The fake Invasion

Russia has not invaded Ukraine. German media, politicians and activists, however, have steadfastly maintained the opposite to this day, even though there are not even Videos or photos of invading Russian troops or wild war scenes between Russian and Ukrainian associations. The propagandists try to anchor untruth as fact in the minds through endless repetitions. At this stage, it is no longer just a matter of spreading one lie or another — it is creating a completely changed reality. This is incendiary because the manipulations are obviously aimed at exacerbating tensions with Russia.

On 25 March 2015, General Christophe Gomart, head of the French military intelligence service DRM, was questioned in the French parliament. As a case study of the need for increased French military intelligence, Gomart brought up the Ukraine conflict, in which NATO and the US spoke of a Russian Invasion and occupation of eastern Ukraine that never took place. General Gomart told the French National Assembly:

The real difficulty with NATO is that American intelligence predominates there, while French intelligence is more or less taken into account — so it is important for us to provide enough NATO commanders with information of French origin. NATO had announced that the Russians would invade Ukraine when according to information from the DRM nothing speaks for this hypothesis — in fact, we had determined that the Russians had not used any orders or logistical means. In particular, field hospitals, which enabled a military Invasion, and second-level units had not carried out any movement. As a result, it turned out that we were right, because if Russian soldiers were actually seen in Ukraine, it was more a maneuver to put pressure on Ukrainian President Poroshenko than an attempted Invasion.

Extract from the official minutes of the National Assembly with Gomart’s statements on Ukraine. - When an Invasion or a war takes place, media usually report about it with a flood of pictures. But in the case of the Ukraine conflict, there were no photos or Videos for lack of an invasion.

In their distress, the media used numerous false images and symbolic images. Here are some examples. In the meantime, some of the images were replaced by others by the media.

5 years between the same photo

Same tank image at n-tv left, 2009 and WDR-right, 2014.

In August 2014, WDR published an article entitled " Russia on the rise?". In this picture you can see tanks and soldiers, who under the subtitle “Russian battle tanks drive on 19. the same picture, which was used in the WDR article as evidence of this “Russian invasion 2014”, was shown on 29 June 2009 in an article by n-tv about the Caucasus and is supposed to show Russian tank units in 2008.

5 years between the same photo

Despite the apology, WDR continues to use the wrong image in the show “Aktuelle Stunde”.

A few days later, on September 2, 2014, WDR once again used the same false image in the show “Aktuelle Stunde” as a mockery. Although WDR was made aware of this “regrettable error” shortly after the first publication of the false image and apologized for it in the back of Twitter on August 31, 2014.

5 years between the same photo

False image is replaced by false image despite apology.

In the meantime, in the article with the wrong tank image, the WDR had exchanged the image and apologized: “We mistakenly used an archive image instead of a current image when creating this page.” The replacement image, however, was not taken from the alleged Russian Invasion of eastern Ukraine in August 2014, but was a picture taken by the Citypress 24 photo agency on 21 March 2014 and is supposed to show a soldier in Crimea. As a” correction", an archive image from a different context was used again" accidentally". With the correction message, the WDR also suggests that the image is current.

The same tank picture web.de for Russian Invasion 2014 and 2013, in a Blog

“Ukraine crisis: Russian tanks invade Ukraine” and" Putin’s tanks roll over border " reported the web.de News Page on 7 November 2014 with a picture of the Russian tanks allegedly invading Ukraine. However, the same picture was taken more than a year earlier — on March 19, 2013 — by a Blog in the article “What does Russia’s defense industry expect?” used.

5 years between the same photo

Same tank picture on ZDF and in a Korean Blog 2009 with pictures regarding Georgia.

The ZDF article " search for peace for Ukraine. Liveblog: Kiev reports 50 Russian tanks " from February 12, 2015 to an alleged Invasion, decorated a tank image, which was also found in a Korean blog post from 2009, in which was written about Georgia, which can be easily found out via an online translation tool. The Korean blog image could be found via a simple image inversion search.

5 years between the same photo

Photo from Russia in 2014 in a Polish Medium and the same photo in 2015 in Der Spiegel, “Ostukraine”.

Spiegel Online claimed on 23 April 2015 that Russian troops were in Ukraine and shows a picture of a military vehicle with an air defense system, which is said to have just been sent to eastern Ukraine:

“The US government accuses Russia of breaking the Minsk agreement: despite all the assurances, Moscow is said to have sent additional army units to eastern Ukraine.”

