The great hypocrisy of the value parties

After the elections in Thuringia, or after the appointment of Mr. Kemmerich (FDP) as the new prime minister, there was a complete confusion: who had elected whom and why? Sheer horror, because the AfD had also voted for the FDP candidate, with the consequence that now all parties are in dispute with each other, which in the worst case could lead to an ungovernability of the country.

Chancellor Merkel, who was travelling, had announced from Africa that the election had to be" reversed"..?! However, there can only be a solution if the parties start talking to each other again, which can only succeed if a few misunderstandings are cleared away in advance.

Just as a reminder: there are in Thuringia, as well as at the federal level, on the one hand the “parties of the center”, the “good”, the “parties with the common values”, the PGW, i.e. CDU, SPD, FDP and greens, and on the other hand the “radical Left” party “Die Linke” and the “right-wing populists"gathered in the AfD.

First Misunderstanding:

The parties of the Centre, the parties with common values, do not like Nazis and declare that they have zero tolerance here. This was somehow completely misunderstood! The exact opposite is true, at least if you look at the facts :

The young Federal Republic of Germany was built up after WK2 by our value parties, with well over 200 real Nazis in the federal and state governments, i.e. former NSDAP or also SA or SS members, or other important Nazi function and office bearers. It was important to our value parties to fill even the highest offices in the Federal Republic of Germany with Nazi people, such as Federal Chancellor, Federal President and Prime Minister, as a sign of special appreciation.

Just a few examples:

Hans Globke

Globke was a CDU member and from 1953 – 1963 head of the Federal Chancellery, grey eminence, state secretary and most important man of the Republic behind Adenauer. He coordinated the CDU regional associations and distributed the donations from industry. He was the man for confidential matters – inside as well as outside; he controlled the newly founded Verfassungsschutz and prepared the takeover of the organization Gehlen as a future federal intelligence service, the BND. Among other things, he mediated and organized the rearmament of the Federal Republic.

Globke received his doctorate in law and during the entire Nazi rule, was significantly involved in naming and race legislation, civil status and Nationality Law in the Reich Ministry of the interior. In his commentary on the Nuremberg Laws and the implementing regulations drawn up for this purpose with his participation, he had defined by law who was to be regarded as a Jew, to be labelled as such and thus exposed to persecution, for example, by the Eichmann unit.

In particular, the Reichsbürgergesetz and its first ordinance of 14 November 1935 served as the formal legal basis for the systematic exclusion of the Jewish population, as well as the eleventh ordinance to the Reichsbürgergesetz of 25 November 1941 for the murder of all European Jews discussed at the Wannsee Conference in January 1942.

Among other things, Hans Globke created the administrative prerequisites for the Holocaust by recording the population regarded as Jewish. His dedicated work has been honored with numerous honors and highly appreciated, in particular. also after the WK2 of our value parties, last by Honor on 15.10.1963:

Globke is thus a prominent example of the continuity of the administrative elites from the “Third Reich” in the transition to the FRG.

Konrad Adenauer

Adenauer, co-founder, member and light figure of the party, was the first chancellor of the still young FRG after WK2. Adenauer had until recently commented on Globke’s work and his participation in the extermination of the Jews with the words: “you don’t pour away dirty water as long as you don’t have clean water.”

In May 1961, following the intervention of Adenauer, the hessian Attorney General Fritz Bauer opened an investigation against Globke in Frankfurt am Main and it was closed. (Due to incomplete separation of powers, it is still possible that our value parties can stop investigations for (their) leadership crimes, as the public prosecutor is forced to act in accordance with instructions.)

Adenauer was a grand master of the” center, “the” center " was always where Adenauer (politically) was, and Adenauer, a master of opportunism, was always where big capital was. In 1932, Adenauer demanded that all conservative forces between the centre and the NSDAP had to be gathered to overcome the crisis.he saw the NSDAP as “conservative” and still belonging to the “centre”.

On August 6, 1932, Adenauer wrote: “the Zentrumspartei urgently demands the entry of the National Socialists into the Reich government. It will then be ready to tolerate this government.“In June 1933, Adenauer wrote to the friendly banker wife Dora Pferdmenges: “in My opinion, our only salvation is a Monarch, a Hohenzollern, but also Hitler”.

