Will to war and racism

The Tagesschau does not distinguish between genuine and only politically correct mourning for the victims of violence. It would have been so necessary and would have done so much: a minute’s silence in the Tagesschau. Only the pictures from Hanau speak and let the shock about racist serial murder work. Allow the television public to share the pain with the weeping relatives of the dead for a brief moment. But no, the editorial staff of ARD-aktuell exaggerated everything, State-supporting as usual, with a Steinmeier-O-tone: “we will not be intimidated. [..] We grieve, take part and see that we are one in our grief and united against hatred, racism and violence.“Sounding phrases, while racism is growing stronger in this country. And this is parallel to the belligerence with which Germany is primarily directed against the Islamic world.

Racism within Germany and Germany’s actions in war abroad stem from the same thinking. The Tagesschau desperately avoids drawing attention to this, even though our public news channel is committed to comprehensive, complete information work that serves to establish the truth. She is silent about the fact that the same kind of gallows birds, who are condemned as Islamist terrorists by German courts, received a bribe of 37.5 million euros from our government as “oppositionists” in Idlib.

First of all, about Hanau: the flags at half-mast, the Tagesschau in the mode of concern and with the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier a mourner on offer, who was the most unsuitable cast for this role. Although the television-loving community of millions is no longer receptive to certain subtleties, there are good reasons to regard Steinmeier as disqualified. This must be remembered with a few sentences.

As chancellor’s Office minister in Schröder’s cabinet, Steinmeier was responsible for keeping the German-Turk Murat Kurnaz locked up in the US torture camp at Guantanamo, even though his innocence was known. When the National Socialist Underground (NSU) committed its racist series of murders, Steinmeier, as the Chief Superintendent of the German secret services, allowed the police investigation to follow the populace of competing Turkish gangs; the suspicion that the perpetrators could be German neo-Nazis networked with the secret services was stifled from above.

Steinmeier was the architect of the” Agenda 2010 " with its misanthropic Hartz laws, unquestionably a pillar of hatred in this country. As foreign minister in February 2014, Steinmeier played a key role in ensuring that the coup in Kiev was successful and that neo-fascists also came to power in Ukraine; he had negotiated a transfer of power agreement with them that was not worth the paper on which he was written.

As Foreign Minister, Steinmeier was one of the decisive supporters of German participation in the war against Syria, which was contrary to international law and fundamental law.

A disgraceful Detail: on 17 September 2016, the US Air Force (USAF) attacked a Syrian army Camp near Deir-Ez-Sur, which had been surrounded by ISIS for years. Sixty-two soldiers died in the bomb blast; the Rest of those trapped were wounded and fell into the hands of ISIS’s head cutters. The target data for this US war crime had been provided by German Tornado pilots.

Despite the undisputed German share of responsibility for the massacre, Steinmeier did not find a single word of regret or even of sympathy for the relatives of the fallen. The Tagesschau also had no O-Ton of any other representative of our state to offer; it had not even tried to do so.

State actor in double role

Steinmeier today officially expresses grief as head of state, whether in Hanau or on an equally terrible occasion elsewhere. He appears as a highly paid Admonisher against racism within and applauds the de facto German aggressiveness and contempt for humanity towards foreign countries, preferably Muslim ones. He advocates higher German “defence"spending and a strengthening of the EU’s role in NATO.

Steinmeier’s double standards have long been known. Ulla Jelpke, member of the Bundestag of the left and spokesperson for domestic policy in her group, stated years ago:

Ahrar al-Sham, a close ally of Al-Qaeda and supported by the Turkish government, has always been talked about by the German government as a ‘moderate Opposition‘. The fact that a foreign minister, who has now been nominated for the Office of federal president, acts as a diplomatic stirrup for a terrorist organisation rightly banned in Germany reveals a cynical double standard.

To forestall questions: a politician of the left, no matter how much she is right, does not get a Chance to express such fundamental criticism in the Tagesschau. Such an O-tone remains unimaginable in the “first”. Steinmeier is not dismantled here, although his way of thinking is no different from that of the last picture editor. Only a Springer-Hiwi is not obliged to fulfill a constitutional mandate to preserve peace.

No, we do not share with these contemporaries our shock at the growing number of victims of racist killers. The Tagesschau continues to make itself implausible as a Forum of official mourning. A look at your coverage of the Syrian war:

In Idlib province, Syrian and Russian forces are grinding the last Bastion of Islamist terrorists and international mercenaries. The fighting is driving thousands of civilians to flee, but there is no way out for them: the border in the North is tight, Turkey has closed all the crossings.

