below). As expected, Clinton used the Podium provided by the Berlinale extensively to once again spread unproven allegations of “Russian election interference.” This bizarre Berlinale Episode sheds light on Clinton’s actions, on the lack of criticism of the Berlinale leadership and on the now complete confusion of terms around “right” and “left”. In Berlin, Clinton announced:

We know that the Russians are again trying to elect our next president, just as they chose our last president.

Clinton grabs the good opportunity is understandable. The naivety of numerous Editors demonstrating the press quotes below is also disturbing, but is now well known. What is most irritating is the attitude of the Berlinale. Could it be that the whole team of the festival agreed with this highly questionable performance, that there were no internal debates and no minority opinions? The reflection pages also sent these questions to the Berlinale’s press department-no reply was received until the article was completed. Further questions for the festival include whether the politician Hillary Clinton and her actions are in line with the values of the Berlinale, and whether the TV series presented in its alleged lack of criticism corresponds to the other “critical” level of the festival.

Who destroyed Libya?

There are plenty of reasons to criticize Clinton, they are well documented. At the end of the text there are Links to articles by the reflection pages and other media on the problematic pages of Hillary Clinton. Above all, their important role in the destruction of Libya should be pointed out here – this monumental alleged war crime makes the international politicians regularly attacked by Clinton as “dictators” seem almost innocent. It is a sign of the Times that even “critical” spirits such as the Berlinale Team regard Clinton’s actions as less criminal than, for example, the (especially verbal) failures of international “populists”. The portrayal of a Donald Trump morally superior Hillary Clinton does not stand up to scrutiny.

In the case of the person of Clinton, mechanisms similar to those used to defame serious media criticism are taking hold: criticism from the “right” meanwhile absolves those who have been criticised of their wrongdoings – because attacks from this side ennoble the addressees as members of the “democratic consensus” – after all, it is now necessary to stand together “against the populists and hatred”, what does the attack on a sovereign state mean? And so those in charge of the Berlinale and also the Fans on the red carpet may actually believe that Hillary Clinton is a moral-political Antipole to “the populists”, in other words a kind of “left Alternative”.

Morality and human rights: U.S. politicians enjoy special status

On the other hand, the Episode at the Berlinale does not have to surprise too much – after all, the Festival has its roots in the Cold War and was, according to Wikipedia, launched by a US officer: as a “window to the free world”. The first head of the Festival, Alfred Bauer, had, therefore, about his work in the Reich film intendant Nazi-verse trick. The reputation of the festival, which contradicts this origin, could be more surprising. On the other hand, numerous actors at the Berlinale have invested a great deal of effort and good work over the past decades to develop the festival’s “committed” reputation today. This partly justified reputation is sabotaged by appearances such as that of Clinton.

US politicians still enjoy a special role. For example, when Egypt’s President Al Sisi was to receive an award at the Semper Opera Ball in Dresden, there was criticism. In the case of Clinton, however, a (indirect) honor is accepted by a similar “critical” media staff: although Clinton is “retired” and she has not been awarded a prize. But the” glamorous " images from the red carpet and the big, positive stage that has been set is priceless for an image correction of Clinton. After all, she was celebrated at the Berlinale, known internationally as particularly “critical” and “committed.” Moreover, Hillary Clinton is not really retired – barely a week goes by without her spreading her radical hostility to Russia.

In the sense of freedom of expression, it is not demanded here that you should have cancelled the appearance – you have to listen to all points of view and deal with them. In this respect, the invitation would have been an opportunity to conduct a passionate debate between the (alleged) values of the Berlinale and those of Clinton. The Chance was missed. The criticism is thus not ignited by the performance itself, but by A (at least apparently) uncritical attitude. On its homepage, for example, the Berlinale does not write a word about Hillary Clinton on foreign policy, but:

But her diplomatic attitude is one of the qualities that would have made Hillary Clinton such a capable president as she was unsuccessful as a candidate.

Great Berlinale station for Hillary

Accordingly, nothing stood in the way of a major train station for Clinton through the Berlinale and politics, as described by the media:

The festival had a lot to offer for the welcome. In addition to the two Berlinale directors Carlo Chatrian and Mariette Rissenbeek, Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters also came to the Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

As if Clinton were an actress and not an ice-cold actor of US geopolitics, she is described in reports as a normal celebrity who has traveled a lot-but without addressing the content of these trips:

With Hillary Clinton’s two-day visit, the International Film Festival has significantly boosted its celebrity ratings. Although the four-piece produced for the US streaming service Hulu has already run at the Sundance Festival. But the Berlinale bosses did not miss the Chance to get the famous politician. ( … ) Hillary is also a global player. As foreign minister, she visited 101 countries and covered more than 1.5 million flight kilometres.

“An intellectually brilliant and assertive personality”

The “Süddeutsche Zeitung"writes about Clinton’s TV” documentary " about her Person":

From the Material emerged the portrait of an intellectually brilliant and assertive personality, which asserts itself against prejudices and stereotypes, but also recognizes the limits of its possibilities."

Since the TV series was previously only available to accredited journalists, the content of this is not to be discussed here. Dubious in its apparent lack of criticism, however, the Trailer already appears:

“Director and protagonist have refrained from letting critics have their say”

The suspicion of uncritical praise intensifies when one reads some of the current reviews. So writes Deutschlandfunk full of understanding for an obviously censorious approach:

The director and protagonist would have refrained from letting critics have their say. ‘That’s a conscious Statement, that’s what they both decided.’ ( … ) This turned into a ‘very gripping Film’.

Kitsch replaces criticism

The “Tagesspiegel” diligently continues The Legend formation laid out in the" documentation":

If you want to make the world better, you have to walk stony paths. Hillary Clinton promotes it. She herself had to overcome many difficult paths. ( … ) “Justice does not come by itself,” she says.

This is what it sounds like when criticism is replaced by Kitsch – the newspaper continues in this style: “life itself probably also writes the most exciting scripts.“And the “Tagesspiegel” closes by certifying Clinton “courage and fighting spirit in extraordinary portions”.

Media and Berlinale fail

These quotes show once again that many major media outlets do not provide the necessary information to adequately assess the politician Clinton, for example. The Berlinale also fails in this respect. Therefore, some articles on the background of Hillary Clinton are recommended here.

This article provides a (preliminary) assessment of Clinton’s alleged foreign policy crimes.