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Do you know him? “War must never again come from German soil.“Oh, yeah? Didn’t a US-led army with 40,000 soldiers just moved east from Germany, now German tanks under AMI Command are not training the war against Russia in the Baltic states?

One more: “Never again Auschwitz”, annual politician’s vow on 27 January, also recently again. Less than two weeks later, after the election debacle in Thuringia, an all-overlapping debate takes place as to whether forming a government with the help of Neo-fascists is the final “taboo break” for the CDU and FDP.

And now this one:” we Europeans, we are united to our happiness”, Federal Chancellor Merkel affirms and meanwhile continues a policy that has long been perceived as dictates in the EU.

The highlight of the inconsistency was the disposal of the former Defence Minister von der Leyen to Brussels. It had become unbearable in Berlin because of inability and suspicion of infidelity. But for the highest office of the EU, a la bonne heure, such a one is certainly enough from a Berlin point of view, it is only supposed to have German orders in Brussels … but please, we do not want to anticipate. Let us remain for a short criticism still with the trampling of CDU and FDP against the loss of their alleged innocence.

Anyone who does not know the difference between fascism and Nazism, because neither historical knowledge nor political ideologies burden him, cannot be made to understand the common ideal breeding ground of the two currents despite their diversity. He will hardly understand why contact with Björn Höcke’s men should still be an incentive for immediate whole-body hygiene. He will certainly not realize that the equation of German Neo-fascism and German Neo-socialism is indiscreet, simply because it comes from the Arsenal of anti-communist falsifiers of history.

Demokraiisi-Ratiothing Forte

Rather, we can experience the grotesque that a CDU posing as" the center “with a Thuringian election result of just 21 percent also in this federal state refuses any cooperation with the” left edge", with the Left party. This left-wing fringe has stupidly convinced ten percent more voters than the Christian Democrats, namely a good 31 percent. It’s already a misery with the Adam giant and political geometry, isn’t it?

The loss of reality after decades of CDU/CSU power prevents any self-critical approach. The close cooperation and personal identities of the CDU with former Nazis are now part of the genome of the Christian Union. They never" processed " their early Brown history but merely repressed it. And since this political coup became the ruling party and appointed the Chancellor, hypocrisy became the reason for German statehood. This is also evident in many other fields and is the essence of our politics.

Their fraudulent effect, not least in the news programmes Tagesschau & co. As is, if the Federal government deems it so, not of murder, but of “killing” is reported, terrorists as “rebels”, wars of aggression are called “military intervention”, and the distribution of alms is celebrated as a social policy. The minister of agriculture can promote an “animal welfare Label” without questioning and in the original sound, while every year 20 million piglets may be neutered without anaesthetic. Countless proofs of hypocrisy, hypocrisy and demagoguery are still to be mentioned; the foam fight in politics and the media is cross-departmental and unrestrained.

To remain for a moment in dealing with the repugnant specialty of Nazism-neo-Nazism: only last December the United Nations General Assembly in New York passed a Resolution to “combat the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to the escalation of modern forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and Related Intolerance.” 133 states voted yes, Israel also belonged to this two-thirds majority. And now guess who didn’t agree: Germany. Our government of all people. Naa?

Apart from occasional protocol indignation, the Cabinet Merkel has nothing to offer in this regard, the alleged abhorrence of fascists is badly played.

The moralizing principles of the “bourgeois parties”, related to our recent history, are not in practice worth the paper on which they stand. The foreign policy of the CDU and the SPD shows throughout pre-fascist activities. Characteristics are the claim to power, greed, militarism, arrogance and disregard for the interests of economically weaker countries. The editorial ARD-aktuell ignores this or passes it like a matter of course.

For decades, the goal of German politics has been to “shape” the entire EU in a neoliberal way, to force it to the same austerity with which, not only since Schröder, Riester and Eichel’s unspeakable times, the German welfare state has been destroyed and millions of people impoverished. The Agenda 2010 with its incomprehensible Hartz laws was essentially designed to discredit and abolish the principle of solidarity as hostile to progress. The privatization of the state task of public services, because otherwise supposedly no longer financable, was issued as “without alternative”.

