The 500. Monday demonstration against Stuttgart 21

The Stuttgart 21 project is making new headlines these days. One reason is the fact that on February 3, 2020, the 500th anniversary of the founding of the University of Stuttgart will be celebrated. Monday demonstration takes place. At the same time, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the high point of the protests against Stuttgart 21. our reason for taking up the topic here is a full-page article in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, which is typical of our media landscape. In it, the destructive project is justified once again, in which five times thick as a fist the untruth is told.

It was one of those days when the word “lying press” shot through my head. That I then forbid myself of course. Just no Pegida AfD Jargon! What do we call it then? At least there is a massive media Manipulation to report-in the largest German daily newspaper. About the largest infrastructure project in Germany.

  1. January had met the railway expert group, citizens ' rail instead of exchange – Bahn (BsB) in Fulda, among other things, on the occasion of “10 years of resistance against Stuttgart 21” and “500. Monday demonstration against S21 " -at which BsB member and friend Heiner Monheim will speak – to discuss the status of the largest infrastructure project in Germany, about Stuttgart 21. Another BsB member, the IT expert Dr. Christoph Engelhardt from Munich, presented impressive new Material at our meeting, which proves: the new S21 underground station brings with it a massive capacity reduction. He documented this by comparing the timetables for existing stations such as Cologne and Hamburg, where there are nevertheless constant delays. His and all of us balance sheet: a “Germany act” can never be implemented in the S21 station; the capacity reduction, which will be built with Stuttgart 21, means that the entire Southwest will be dependent on this sensible integrated timetable, which is to be available in Germany from the mid-2020s.

Then: in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” of 1 February an article about the entire page 2, which ends with the sentence: “even the Ministry of the S21 critic Winfried Hermann makes the statement: the infrastructure planned with Stuttgart 21 […] has sufficient capacity for the […] foreseeable traffic development as well as for Germany.” However, the minister of transport is advertising “for a small terminal station as a” supplementary station " for regional transport. The SZ author Claudia Henzler conceals that there are dozens of concrete proofs that purely physically, objectively, timetable technically, etc. eight through tracks in tunnel location can never afford such a clock schedule in Stuttgart and that even the rather pro-government TV station swr documented this in Analyses.

She also conceals the fact that the winding transport minister knows this, of course, and for this very reason a new (!), “additional terminal station” proposes to mitigate the missing capacity… She conceals that this – since the Greens slavishly adhere to the stipulation that all previous areas of the track must be cleared for a new development, i.e. for real estate sharks – should be a new underground terminal station, which is firstly absurd, secondly completely unrealistic and a fog candle, which is why thirdly Hermann no longer speaks of it.

But that’s just a first lie in this article.

Lie No. 2 reads: on” Black Thursday", September 30, 2010, “more than a thousand demonstrators” demonstrated in the Palace Garden against the planned action to cut down hundreds of very old trees, after which a police operation “got out of hand” and “several people were injured”. In fact, more than ten thousand people, mostly very young people, demonstrated on this day. Nothing was “wrong”, rather, the government could Mappus, the tip rail, then WHETHER the police conduct a massive police provocation, which was later documented in a report in the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. 400 people were injured, more than a dozen were seriously injured; the 66 – year-old engineer Dieter Wagner went blind-his eyes were literally shot out by the irresponsibly high pressure of the water cannon beam and his use with a short distance to the people the beam was aimed at. But of course SZ readers do not have to be informed so precisely.

Lie No. 3: the author praises the " organically shaped cup supports “that would once form the roof of the new S21 station, which would go back” to an idea “of” Frei Otto, who has already planned the Munich Olympic site". In fact, the award-winning architect Frei Otto was one of the two S21 architects. But he already in 2011 distanced himself completely from the large-scale project. He warned that the concrete trough of the S21 underground station could “rise like a submarine” in heavy rain. Incidentally, a railway station in the basement is inhumane; man is “not a mole”.

Lie No. 4 concerns the course of the S21 plans and the reasons that led to a temporary halt of the project. The SZ States:" in 1995 " the project S21 was born. But then “the then red-green federal government as well as the new railway boss” had seen the “project critically”, which is why the state then revived the project with a co-financing.