The southward escape corridors set up by Syrians and Russians are blocked by the terrorists in Idlib, who are entrenching themselves behind the civilian population. In the face of this horror, the federal government is only concerned about preventing a renewed flow of refugees to Central Europe. Instead of ending the illegal war of the “alliance against ISIS”, it extends it: it finances the terrorists and tries to drive a wedge between Russia and Turkey.

The Media Club

How does Tagesschau deal with this? Like all de facto mass media, it uses the humanitarian catastrophe as a “club against Syria and its allies”. Informative articles on Telepolis, on the reflection pages, on Critical network or on Rubicon expose the aggressive Propaganda of the government. The Tagesschau, on the other hand, always knit the same camouflage pattern: in apparent empathy with civilians threatened by life-threatening violence, it instrumentalizes their misery and especially the suffering of children in support of transatlantic Agitation.

The Tagesschau does not identify the perpetrators and winners of this war. It does not refer to the true war aims, which have nothing to do with democracy and Human Rights. It does not distinguish between aggressors and defenders, nor between cause and effect. On the contrary, it persistently conceals the war crime role of the USA and its Western alliance, which is the cause of all the misery and millions of deaths.

At ARD-aktuell, the Double Dimension is Standard. When the alliance liberated the northern Syrian city of Ar-Raqqa from ISIS in 2017, but razed the city to the ground and massacred thousands of residents with ruthless bombardment, the guilty party was clear in the few Daily News reports: the Islamist occupiers were of course ISIS, not the “liberators”. When the Syrian army and the Russians liberated the cities of eastern Ghouta and Aleppo from terrorists (by the way: with far fewer victims among the civilian population than in Ar-Raqqa), the Tagesschau, conversely, blatantly blamed the “ruler” Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Putin for the deaths of the civilians.

The fact that the jihadists in Ghouta and Aleppo had led a cruel terror regime, that they had locked women and children in cages as shields against the liberators and had prevented the population from fleeing, however, was not mentioned in the Tagesschau. Nor the rejoicing of the finally liberated. But for the propaganda films of the “White Helmets” and atrocities about “barrel bombs” and chlorine gas attacks of the Syrian army there was plenty of room in the news broadcasts. It is idle to repeat that the editors did not care a bit about the justified public criticism of their organized misinformation.

With the defeat of the terrorists in Aleppo and eastern Ghouta, ARD-aktuell’s coverage of the suffering of the children there also ended. The demonstrative compassion had evaporated – another Propaganda mission of the ARD had been fulfilled.

War crimes

The Tagesschau consistently omits the fact that the Syrian population, especially and above all the children, suffer massively under Western sanctions. She wants to “fight the causes of flight”, Chancellor Merkel asserts at every opportunity. The Tagesschau is helping her to instil this into us. Thus the government and its central organ permanently gelatinize, that the internationally illegal, inhuman sanction policy is one of the essential reasons for flight.

The EU has just imposed new sanctions to sabotage reconstruction in Syria. At the same time, the US has tightened its sanctions. They were intended to " drive the Syrian civilian population into the misery revolt.“Thus, the sanctions are not only contrary to international law, but first and foremost a war crime in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

The Warlords of our Western community of values do not care. They believe that their war of sanctions achieves what they could not achieve militarily: the overthrow of Assad. The federal government and the Bundestag majority know exactly what is really going on. The Tagesschau editorial staff too. Only it undermines this Information, like so much else.

So the propaganda terror to cover up the Western war terror continues in the coverage of Idlib. Just no factual information about the Syrian-Russian attacks on the terrorist occupiers robbing and murdering there: it must not be that the German population develops sympathy and understanding for the liberation struggle against the jihadist criminals. Rather, our journalistic warmongers and propagandists feel called to establish the enemy image of Russia and its President Putin in Germany.

Accordingly, they also call Idlib province “the last stronghold of the rebels"in the Tagesschau. Because rebels are something nobler and more enjoyable than marauding mercenaries, assassins and Al-Qaeda terrorists-and because in this way the fake “Civil War” can continue to be sold as the Original.

There is no negotiation with terrorists who commit crimes in Germany. This is considered reason of State. But German politicians always have in common with terrorists who help to overthrow a foreign government hated in this country. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, with designer glasses, silver hair and anointing talk already sufficiently qualified for the landlord role at Bellevue Castle, was always part of the party.

