Modern pimple hoods and liberal thinking hoods

The cliché is that with saber-rattling pimple hoods one rather connects the reactionary bourgeoisie. And there is also a piece of truth to it. In the past it was above all the old Corporated gentlemen who wanted to bring the East home to the Reich with a smile on their faces and a fear in their brains and let the Russians recover from the German nature. But these times are over. The new Russian eaters describe themselves as cosmopolitan, liberal and modern and come from the fertile womb of the political left, which they fight today with almost religious zeal. An outstanding specimen of the genus of politically correct Sabre rattlesnakes is the couple Ralf Fücks and Marieluise Beck. The two green political pensioners steadfastly refuse to enjoy their lush pensions. Instead, they want to shape the world according to their ideas with their newly founded think Tank “LibMod – Zentrum Liberale Moderne”.

If Ralf Fücks had been told in 1973 in prison that 44 years later he was celebrated by Springer-Verlag for his tireless efforts to spread capitalism and freedom worldwide by military means according to the American version, the then “ringleader” Heidelberg student, who was later to join the Maoists and much later the Greens, would have laughed loudly. Even the young Marieluise Beck, who came into contact with the peace movement and the greens through the anti-nuclear movement in the late seventies, would certainly never have thought that even in her old age she would no longer advocate international understanding but the military forward defence of Western values. Life writes the strangest stories.

Fücks retired this summer after twenty years of making the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is close to the Greens, a precursor to the liberalism of American thought and a loudspeaker of transatlantic security policy. Fück’s wife Marieluise Beck had even accomplished the feat of overtaking the Olive Green Party, which was already drifting towards NATO, at supersonic speed on the right and positioning itself in the bourgeois-liberal camp as a NATO Cheerleader on the propaganda campaign towards the East. This even went too far for the green base in their National Association, which this year no longer pleased them with a top list place for the Bundestag election and thus finally sent them into the by no means well-earned pension.

But the Duo Infernale of the transatlantic bourgeoisie is not that easy to get rid of. In order to continue to “boldly” push themselves into the public spotlight in the name of the Open Society, Ralf and Marieluise left duck feeding, allotment gardening and ZDF watching to other Politentnern and founded a think tank together with several times more, usually less well-known like-minded people. Among them are Daimler chief Lobbyist and Atlantik-Brücken board member Eckart von Klaeden, the heavyweight talk show inventory John Kornblum, the former world banker Maritta Rogalla von Bieberstein Koch-Weser, Timothy Snyder, who at least knows how to connect Putin and Auschwitz so wonderfully spiritlessly, and numerous other, mostly older people from the environment of transatlantic think tanks and PR agencies. The composition is about as surprising as the sunrise every morning, and any critical word about these intellectual goulash cannons of transatlantic simplicity would be a word too much.

The Rest of the Story is about as exciting as the question of who will be the next German football Champions. Of course, the New think tank has expensive offices in the centre of Berlin and of course, once again, no one knows where the money actually comes from. Of course, they are running the first project with which they want to “educate” about Ukraine. Fascists helping fascists. Of course, the laudatory speech on the foundation of LibMod was given by none other than Mr. Freiheit Joachim Gauck himself, and the BILD immediately explains prominently why “Putin must fear this think tank”. Potztausend! And also the taz is upset and is already looking forward to the fact that now the “Putin Friends of RT Deutsch” will “work on the New Think-Tank”. At least this time, dear taz, we jump over the stick again, although this whole thing is actually not at all capable of satisfaction.

Fücks, Beck and Co. should already be known as olive green Fair Trade pimple hoods and for a serious debate the Russophobic pensioner couple has been disqualified for a long time. But of course, the taz will certainly be pleased to be offered even more free Content in the future, which is guaranteed to be Putin-free and contains traces of left-liberal cuddly rhetoric. The Benedictio Armorum has never sounded so sustainable. Russia, dress warmly – the Greens are coming!