However, the requirement to “promote and demand” is nothing more than a service of love for multinational insurance companies and hedge funds. Corporate employers have long been provided with state-organised wage dumping and social Repression. Accompanying “tax reforms” are de facto tribute to banks and money aristocracy. Protests of the “Hartzer” are mercilessly ironed out, these victims of the system are investigated and monitored all around. Despite hundreds of thousands of judgments of the social courts against erroneous and abusive decisions of the employment agency, there is no legal end to the activity.

The governments in Berlin still expect that the other EU states, for example Greece, will also lead the way to a social crash. Unforgotten is the sentence of the German gentleman Volker Kauder, once chairman of the Union faction in the Bundestag and Merkel’s Intimus: “now all at once German is spoken in Europe […] only wanting to seek one’s own advantage and not being willing to get involved-that cannot be the message we let the British get through”

The Tagesschau has Of course generously missed it.

Even France, supposedly the closest German ally, was already allowed to appreciate plenty of German claims of superiority: “we support the reform efforts that France has initiated[..] “said Merkel in 2017 after a meeting with French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe. The labour market reform in particular is at a decisive stage. She is convinced that” the reforms are good for the people of France”, even if one knows in Germany that positive effects occur with some delay.

However, many French did not find understanding and patience appropriate and instead roamed the yellow vests en masse. The Tagesschau has often reported this, but in a way that suggested comparisons with the local welfare state deficits as little as the need for the same protest in Germany itself.

Macron, President des riches

The fact that our neighbours on the left of the Rhine did not like what was coming to them, and that they opposed the plans of their neoliberal President Macron and the Merkel claqueurs in the French government, was indeed very “un-German”: according to our larmoyant self-image and tame attitude, embraced by Social-Democratic co-management unions, no resistance is possible against the gigantic social cuts in Germany: “mer can do nothing, that’s not annersch, that’s just necessary”. The well - being of big capital has long been internalized-provided that the own small capital is sufficient for the six-pack during and after the Daily Show. Plop.

In the end, the determined reactions of the French were not crowned with success everywhere (e.g. in the ongoing railway strike), but the attempt to smash the pension system as in Germany has so far failed due to the stubborn resistance of the population. She remained steadfast despite the police’s orgies of violence. The" Wording “of the Tagesschau, however, was not based on respect for the resistance of the working people, but was one-sided and hateful in carrying the state: the broadcasts spoke of “Zusammrotten”, “Mob”, “Gezerre”, “Sabotage” and “radical trade unions”.

Videos of bludgeoning policemen, which had caused outrage even among some ministers in Paris, were not shown on German television at all – in contrast to the extremely critical Hong Kong coverage.


The Berlin government, with its insistence to push ahead with the reduction of Social Security in France and thus to finally establish the German war “rich against poor” throughout Western Europe, was indeed listened to by The “Sun King Macron”. But “Merkel, the overpowering one” did not thank him. [Macron had in 2017 in a lecture] at the Sorbonne in Paris proposed a common shaping of Europe in all fields: common Budget for the Eurozone with a European finance minister and corresponding parliamentary control; common refugee and military policy; Concept for Europe as an ecological Vanguard in the Reorganisation of transport, housing and industry.


Merkel and the grand coalition in Berlin applauded as well as hypocritically. The French leader had made a “courageous, passionate plea against nationalism and for Europe,” declared the then Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. Germany and France must seize the opportunity to make the EU more democratic and better positioned for the future. Macron could count on Germany for EU reforms. Accordingly, the Tagesschau also praised.

In fact, however, everything should remain the same according to the German government’s will. The EU should not grant its members equal participation, but serve the German supremacy and primarily German economic interest, at the expense of the other member states.

Macron’s Initiative was undermined: his most important idea – a euro finance ministry with its own budget and supranational competence for the Eurozone instead of just the EU budget in Brussels-was significantly removed from the EU Agenda at Merkel’s insistence.


The only formally agreed Bravo from Berlin thus proved to be a common hypocrisy. This hit the " Sun King “all the harder, as he saw himself now in the rain in his German-inspired anti-social course and could not benefit from a” balancing " foreign policy success. His countrymen are not much better off than ourselves with the consequences of the sneaky German austerity policy.