In January 2016, he advocated the participation of Syrian Ahrar al-Sham terrorists as “important partners” at the Geneva conference on Syria: “after more than five years of civil war, extreme violence and ever-increasing brutality, where should the moderate circles come from?”

He did not show any scruples, although it was known that the Western-funded Ahrar al-Sham, along with other armed groups, was involved in one of the most horrific massacres of this war of conquest in the Syrian province of Latakia from 4 to 18 August 2013, when at least 190 civilians were killed and more than 200 women and children taken hostage. But the political negotiators of this group, although financially dependent on the West, were “important partners"for Steinmeier. Yes, that is, in the attempt to achieve a capitulation of the Syrian government: it should accept the imperialist demand for resignation and regime change. Steinmeier’s “Partner” – German foreign policy at its Finest…

The good and the bad Terroris

At the time, Steinmeier was just as unconcerned about the Tagesschau as he is today. Rather, it indirectly helped to distinguish between the” worst terrorism “of the head-cutter ISIS and the” not so bad terrorism " of the Ahrar al-Sham. This corresponded to the Expertise of the government-funded “Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik”. Their expert, Guido Steinberg, had claimed before a German court in the trial of terrorists that Ahrar-al-Sham was “not as radical and barbaric” as ISIS.

The astonished public learned in this way that in some brains the idea of a tolerable terrorism wavered, of a quasi “democratic terrorism”. Debunking outburst of the political-media concubinage.

Nevertheless, they continue to do it with each other, politicians and the press. They proclaim the consequences of German foreign policy free of all critical negative thinking about war violence and war crimes. They only find mass killings appalling when they occur within our borders. In Syria, however…

ARD reporters even went to Idlib themselves. The “rebels” ruling there had allowed the visit, the Tagesschau faithfully emphasized. What these bandits would have also objected to the visit to be anti-Russian and anti-Syrian inserted certain fritzen Advertising with a press card? A knowledgeable Islamist butcher knows: the first German television is reliable when it comes to image maintenance for himself and against the Russians and Syrians. It broadcasts in the spirit of our President Steinmeier.

The local date for the ARD propagandists made a telling, colorful contribution to their broadcast: grenade attacks, deplorable children in mud and cold, Interviews with distressed residents and statements like this:

The Russian Air Force is bombing the city and makes no distinction between civilians and armed fighters."- “I love Angela Merkel, she is the only one who helped the Syrians."- “Soldiers from Europe should protect the local people - just as Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has sent his soldiers to Idlib.

Yes! Such sounds from the war zone are sought by a seasoned ARD Journalist in order to report them to the unsuspecting sofa potatoes at home. In doing so, he faithfully suppresses the fact that the then Foreign Minister Steinmeier had already paid a bribe of 13 million dollars to the White Helmets and their propaganda group of the Aleppo Media Center (AMC); today, the crony operates as the Idlib Media Center (IMC) and is likely to be one of the “selected administrative units” that are now getting their money from successor Heiko Maas. After all, the Federal Foreign Office has practice in diverting millions of euros to opaque junk; it does not require proof of use.

Whether there are again propaganda films for ARD-aktuell to buy at IMC? And quickly a supplementary question to ARD-aktuell, before Syrians and Russians finally close the Idlib Sack: won’t it be time to offer another poison gas attack by the Syrians on the trapped civilian population? Or at least include barrel bombs in the program, because Assad always “massacres his own people”?

Our leaders in Berlin and Brussels are concerned with continuing their policies by other means. Their belligerence is presented as a commitment to the protection of human rights; in truth, it is only an expression of reckless, inhuman striving for power. As far as it triggers mass flight towards western Europe, every effort is made to block it and prevent immigration. The motto is not” fighting the causes of flight”, but"fighting off refugees”. For this, they make deals with terrorists and lure despots such as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with billions of euros.

Am German being …

It used to be called “the world should recover from the German being”. Today, this is considered rather ungainly. People prefer to preach tolerance, scourge racism and right-wing populism, turn themselves around and bleat: “Germany must take on more responsibility in the world.“Hardly anyone notices the absurdity anymore, least of all the normal Tagesschau audience.

14 (fourteen!) The Bundeswehr already has missions abroad. There must be more? Because we are the good ones, of course. And our arms industry must finally live …