The same image was already used by Polskie Radio on August 14, 2014 and shows a Russian military vehicle in the Russian region of Rostov. Der Spiegel also suggests by his choice of words that the Minsk agreement stated that Russia would be standing with troops in Ukraine. But that is not in the agreement, and Russia would never have signed it.

5 years between the same photo

Invasion report of the time with a photo — here abbreviated-of Russian soldiers in the Rostov Region, not eastern Ukraine.

The Zeit-Online article " Russian tanks apparently crossing Ukrainian border “is decorated with a tank image with the description"Russian soldiers in August 2014 in the Rostov region”. Those who do not know that Rostov is in Russia will assume, in view of the article, that it is a picture from Ukraine. Who knows that Rostov lies in Russia and reads the Zeit article and believes him about the Invasion, will probably assume that these are photos of the Russian tank formations before the invasion.

5 years between the same photo

Business Insider, rebels on 28 October 2014-Frankfurter Rundschau," Russia sends tank column " on 7 November 2014.

On November 7, 2014, the Frankfurter Rundschau reports on an alleged Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine with 32 tanks. This is illustrated with a" proof image " of an alleged Russian tank convoy. A few days earlier, this AFP Image was used on other Websites, such as the site Business Insider. The article of 29 October 2014 states that the picture shows “pro — Russian separatists” on a tank-on 28 October.

5 years between the same photo

20minutes with “pro-Russian” eastern Ukrainians on October 28, 2014, same photo at WELT on November 7, 2014 as “Russian tank column”.

Also on November 7, 2014, the world reported an alleged Russian Invasion with 32 tanks:

“Tanks and howitzers — Moscow enters Ukraine”.

This is illustrated with a" proof image " of an alleged Russian tank convoy on which four tanks can be seen. A few days earlier, this AFP Image was still used on other Websites, for example on the Site 20minutes.fr. it says that the picture shows tanks with “pro-Russian separatists”. Pictured in the article is the same scenery as in the previously mentioned article of the Frankfurter Rundschau, the FR Tank is the last tank of this Panzergruppe of four tanks that stop the traffic. Compare the white truck behind on both pictures.

5 years between the same photo

The above mentioned Russian air defense system in Rostov, Russia, as an invasion symbol in the HAZ.

The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) offers a very nice example of the symbolic tactics. The previously mentioned image of a Russian air defense system in Russia used by Spiegel on 23 April 2015 as evidence of the “deployment of further Russian troops” was used by HAZ on 15 August 2014 to accuse Russia of an invasion of Ukraine in the article “Russian military vehicles spotted in Ukraine” :

23 armored personnel carriers along with tankers and other supply vehicles have crossed the border from Russia.

On the lower right side there is a small “symbol picture”. But that does not make the article truer and the effect of such pictures not much less. Many should not notice the word" symbol image " when reading fast anyway.

####The Fake Invasion is alive

Although there has been no Russian Invasion and the readers, listeners and viewers have repeatedly drawn the media’s attention to it, the press and Propaganda hold firmly to this lie. At every opportunity this false assertion is repeated. On countless topics that have nothing to do directly with the Ukraine conflict, the message of the Russian invasion is casually-and therefore all the more effectively — cheered by the audience.

A particularly bizarre example of this is the coverage of the Panama Papers tax haven scandal. A Ukrainian billionaire was also involved in the affair and at least seven journalists, some of them high-ranking journalists, managed to tell the story of the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 through this link between 4 and 8 April 2016. And this, mind you, in the context of a scandal about tax evasion and money laundering in the Central American country of Panama.

Konrad Schuller (FAZ) - " Ukraine and Panama Papers. Expulsion from the tax Paradise":

The outrageous thing is that in August 2014, at the height of the Russian military intervention, the president and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces founded a company in a tax haven.

Paul Ronzheimer (picture) - " scandal about money trickery / does Poroshenko rush through the Panama account?":

And then Ilovaisk happened — in the village near Donetsk hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded and killed by Russian soldiers. To this day it is the biggest defeat of the Ukrainians in the war.

Moritz Gatmann (Übermedien) — “Offshore Disclosure. Panama, Putin, Poroshenko: The meat and the sauce”:

Most of the Poroshenko dish is a sauce called ‘Ilovaisk’. This is the name of a place in eastern Ukraine where the Ukrainians lost a decisive battle against separatists and Russian special forces in August 2014.

