We Finance Murder

The list of sponsors and shareholders of the so-called Munich Security Conference (Siko, engl. MSC) is indicative of the nature of the conference. These include sponsors, especially the manufacturers of death: The German tank forge Kraus-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), the largest aerospace group in Europe Airbus, the largest U.S. manufacturer of fighter planes, Lockheed Martin, Germany’s largest weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall, the German defence Ministry (600.000 € grant). These include The Gunsmiths Raytheon (USA), BAE Systems (GB) – both among the top ten in the world, as well as Rohde & Schwarz or ESG Elektroniksystem - und Logistik-GmbH, Matra BAe Dynamics Aérospatiale (MBDA) from France.


The Siko sponsors are one of the world’s largest arms companies, which, according to the Motto “Who pays, creates”, stage a huge propaganda forum with the conference to justify ever higher arms expenditure and worldwide war operations.

In its “defence policy conference” on the sidelines of the Siko, the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) also called for action to finally follow the talk of “more responsibility in the world”. For example, the passage for merchant ships in the Strait of Hormuz was to be secured against Iranian attacks. BDI boss Dieter Kempf said in the original sound:“we need new technologies instead of ground troops”. These are new weapon systems. A gloomy forecast is contained in the" Munich Security Report", which is produced every year at Siko and which has created the term" westlessness " specifically for this purpose. “Westlessness “means that the influence of the” West " over its global competitors is in danger of being lost.


French President Emmanuel Macron is quoted in the Report as saying: “We were used to an international order based on Western hegemony since the eighteenth century. Now things are changing.“The” weakening of the West " was a constant theme in the speeches of federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and French President Macron. Together with Siko head Wolfgang Ischinger, unison complained that the European NATO states were only sitting on the spectator’s bench in the current military conflicts, such as in Libya or Syria.

Therefore, a strengthening of the “European pillar” of NATO is needed and the EU must become a “strategic, political power”. Until then, it is still far. But with the 2% target, or the new European arms projects, they are already on the"right path”.

Until then, the United States demands that Europe follow suit on important issues: the power struggle against China, Huawei or the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Siko CEO Ischinger once again called for Germany to “play a stronger role in the world”.

The aim must be to profess, without ifs and buts, to place the German power, not only the economic, but also the military, at the service of an EU and NATO capable of action. Both the EU Commission President von der Leyen and the German Foreign Minister said: “Europe must learn the language of power again.“Ischinger demands – certainly also with regard to French nuclear weapons-that Germany cooperate more closely with France, in foreign policy, militarily and in arms development. He expressed his views on this matter a year ago: “France’s nuclear deployment options should cover not only its own territory, but also the territory of its EU partners.”

“We must make Europe more capable of acting so that the EU can assert European interests more credibly, quickly and decisively, otherwise we will perish,” says Ischinger. Under the pretext of a supposedly imminent withdrawal of the US from its role in Europe or NATO, the growing military responsibility of the European NATO states is now being invoked.

“Taking responsibility” is the code word for further armament and more war operations. It is based on the speech of the then Federal President Gauck at the 2014 security conference, at which it was demanded that Germany should take on more responsibility.

This is translated by German politics into more foreign missions, more arms exports, further armament and militarisation of the EU. This would be made necessary by the alleged withdrawal of the US from its “global responsibility” and the “Westlessness” caused by it, that is, the imminent departure of the “west” from its global supremacy.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung of 16 February 2020: “French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Europeans, and especially Germany, to work together for a sovereign, strong Europe, because the US is withdrawing, Macron complained at the Munich Security Conference. "

The USA withdrawing?

The facts speak a different language! The US does not even think about withdrawing from Europe, on the contrary: it is expanding its presence and activities. Already the planning and implementation of the “Defender 2020” maneuver and The Associated relocation of large troop groups from the USA to Europe on Russia’s western border speak against the claims of the withdrawal of the USA from Europe:

… do not show anything of a withdrawal of the USA from Europe. These claims are being introduced into the discussion in order to exert pressure in this way towards further armament and military activities of the European NATO states.


It has confirmed once again what was stated in the call for a Demonstration on the occasion of the so-called security conference: this is a propaganda event by war strategists, arms producers, NATO military personnel and their politicians to justify further rearmament and the maintenance of the imperial supremacy of the “West”.

They are responsible for worldwide wars, millions of refugees and environmental destruction. They are the representatives of an economy that kills. The peace movement must grow and the issue of the threat of war must be on the Agenda in both old and new social movements.