Because man is a man

… he stands up against oppression, exploitation, corrupt elites: in India, France, Chile, Iraq, Czech Republic, Algeria, Lebanon. But there are also" authoritarian national radicals " (W. Heitmeyer) who do not fight for their dignity and for justice, but respond to their anger: through aggressive demarcation, hatred against enemies and all those who declare them to be such. Brutalization increases, cohesion disappears-as a result of a brutalized policy? As much as power elites seek to cloak it: the goals and methods of globally prevailing politics foster a desolate social mood. Neoliberal Dogma destroys social coexistence.


For months now, mass protests and street fights against stark inequality have been taking place in Chile. A comparison of the statistical measures reveals something surprising: in Germany, social inequality is greater than in Chile, so that even the International Monetary Fund States: “Germany is one of the countries with the highest wealth and income inequality in the world.”

At whose expense is wealth concentrated in the 0.1% oligarchs? We have known for decades: the number of people affected by poverty is growing in Germany and elsewhere. Greater poverty in old age is inevitable: in response to a request from the Left party, the Federal Ministry announces that employees must work 45 years full-time and earn 12.63 euros per hour in order to get basic old age benefits. The policy relies on the habituation effect, and our indifference.

Both the unjust distribution of income and wealth as well as the systematically bled out services of general interest affect the everyday lives of people who currently complain about priceless housing, work that makes them ill and poor or a broken social infrastructure. Everyone knows: hospitalization endangers health, because privatization in favor of corporations and the billing according to case packages are demonstrably at the expense of staff and patients, as the documentary “der marktgerechte Patient” emphatically shows.

The neoliberal reconstruction has managed to destroy public services and the foundations of a social rule of law. Large sections of the population of the Federal Republic of Germany do not want these “reforms”: in a survey conducted by the Forum New Economy in October 2019, 80 percent deplore the privatization of public services. Even 87 percent criticize declining social cohesion due to inequality. Instead, 87 percent want more government investment in climate protection, schools, universities and railways. Against the demands of Justice of the population, however, the power elite is wielding its proven ideological weapon: the rich have earned their possessions and the power associated with them – the poor have failed. People rightly perceive this attitude as mockery, contempt and devaluation; to material disadvantage comes the psychological injury. At best they believe the lie of life of the profiteers themselves; their class conceit decomposes the Basis of peaceful coexistence.


Neoliberalism was able to triumph because its pseudo-scientific assumptions about Man, Economy and society gave the power elite a carte blanche: “inequality is not regrettable, but highly gratifying. It is simply necessary,” as taught by Hayek, one of the “fathers” of market radicalism. Politicians freed capital from all fetters through deregulation and liberalization, legitimized disinhibition. Now (almost) everything that served Profit was allowed.

Politicians like Berlusconi, Trump or Bolsonaro are often called psychopaths; countless are accused of corruption (Netanyahu, Rajoy, Sarkozy). It is forgotten that they gained their power only through the support of capital, whose interests they asserted. People are rightly outraged by the criminal machinations of the corporations in Germany, for example with the toll, CumEx and Diesel scandal or the tax havens; but the outrage about laws that allow legal raids and expropriations of the population through tax benefits and privatization remains limited. All morality and human feeling is overridden by the goal of profit maximization. One example: at least nineteen suicide cases and twelve suicide attempts were attributed to the bosses of France Télécom: after privatisation measures, the group pushed through the “rehabilitation” by Psychoterrorism of the employees. They should be “destabilized” until they “if not through the door, then just through the window”, as the then chief and adviser of President Sarkozy recommended.

Corporations and banks are already free of morals, “shadow banks” also free of control. BlackRock, for example, as the largest financial investor in the world, has control over almost seven trillion US dollars with holdings in 17,000 large public companies-including all DAX groups. BlackRock is among the main shareholders of all the major German housing groups – the five largest ones own more than 900,000 apartments – with fatal consequences for apartment seekers and tenants. The head of Germany for the financial investor, Friedrich Merz, CDU, has ambitions for the chancellorship. He is actively involved in the privatisation of pensions, in the interests of investors, not pensioners. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says: “the world needs our leadership”.

