CDU, the reality of life's lies

To justify her resignation, CDU chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that there was “an unclear relationship between parts of the CDU with the AfD and the left”. It was against cooperation with both parties. Under the heading “neither with the AfD nor with the Left Party”, former hessian Prime Minister Roland Koch defended this position in the “FAZ”.

The same distance to the AfD and the Left party is based on two life lies of the Christian Democrats: many CDU members concealed their former NSDAP membership after the Second World War. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the CDU merged with the SED Bloc Party East CDU and cashed in their assets. And Angela Merkel was FDJ secretary for Propaganda and Agitation, was allowed to study abroad and, unlike most GDR citizens, also travel to the West.

With regard to the NSDAP and the SED, the CDU washes its hands of innocence. An example of this hypocrisy and mendacity was provided today by Roland Koch in his article in the “FAZ”: “the CDU was founded as a bulwark against fascism and communism. Christians and non-Christians, concentration camp survivors and trade unionists, all together founded the Union because they were convinced of the inevitable consequences of these two ideologies.”

What an outrageous lie! Konrad Adenauer employed the commentator of the Nuremberg Race Laws Hans Globke as head of the Federal Chancellery; Kurt Georg Kiesinger became federal chancellor, although he had already joined the NSDAP in 1933; Hans Karl Filbinger was prime minister of Baden-Württemberg for the CDU from 1966 to 1978, although as a naval judge he condemned deserters to death shortly before the end of the Second World War and later defended this with the words: “what was right then cannot be wrong today.“The CDU chairman Kramp-Karrenbauer knows: in the first CDU parliamentary group in the Saarland state parliament after the SAAR vote in 1955, more than half of the CDU deputies were former NSDAP members. In 1957, Dr. Erwin Albrecht, as' blood judge ' in Prague responsible for 31 death sentences against Jews, chairman of the Saarland CDU parliamentary group. Forget everything?

Not enough that the Christian Democrats without scruples equate National Socialism with the SED. Many CDU politicians, such as Kramp-Karrenbauer and Koch, deny to this day the involvement of the CDU in National Socialism. With this lack of an examination of the past, it is not surprising that the readiness in the East CDU for cooperation with the “comrades” of the AfD is increasing. Even Björn Höcke, who according to a court order can be called a fascist, is no longer in the way.