Benjamin Bidder (Spiegel) — “Panama Papers: why Poroshenko is wrongly pilloried this time”:

In order to prevent the imminent defeat of the self-proclaimed ‘People’s Republics’, Moscow then increased the deployment: in mid-August, Russian army units intervened in the fighting. When the Mail was sent to Panama, however, nothing indicated this development.

T-Online “Offshore company founded. Poroshenko under pressure over ‘Panama Papers’ “:

Emails to the law firm Mossack Fonseca, which is at the centre of the ‘Panama Papers’, date back more than a week before the climax of the confrontation with Russia.

Florian Willershausen (Wirtschaftswoche) - " Panama Papers and Ukraine. Unjustly pilloried”:

Just in August, when Ukrainian troops suffered heavy defeats in the battle in eastern Ukraine against Russian special forces and pro-Russian separatists, the mailbox company Prime Asset Partners was opened in the tax port of the British Virgin Islands.

Christian weisflog (NZZ) - “the president’s Offshore companies”:

During the conquest of Ilovaisk, Kiev’s troops were encircled by Russian units. Almost 500 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and almost as many wounded.

In comparison, an excerpt from Federal Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier’s speech to the UN General Assembly on 27 September 2014, a few weeks after the small arms race between rebels and mainly fighters from the far-right Ukrainian “volunteer battalions” in Ilovaysk, which was inflated to a huge battle against a Russian invasion army in the face of the defeat of the Kiev-loyal Nazi units, is also interesting.:

A few weeks ago, we faced an immediate military confrontation between Russian and Ukrainian forces. Diplomacy has prevented the utmost.

Although Steinmeier erroneously gives the impression — compare the statements of the French general Gomart — of a Russian Invasion looming at the time, he nevertheless admits that an Invasion or fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces never took place. Ilovaisk is not even mentioned by him. The OSCE confirmed in early September 2014 that there is no evidence of Russian military presence in Ukraine.

Whether Russian troops in eastern Ukraine would in principle be illegal under international law is a completely different question anyway, which is not to be dealt with comprehensively here. Anyone who has just overthrown a government has nothing to report under international law, and it is better not to raise the question under international law as to whether the sections of the population protesting against the coup are allowed to obtain military aid from a neighbouring country, because the answer might not be in their interests. The question is irrelevant here, since no Russian troops have been found.

5 years between the same photo

taz at 12. November with war, Russia — Ukraine, and the Focus on 7. November with anti-tank invasion

Our Propaganda insists that this” Russian Invasion " in Ukraine is reality. And this without any proof and even contrary to the testimony of the highest-ranking military intelligence officer of an important NATO state before Parliament. Again and again the lie is repeated. The more often, the better. The more arrogant, the better.

5 years between the same photo

Golineh Atai uses Twitter to measure a colleague who did not include the invasion lie in his Text.

If you don’t argue hard enough, you can catch a “correction”. ARD quality journalist Golineh Atai in June 2016 measured her fellow journalist Hubert Seipel because he had forgotten to talk about Russian troops in a post about Ilovaisk:

4 journalists were direct eyewitnesses in Ilovaysk. You can provide Hubert Seipel with information. If he wants.“And further:” instead of passive construction ‘had been encircled’ eyewitnesses recommend the active: regular Russian soldiers, many captured.

Here Atai, out of sheer anger at the forgotten “Russian troops”, confuses her own argument and writes that the encircled Ukrainians were Russian soldiers, “many captured”.

The institution of 23 September 2014 takes false pictures and false reports on the Ukraine conflict on the grain.

A few years ago, one would have thought it crazy that it would be possible to imagine a never-happened war between the two largest territorial states of Europe and its Invasion. Especially in times of photo and video smartphones and the Internet this should not be possible, because someone would have to have seen and filmed and photographed this war, and if that is not the case, then the alleged war is just a fantasy.

Nowadays, Propaganda wants to force people not to trust their own eyes and their own minds anymore — and in their desperation to surrender completely to the instructions of the propagandists.

Meanwhile, every year “defensive” military maneuvers take place, in which NATO battalions advance until shortly before the Russian border.

The fact that the horror bioweapon Anthrax-anthrax — is sent by post and even media such as Spiegel, BILD or Focus have to report about it in order to take the Wind out of the sails seems to interest many just as little as the danger of a third World War including the atomic extinction of mankind (35 to 38). Not to mention empathy for the victims of the attacks on foreign countries with the help of humanitarian propaganda. And when your children have died on the Eastern Front, no “Abber, abber, abber” or “we didn’t know about anything” will bring them back to life.

The Links to the references can be found in a separate file.