Reinhard Gehlen

Gehlen, the ex-Nazi Wehrmacht general and until recently NS Major General, headed the German Secret Service for the US occupiers and formed the future federal intelligence service, the Federal Intelligence Service, the BND in Pullach from the Nazi organization Gehlen and helped many former Nazi comrades to new Jobs in the Federal Republic. Gehlen had the code name “Utility” and also the code name “Dr. Schneider"for his US service men.

Reinhard Gehlen (1902-1979) had an eventful life, without a doubt. General of the Wehrmacht, head of the Department foreign armies East, after 1945 establishment of the organization Gehlen to the BND and from 1956-1968 he was president of the BND, at the request of our value parties.

Heinz Felfe

Felfe became head of the BND “counter-espionage Soviet Union” unit and was a former Nazi; NSDAP member since May 1936, Gestapo official in the Reich Security main office and most recently SS-Obersturmführer.

Kurt Georg Kiesinger (CDU)

Kiesinger was prime minister of Baden-Württemberg from 1958 to 1966, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1966 to 1969, as decided by our value parties, and federal chairman of the CDU from 1967 to 1971. He was a lawyer and legal teacher, and a member of the NSDAP and SA since 1933.

Richard Stücklen (CSU)

Stücklen was, by decision of our value parties, from 1979 to 1983 Bundestag president of the Federal Republic of Germany, from 1957 to 1966 federal minister for Post and telecommunications and from 1976 to 1990 belonged to the Presidium of the German Bundestag. Stücklen was a member of the NSDAP from 1939. After the end of the war Stücklen was one of the co-founders of the CSU, from 1953 to 1957 he was a member of the executive board and from 1967 to 1989 a member of the CSU executive committee. In the 1976 federal election campaign, Stücklen belonged to Helmut Kohl’s government team.

Walter Scheel (SPD)

Scheel was, it wanted to our value parties, from 1974 to 1979, the fourth Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany and from 1961 to 1966 in coalition governments with the CDU in the last two cabinets of Konrad Adenauer and Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, Federal Minister for economic cooperation. From 1969 to 1974 he was Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and vice chancellor in the first and second SPD governments. Following the resignation of Willy Brandt, he served as managing chancellor from 7 to 16 May 1974. Walter Scheel was also a member of the NSDAP.

Hans Karl Filbinger (CDU)

Filbinger was, as our value parties wanted it, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg from 1966 to 1978, state chairman of the CDU from 1971 to 1979 and also one of the deputy federal chairmen of the CDU from 1973 to 1979. He was previously a Nazi Marine judge and in 1978 four death sentences were announced, which Filbinger, then a member of the NSDAP, had applied for or handed down. As a result, Filbinger lost support in the public and in his party and finally resigned as prime minister of BW on 7 August 1978. In 1979 he founded the right-wing Study Center Weikersheim, which he headed until 1997.

Hans-Dietrich Genscher (FDP)

from 1969 to 1974 Federal Minister of the Interior, from 1974 to 1992, he was, almost uninterruptedly, Federal Minister for foreign Affairs, and Vice Chancellor of Germany from 1974 to 1982, under the chancellorship of Helmut Schmidt (SPD) and in accordance with the change of government, from 1982 to 1992, under the chancellorship of Helmut Kohl (CDU). He is thus the longest-serving federal minister of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, he was federal chairman of the FDP from 1974 to 1985 and was a member of the NSDAP.

Karl Carstens (CDU)

Carstens was, as our value parties wanted it, President of the German Bundestag from 1976 to 1979, the fifth president of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1979 to 1984, from 1933 he was a member of the SA and from 1940 also a member of the NSDAP.

Baldur Springmann und Werner Vogel (Green Party)

… the Greens also have two real Nazis, two former NSDAP - SA and SS members, who are among the founding members of the party.

And countless other well-known former Nsdaplers, such as Erhard Eppler, Alfred Dregger, Horst Ehmke, Friedrich Zimmermann, Hans-Martin Schleyer, Walter Leisler-Kiep and numerous other less well - known functionaries, MDL and MDBs, former NSDAP and/or SA or SS members.

