Shortcomings of the USA

Through the hard work of the Chinese people, remarkable successes are achieved in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The international community generally appreciated the enormous costs and sacrifices China has made. But the disturbing voice from the other side of the ocean continues to grow. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross, and other politicians took turns to blacken China’s disease prevention efforts, slander China’s political System, and attack China’s freedom of speech. These theories make the world unbearable.

On Tuesday, the Chinese ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian, held a press conference at the embassy. In connection with China’s efforts to combat epidemics, he listed China’s practices and achievements in eight aspects and pointed out that “the United States can neither do this nor will it do it.”

Ambassador Lin’s conclusion is based entirely on facts. First, he listed the eight aspects. China’s top leaders and the Chinese Communist Party led the entire country’s population to quickly and effectively contain the spread of the epidemic. In Wuhan, two special hospitals were built in about 10 days, in Hubei 15 module hospitals. The Chinese people mobilized to deliberately isolate themselves at home for two weeks or more. Medical Teams and materials from other provinces and cities in the country were urgently mobilized to help Wuhan and Hubei. The targeted assistance and support of the individual cities in Hubei by other provinces or government-controlled cities of the country has been launched. The national common defence and control mechanism was set in motion and operated efficiently. 40 years have been used to lift more than 800 million Chinese people out of poverty. The path of peaceful development, has always been followed.

So what did the US do to counter an epidemic? Now Americans are suffering from flu B. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 22 million people in the US have been infected with the flu and 12,000 have died so far. Emergency rooms in hospitals in the United States are overcrowded, the New York Times reported on February 8. To maximize profits and reduce costs, the large for-profit Medical Group, which includes hundreds of hospitals, has an inadequate stock of mouthguards, protective clothing and gloves that are used as reserve material.

It’s funny that some US politicians close their eyes to their own problems, but criticise China’s efforts and contributions to fighting epidemics. Whether it’s internal governance or external exchange, Washington’s political machinery is failing. Should some American politicians be ashamed of the obligatory “eight inadequacies” and apologize to the people?