How to make an enemy image

“How wise of nature to put the longest days in the summer.“This sentence was thick and black above an advertising letter from a well-known Zurich company for garden furniture. A Joke? Hardly. But a wonderful example of how cause and effect are generously overlooked.

Sales letter

How wonderful if you don’t have to think about cause and effect: the head of an advertising letter.

Cause and effect? Not least in politics and history an eminently important, but often a deliberately suppressed point. NATO is one such example. Some data that the participants of the current security conference in Munich should remember:

Only two months later, on 21 November 1990, 35 states, including the United States, Canada and the Soviet Union, signed the “Paris charter”, in which all these countries agreed on an undivided and peaceful Europe and on respect for Human Rights.

Instead of “Charter of Paris” more and more, only NATO

The” Charter of Paris”, which was signed within the framework of the CSCE, the predecessor organization of the OSCE, was the opportunity for a future peaceful Europe. However, the mutual trust between East and West was based above all on the personal trust placed in each other by the then German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and the Russian De facto President Mikhail Gorbachev. The then US President George Bush (The Elder) was also in the boat. But there were personnel changes and with them also a different policy. In the summer of 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev was ousted as general secretary of the CPSU in Moscow and replaced by Boris Yeltsin. In the USA Bill Clinton became the new president in 1993 and in Germany Chancellor Helmut Kohl was also replaced in 1998.

In Russia, under Boris Yeltsin, a real Chaos arose, which brought many people to the brink of poverty in the context of privatization and made others, the clever and ruthless, billionaires. Above all, however, it was US President Bill Clinton who, at the beginning of his second term, flirted with the idea of expanding NATO in Europe to the borders of Russia. The already well-known American historian and former US ambassador to Russia George F. Kennan learned of this and warned in 1997 impressively against such a move: “the opinion is, frankly, that a NATO expansion would be the most fatal mistake of American politics in all the time since the Cold War.“But Bill Clinton wanted to know better. He supported Boris Yeltsin with a lot of money in order to allow him a second term as Russian President. And although Boris Yeltsin also explicitly warned him against this step, he initiated the eastward expansion of NATO: in 1997 Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary were offered membership in NATO, in 1999 they were formally admitted into NATO, which was the first clear step to position Russia as an enemy par excellence.

In the same year 1999, NATO also made it clear with the “humanitarian” bombings in Yugoslavia that this organization was not a defense alliance, but a military alliance, in order to enforce political goals outside of the member countries by Common Force of arms: in Yugoslavia, before the bombings, no NATO member was affected or even involved in the ethnic conflicts there, and there was no authorization from the UN to intervene militarily. The bombings claimed hundreds of civilian victims; the long-term consequences of the uranium ammunition used in this process are still not sufficiently researched.

Just these days – on 6 February 2020 – the 42-year-old new Ukrainian Defence Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk has put on record in an interview with the Kyiv Post what his most important goal is: the closest possible cooperation with NATO and ultimately, of course, formal accession to NATO. And he made this statement under the new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyi, who had declared before his election that peace in eastern Ukraine was his first priority.

Murderer among themselves

A Ukrainian and an American murderer fraternize with raised thumbs on the occasion of the Joint Multinational Training Group maneuvers on November 24, 2018 in the Ukrainian training Center Yavoriv, about 60 km west of Lviv. Does the American soldier realize that his Ukrainian comrade is wearing a face bandage with the image of a skull reminiscent of the SS skull? Why did you send this picture around via Facebook? Is that particularly funny? Or is one simply blind to such symbolism?

In 1991, on the occasion of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which actually made NATO superfluous, it needed a reason to maintain this military alliance and to justify the billion orders for the arms industry in the USA and in Europe: contrary to the “Charter of Paris”, it needed an enemy again. Russia, where there was still a Communist Party, the specter of the USA, was the appropriate candidate.

What does it all mean?

“How wise of nature to put the longest days in the summer.“Or else: please do not think about cause and effect, otherwise it could open the eyes of one or the other. Rephrased something like this: “how wise of nature to let Russia become an enemy in times of Western need of a new enemy.”

A few days ago, the first troop shifts began for the largest NATO maneuver since the Cold War. In addition to 17,000 NATO soldiers who are already in Europe, an additional 20,000 US soldiers will be flown in, along with plenty of Material, including heavy guns and tanks. The chief of the maneuver is Us Major General Andrew Rohling. Where the gigantic maneuver takes place? In Poland, with a 232 km long border with Russia. There are coincidences.