What you need to know about hamster buying

  1. You are going to buy, first of all, a new toilet seat – Hygiene is really important now! (Wash hands before)

  2. You can buy a second or, even better, a third G-class, so you can transport your hamster purchases home safely (wash hands before).

  3. Important for the perfect hamster buying: are you Looking for a supermarket, a Discounter, such as the Delicatessen Böhm. They also meet like-minded hamster friends, such as Player women (Wash hands before).

  4. go to the target object at least in pairs and take two shopping carts (Wash hands before).

  5. First of all, you need power. A lot of electricity. So that in case of total failure they can continue to share payback points permanently and keep their Fans informed about their own theories about the Coronavirus. Electricity is available in large canisters right next to the olive oil (10, 20, 30 liters) (Wash hands before).

  6. Is shit always, so bring enough toilet paper, so maybe for a year (wash hands before).

  7. Is drinking always, that’s why your budget should be equipped in the stock is sufficient and in the long term is sufficient. Another advantage: disinfection from the inside. Washing hands alone is not always everything.

  8. Buy soap enough, because you must always wash the hands. (Wash hands before.)

  9. You can buy enough pasta and canned tomatoes. Recipes for pasta with tomato sauce can be found at famous influencers (wash your hands before).

  10. store your hamster purchases well in the cellar and lock the door well before they are stolen by your greedy fellow citizens, who were not as clever as you. Share a detailed story about your hamster purchase on Instagram. Done, put your legs up and wait with relish for the epidemic (wash your hands before).