Macron’s reaction was consistent. He opposed the gas pipeline project with Russia, Nordstream 2, which is eminently important for Merkel. he also opposed the EU free trade agreement with the South American confederation Mercosur, which was concluded after twenty years of negotiations. The agreement is particularly important for the German export industry.

In autumn 2019, Paris then rejected Merkel’s request to start EU accession talks with Northern Macedonia and Albania. Macron gave it the grade “insufficient”, because first the existing EU had to stabilize and reorganize itself, before thinking about new admissions.

NATO, this US straitjacket with feel-good food for hypocritical Germans, described Macron as “brain dead"with great media attention. At the same time, he now opposes the Russophobic German government policy and seeks détente with Russia.

Instead of asking for reasons and justification for this verdict on NATO and the change of course in Russia policy, the lackeys frothed in the editorial offices of the German media mainstream. Even in the ARD-aktuell Department, people were frustrated and spoke of Macron’s” arbitrary and unadjusted " Russia course. “The French president had sent his European political visions to the Chancellery in 2017 before he heard them at the Sorbonne. However, the long silence from Berlin has intensified his tendency to go alone.”

“Visions”, to bring “hearing”, “slope to go-it-alone”: So the disparaging language of the opinion journalism of the ARD sounds-of-date. There was still a lack of recourse to the arrogant sentence of the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: “whoever has visions should go to the doctor.“He would have had at least something amusing.

The battle paper of the German Bourgeoisie, “DIE WELT”: France has been “in decline"since the 1990s. Macron nevertheless tried to “give the continent, under French leadership, the position it thought it deserved”; to this end, the president now wanted “the help of the Germans, without making any concessions himself … Neither is Paris willing to share its permanent seat on the Security Council with Berlin, nor can Berlin hope to have a say in the deployment of French nuclear missiles.”

Johann Wadephul, deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, responsible for foreign and military policy, blatantly demanded at least indirect access by Germany to French nuclear weapons. It is “in the German interest that we can influence the nuclear strategy”, France should therefore place its nuclear forces “under a joint command of the EU or NATO”. “Nuclear power on detours”, Jürgen Wagner sums up these advances in the magazine TELEPOLIS in an extremely fact-Rich article.

The renewed German attempt to reach for nuclear weapons has another side aspect: it shows the anti-democratic attitude of the federal government and many of the members of Parliament who support it, it illuminates their complete indifference and ignorance towards the will of the people and the welfare of the people. More than three quarters of the German population are strongly in favour of outlawing nuclear weapons.

However, it did not even come to a current hour in the Reichstag when the United Nations decided in September with the votes of 123 member states negotiations on a general nuclear weapons ban and Germany voted “no” against it. The Tagesschau was also wisely silent about this. And remained in the current debate on the devil’s stuff on the government line, conformist as ever: “proponents of a nuclear deterrent argue that an enemy attack can be prevented by threatening with nuclear weapons. The mutual threat of nuclear weapons prevents war and ensures peace.”

More than this supplication was not. There was no room for justified counter-opinions, for example, from the “Left Rand”, the i-gitt-I-Gitt left party, in the broadcasts of the ARD-aktuell: “the federal government must make it clear that it continues to adhere to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and also sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Weapons of mass destruction do not bring peace.”

It is a real misery with this” flagship " of the German television news. Not only that it submissively and completely uncritically transports to the audience what the political functionaries of our party oligarchy leave among themselves. Or that it increasingly makes Boulevard information about disasters around the globe a news focus.

Something has to undermine the obligation to pay public service broadcasting. Instead of improving its news offering qualitatively and linguistically, delivering sophisticated Information in grammatically and stylistically clean German, the management of ARD-aktuell now also proposes a quantitative extension of the daily topics. In the future, they are to extract regional products from the federal states in an additional five minutes. Its prime ministers, it is known, determine the amount of broadcasting fees.

It seems that it is no longer enough for those responsible for ARD-aktuell to report only on the desired federal policy, on transatlantic standards, on disasters, on pill Palle and on the Football Bundesliga. Now the viewer also has to fear that the editors of Tagesthemen will meet the regional princes from behind, so deeply that the morning light can be seen in the front again.