Syria, an endless story of lies

The media myth of the " Democratic Revolution “and the Just” rebels " in Syria has long since collapsed. Nevertheless, the false narrative is still massively supported by many media, for example in the last days: the " civil war “appears here like a force of nature that has” erupted " without action and prehistory. In order to cover up one’s own responsibility for the conflict, children’s suffering is also abused and dubious Material is still used – for example by the “White Helmets”.

The media myth of the “democratic Revolution” in Syria has long since collapsed. For this reason, one could demand that, in response, many major media would distance themselves from their condensed narrative on Syria. And that perhaps even a process of dealing with the failure of large parts of the German media landscape on the subject of Syria and Regime Change would be initiated. But neither remains. Presumably also because the Western media’s co-responsibility in the Islamist Terror against Syria would then become obvious. And so the false (and long since proven to be false) media representation is continued by the “opposition activists”. And so a media wall of protection will continue to be placed around these “rebels” whose character and supporters are not adequately questioned – and who are not required to finally lay down their arms.

In order to maintain this myth of the well-meaning “rebels”, many means of distortion have been observed in recent days: from instrumentalized child suffering, to stubbornly repeated phrases from the “Assad Regime” to Material still used by unmasked propagandists such as the “White Helmets”.

The “civil war in Syria - an “erupted” force of nature

The story of the “civil war in Syria” does not only appear infinite in the representation of many large Western media – according to this representation, it also has no beginning. Since 2011, the media has been constantly moving in a painful present that has “erupted” like a force of nature. Not a word about the history and responsibility of the West-instead the misrepresentation of an alleged “complexity of the conflict” and of Western inaction (“and the world is watching”): if only the West and its allies in Syria had remained inactive since 2011. Here first follows a small and incomplete selection of scandalous media articles on Syria from the last days:

Wednesday’s Heute Journal on ZDF focused on the exploitation of child images: camp scenes and dubious images of rubble illustrate the report. According to the report,” Assad’s troops “cordon off the” confusing territory of different militias". “Hundreds of thousands had fled to Idlib.“Who has fled, what actions have preceded this flight, Why are the weapons not laid down by the” rebels”? What is hidden behind the phrase of the “confusing Dominion” – who rules there?

Even the daily topics of Wednesday in the ARD do not want to answer such questions exactly. They speak of the “rebel stronghold” of Idlib. A family man interviewed there has fled – “from the soldiers of the Syrian regime”. “Oppositionists” invite the Reporter to “their territory”. There, White Helmets (according to ARD a “civil protection organization”) show a hospital destroyed by “Assad soldiers”. Also the" Tagesschau “reports dramatically, but with little background of” bombs, cold, Hunger-catastrophe in Idlib".

“Syria’s Zombie Regime”: “will Assad have them all killed?”

There is a consensus in numerous media that the “worst refugee crisis to date” in Syria would be about to unfold, as it is said, for example, in little differentiation on ZDF, in the “Rheinische Post”, in the “Stern” or on n-TV.

The “Focus”, which writes about “Syria’s Zombie Regime” and prophesies in another article about the “Syrian Civil War”, strikes a further heightened tone:

When the Assad Regime comes, it means a massacre

The “time” does not want to stand back and lets an Interview partner ask:

Will Assad have them all killed?

The introduction of the"Zeit" article reduces the conflict to the present in a familiar manner, the criminals are also the troops of the Syrian government:

In the last rebel-controlled province in northwestern Syria, more than 900,000 people are on the run, mainly women and children. In the towns near the Turkish border to seek shelter from the bombs and the advancing soldiers and militias of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian supporters.

At some point Islamist forces mixed in

This quote from “Der Westen”, which asks what the Syrian war is “actually about”, also proves the pathetic level at which many radically shortened reports on Syria are moving and which level they therefore presuppose among their readers, and answers:

Everything started in 2011 with a hint of hope. At that time, thousands had demonstrated peacefully against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in the wake of the Arab Spring. The goal: more democracy. There is nothing left of it. At some point, Islamist forces joined in, ISIS invaded the country with its Terror, Russia and the USA dropped bombs.

The conclusion is an oath of Disclosure for journalists:

It’s hard to see what this war is all about.

The Syrian Regime is pursuing a scorched earth strategy in Idlib

According to" Bild"," Assad henchmen loot houses of the displaced “and” activists “explain there"the raids of the Syrian soldiers”. And also the “Deutsche Welle” knows only the Syrian-Russian-Iranian violence of the present:

“The Syrian Regime, supported by Russian aircraft and pro-Iranian militias, is pursuing a scorched earth strategy in Idlib. Helicopters drop barrel bombs on hospitals and schools, markets and residential buildings. Large settlements are depopulated and became Ghost towns. The unmistakable message is: there should be no more life here in the future! Like a roller, the Syrian war machine drives hundreds of thousands of defenseless people before it.”

Can the Syrian state defend itself militarily?

In view of these reports, one wonders how it actually happened that Islamist fighters were suddenly declared good ones from 2011 – and that after 10 years of “war on Terror” with the corresponding anti-Islamic Propaganda.

In order to be able to properly assess the situation in Syria and the behaviour of many major media on the subject, a rough and pointed comparison is helpful – with the following questions the Syrian government is not exempt from justified criticism: How would the same major media probably report if Islamist fighters had occupied suburbs of Berlin: would you describe the Foreign-paid fighters as “opposition activists”? Would you describe a military action against the Islamists as “Terror” and “scorched earth strategy”? Would you hold the Bundeswehr and the federal government responsible for the emerging refugee flows? Would you demand that “protection zones” be established for the “opposition activists” threatened by the “advance” of the “Merkel regime”?

Or would they not rather grant the German state the right to self-defense? Would they not understandably insist that the pre-war state is finally restored and that all non-state combatants unconditionally lay down their arms? And would you point out that this war must now be won (by the Syrian side) and therefore fought through, so as not to extend the suffering for years to come? And on the fact that suffering must inevitably arise in this (defending) warfare – but that the side that started the war, and not the (Syrian) side that wants to end it in the pre-war borders, has a moral duty (for example when hospitals are hit).