Gaps from thousands to millions

Red SPD socks often cost the taxpayer dearly. According to the latest findings, they are probably considerably more expensive than black holes, as they are cherished and maintained by the CDU. Of course, someone at Schäuble had forgotten a suitcase with the coal. However, the amount was so marginal with 100,000 DM that Schäuble could not remember it at all with the best will. Now the SPD in Hamburg could have somehow forgotten about 47 million euros change just like that.

No, don’t worry, the SPD did not collect this coal as an illegal donation. More brain lard is needed here. In this case, the generous donation went to a Bank. Once again, the taxpayer got the super convenient opportunity to save a Bank. All right, even if this was not a full-blown bank rescue, then at least a fat sponsorship. This time this bank benefit was staged with the Hamburg SPD Power, officially quite unintentionally. Presumably, the SPD in Hamburg has too little opportunity to engage in large - scale social activities, so that this time - more or less coincidentally-it hit a single Bank.

Nothing exact you do not know.

This Postille reports on the process in more detail: “47 million euros given away? Diary of Hamburg Banker brings Scholz into Bredouille”. From this one can learn that even doing nothing can lead to great benefits. No one can remember quite exactly there now. As well, since the officially recognized “Peanut” limit only ends at 50 million (Hilmar Kopper, Deutsche Bank). Since it does not matter whether DM or Euro. Adjusted for inflation, this will fit somehow.

So if the city state of Hamburg is obliged to claim 47 million euros in tax debts from the Cum-Ex scandal from a Bank, then no one wants to find a responsible person? This speaks for massive organizational deficiencies in the Hamburg apparatus, which even the smallest parking offender with the 10-euro ticket cannot escape for years. All this happened during an SPD Regency, even Olaf Scholz is not that far away. And as clearly explained in the previously linked article, there were always glowing wires between the Bank and the SPD in Hamburg. The SPD itself probably saw no reason to report on it.

Without consequences goes only for politicians

And where the park Sinner, persecuted for decades, in case of doubt sits off his ticket by substitute detention, at 47 million euros nothing happens in the political space. Organized irresponsibility is the highest Form of political organization, especially because one will never find in the whole felt one responsible according to criminal law. Then someone like this rightly rebels: “SPD mayor Tschentscher resists accusations” (>article at Spiegel Politik). And at the end of the day, as in the church, it says: “whoever believes will be saved”.

We once questioned the Oracle of Delphi, posthumously, of course, because of the possible exclusion of liability. The Oracle talked about connections of the SPD to the said Bank, but could not map more precise, dark channels with Golden content, over which greater riches could have been directed towards the SPD Root work. This is a pity, if not intentional, that there is no factual basis for this.

Because only then would it make sense for the Hamburg SPD felt to let such a sum of money leak elsewhere, if its own flowers can bloom elsewhere. A rogue who thinks even worse. Every Chamberlain belonged fired for it, not so with the SPD.

Certainly, at the end of all days, there are even greater gaps in memory. Ursula von der Leyen is likely to be one of the most promising candidates for a “near-Delirium” to squandered taxpayers ' money. Because of already looming gaps in her memory of an even greater extent, the lady was ordered to the EU commissariat to execute some imaginary voter will there.

Unfortunately, it was not available for election anywhere, but this underlines the lack of political alternatives with which it had to be implanted in Brussels. Of course, all of this is evil…the worst conspiracy practice, because nobody wants to know anything about the Associated theory.