Table with a selection of such persons here below with Albert Speer, Hitler’s House and court architect for giant-Roman Nazi ostentatious buildings, also became minister of armaments, armament organizer and responsible for armament, ammunition, armament production and forced labor from 1942 on. He was thus jointly responsible for the employment of seven million forced laborers, including about 450,000 concentration camp prisoners, and he was involved in the operation and expansion of concentration camps.

Due to a small sentence, Speer was able to move freely and unhinged from his release from prison, starting in 1966, and rejoice in his earnings from the sale of stolen art. Until 1980, until shortly before his death, Speer was repeatedly in Cologne art houses to sell Nazi looted art. Among other things, Speer had received valuable paintings from the Supreme Nazi art robber, Dr. Bruno Lohse, who had also “collected” art for Göhring Hermann Göring and other Nazi greats. Dr. Lohse escaped with only 3 years in prison and was able to enjoy his wealth of stolen art undisturbed in his Villa in Munich-Bogenhausen until his death in 2007.

The Nazi art robbers responsible for the raids in France, Robert Scholz and Walter Andreas Hofer, were sentenced to ten years in prison, but they did not have to serve the sentence because the FRG, that is, our value parties, were not willing to hand them over to France! The real Nazis, after the WK2 represented in federal and state parliaments, as members of our value parties, were in any case able to keep and enjoy their villas and assets undisturbed.

Dear parties of values, credible Restitution goes differently!

Second Misunderstanding

The Nazi officials and plenipotentiaries who remained after WK2 made a Deal with the USA, arranged through Adenauer and his Entourage: Germany submits and makes the bed rug for the USA, becomes a hub and staging ground for any future US intelligence and military operations, as well as rearming, building up the Bundeswehr and joining NATO, as well as providing land for US military bases.

In return, further prosecution and processing of Nazi crimes were largely dropped under the table. The experts important for the USA, such as the rocket builder Wernher von Braun, were moved to the USA, with beautiful biographies, so that there is as much trouble as possible over there. Even the numerous backstabbers, corporations, commodity procurers, profiteers, banks and financiers of the Third Reich, were not further held accountable in coordination with the USA.

A further prosecution of the numerous former Nazi functionaries, now active at the state and federal level, did not take place, because our value parties could not recognize any sufficient guilt in their participation in the Nazi rule.

However, our value parties have enforced a conviction: Beate Klarsfeld was convicted in 1968 for slapping Federal Chancellor Kurt-Georg Kiesinger in the Bundestag, because of his Nazi past and NSDAP membership.

Third Misunderstanding

One might think that in the meantime our value parties have changed to the good, from Saul to Paul. Unfortunately, no. The opposite is the case. Our value parties participate to this day, government officials, in (illegal) wars of aggression, in crimes under international law and in US drone killings, through support, without any shame or insight.

Almost all wars since WK2 were illegal wars of aggression, See also Dr. Daniele Ganser’s book “illegal wars. How NATO countries are sabotaging the UN. A chronicle from Cuba to Syria.”, Orell Füssli, 2016; ISBN: 978-3-280-05631-8, new price: 25 EUR; 374 pages.

Fourth Misunderstanding

But aren’t the greens really the “good guys”? No, even that is not true. The Greens learned a long time ago the lesson of what to do in order to sit at the big tables, to eat from the big pots, and to come to power.

For example, the Schröder/Fischer government had no inhibitions about invading Yugoslavia in violation of international law, ravaging and murdering the country, all of which, by the way, has remained unpunished to this day. The only difference: nicer texts and nicer reasons for war, but for the intellectuals, the dead are just as dead. And, the entire pride of red / green, to have refused the Iraq raid, also that was a duck: target acquisition by Tornados, participation in Iraq by secret KSK operations, guarding the US barracks so that the US soldiers can attack, (see cause Major Florian Pfaff, who ultimately got justice before the Federal Administrative Court and the surrender of all territorial rights, US bases, roads, ports, and rights of passage, without which this war of aggression, this crime, would hardly have been possible.