But many people ask: Why do the politicians we pay for not limit the omnipotence of these greedy monsters? How can you sell off public property? A remote totalitarian system of power has developed, palpable for all, that is not prepared to take human needs into account. People are reduced to their role as customers and workers and receive as a Signal from the rulers: we don’t care about you! One feels at the mercy of anonymous exploiters. The consequences are the feeling of powerlessness and a complete loss of confidence – and also anger. Corporate omnipotence is opposed to the powerlessness of the sovereign.

Fake Reality

Which interests determine the guidelines of politics for existential issues such as services of general interest, militarism and rearmament, climate catastrophe and social inequality? The people should learn nothing about the intimate interaction of the power elite, their goals and methods. By systematically influencing the public, reality is reinterpreted in the sense of the profiteers. The US government, for example, was consulted on how the climate catastrophe can be so clouded by discrediting scientific results that no measures need to be taken – made known by the leaked Frank Luntz Memorandum of 2002. on topics such as armament and the imperial expansion of zones of influence, images of enemies are to guide public opinion until history is revised: for example, the Federal Chancellor accused Russia in the Bundestag (27 November 2019) of having reached the border of NATO with its attacks. Similar distortions and lies in the press and TV describe Volker Bräutigam and Friedhelm Klinkhammer as " a system of collaboration between the media and the government: deception, distraction from the essential, incompleteness, trivialization."

The war over the heads is fought with “narratives”, i.e. emotional narratives that aim at the subconscious: effect instead of truth, Manipulation instead of Information. But when politics is carried on as Propaganda by the ruling parties, it enjoys a credibility like television advertising, namely none at all-even if it is still able to influence attitudes and feelings. Leading figures in major media also belong to the power cartel; the close networking of democratically not legitimized Lobby and elite associations such as Atlantikbrücke or Bilderberg Meetings is clearly visible in a diagram of Swiss Propaganda Research.

Swiss propaganda research

Thus a Fake Reality is created in which commitment to truthfulness is maintained according to the elites ' interests. The Manipulation penetrates through technical progress into all areas of life in order to influence thoughts, feelings and decisions. Edward Bernays had already described in “Propaganda” in 1928 how the masses are to be controlled and controlled according to the will of the elites: “the conscious and intelligent Manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important Element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of Society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."(CIT. N. Wikipedia) in this manipulation of opinions, all parties that have determined the radical politics of the market in recent decades played a not to be underestimated role. Contrary to Article 21 of the basic law, according to which parties participate in the formation of the political will of the people, they knew how to monopolize their power of opinion.

Many people lose their orientation. The confusion is intentional: people can be better guided in this way. Through the omnipresence of Manipulation, the basis of reliable communication is destroyed, truth becomes arbitrary. The result: mental destabilization and loss of reality. And it does not remain with cognitive confusion. Because even toddlers learn that feelings do not serve to build safe relationships, but to manipulate them. But in order to overcome their own impotence and insignificance, some want to reach the public and be perceived as strong, achieve as much effect as possible. Feeling a little power – what politicians and unscrupulous bankers practice on a large scale: one witness in the CumEx trial spoke of"a bit like Pippi Longstocking: I make my world the way I want it”.

Injustice, destruction of services of general interest, powerlessness, loss of trust and reality are misanthropic and arouse destructive energies. If submission to this pathogenic pseudo-world becomes a habit, one loses dignity. You cannot preserve it by making yourself better usable. People do not have to remain victims. Rebellion and resistance against a disease-causing System serve to stabilize psychic existence and social coexistence. The basis for resistance is sensitization: the perception that society is robbed and disenfranchised by privatization, for example, and that people are injured in their dignity by Manipulation. Resisting also means raising awareness of the violence that is constantly spreading through poverty, the fight against refugees, or armament. We can change a lot by our own efforts when we get together.