In fact, S21 was announced in April 1994. It was stopped in 1998 by Johannes Ludewig, the new railway manager appointed by Chancellor Kohl at the time, on the grounds that it was uneconomical. At the end of 1999, Rot-Grün appointed the new railway manager Hartmut Mehdorn. This was the one who had S21 revived and built. And why was the monster project revived-incidentally, under red-green? At the beginning of his term of office, Mehdorn had his infrastructure manager Thilo Sarrazin (!) for all major railway projects, calculate how economical or uneconomical these are. The result was: the most uneconomical large-scale project was Stuttgart 21. nevertheless, soon after, Mehdorn commissioned Sarrazin to revitalize this project and to sign the corresponding contracts in Stuttgart. Which Mr. Sarrazin did slavishly as a character already subject to authority at that time. The reason for the reactivation of the monster project carried out by Mehdorn and Sarrazin: the state of Baden-Württemberg concluded a long-term local transport contract with Deutsche Bahn, in which the state overpaid by more than 50 percent and more than one billion euros. At that time, taxpayers ' money was actually used as bribes for the construction of S21. Sarrazin proved this in June 2018 as a person affected, perpetrator and expert in the transport committee of the German Bundestag. This, in turn, has been extensively documented in many media. Sarrazin’s statement.

Lie number 5: the SZ author claims that with the S21 underground station and the new line to Ulm, “in December 2025, the journey from Ulm to Stuttgart will be shortened from 56 minutes today to 31 minutes.” In fact, S21 has nothing to do with the new line. This new line to Ulm, which begins in Wendlingen, will also be completed in 2023 and will actually shorten the journey time as described. It can already be seen that this project has absolutely nothing to do with the underground station. Whereby this travel time reduction is purchased extremely expensive. It is also in contradiction to the Deutschlandtakt project, because the connections in the ULM node station are not available or because long waiting times are required for a large part of the passengers in Ulm. With this the 3.8 billion euro expensive time gain largely dissolves into thin air again.

In addition, Stuttgart 21 will not go into operation in December 2025. The project will never be completed. It will remain a construction ruin. It is exclusively the" reason of state " that is responsible for the further construction. This means: The Chancellor and the tip rail, which identified for many years with the project, do not want to lose face. Or you wait until all those responsible have retired or said goodbye to the grave.

And so, of course, the last sentence in the article is a scandal. It reads: “for the city, the project is a unique opportunity for Urban Development. If the tracks […] disappear, almost a hundred hectares of Land are released in the basin. Here, the new district rose stone district is to be created.”

What hypocrisy! What a twist of reality! How much does this article provoke to the fact that again, as in the wedding of the S21 resistance, it is chanted: “lie pack”! A functioning railway station is massively weakened in its capacity – which is a wasted opportunity for Urban Development! There is a clock traffic prevented – which is the destruction of the Chance “Germany clock” in the southwest of the Republic! A new district is to be built in the valley basin, of all places, with which an open-air corridor is destroyed, an area that provides cooling at night is additionally sealed and the temperatures in the valley basin, which are already unbearably high in summer, are further heated.

In sum, the contribution appears as if it had been ordered by the press office of Deutsche Bahn AG. In doing so, he once again shows how destructive the concentration of media capital is for democracy. And the looks here are as follows: The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” was taken over in 2008 by the southwest German media holding. In addition to SZ, this Holding also includes the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” and the “Schwarzwälder Bote”. It is a concentrated media power with daily more than 600,000 printed daily newspaper copies. The southwest German media holding drummed for more than a decade almost closed for the monster project Stuttgart 21. The disclosures of the project and S21-critical publications were concealed. The Resistance has been and is systematically written in lowercase. Adrian Zielke, the former head of the Foreign Policy Department of the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, then also stated: “without the consent of the Stuttgarter Zeitung for this major project, Stuttgart 21 would never be built.”.

The SZ article once again illustrates how important the development of an independent public sphere is, as it exists on the Internet and in some cases also in print. And how important the resistance on the street and in front of the train station against the city-destroying project Stuttgart 21 is.

PS: in response to the SZ article, Prof. Wolfgang Hesse, Munich, sent a letter to the editor on February 2, which is reproduced below. we are waiting for its print in the SZ with a certain interest:

Dear Mrs. Henzler, dear SZ editors,

in just six years, the existing 26-track terminal station in Zurich has been expanded by an underground through station with four tracks, thus significantly increasing its already extraordinary capacity in 2014. This cost just over 2 billion Swiss francs, including all tunnels and entrances. In Stuttgart, on the other hand, for 8.2 billion euros (or even more in the end?) for 10 years now, the station has been reduced by half of the tracks, significantly reducing its capacity.

The worldwide unique cynicism, which lies in this gigantic infrastructure dismantling, would have deserved at least a mention – as well as the knockout criteria of the 6-fold excessive track inclination (in which e.g. strollers roll off), the too narrowly dimensioned platforms and the insufficient Fire Protection. The fact that the Tiefbahnhof, which is planned far too closely, has always been diametrically opposed to the principles of the desired and recently propagated Germany clock does not get any better by appeasement from the ministry.

Enough space for these important information you can find in the column on the hermit beetle. As a criticism lightning rod, he has probably received enough attention over the years.

Regards (Wolfgang Hesse)