Thuringia and Iowa

In Thuringia, the CDU and the FDP join forces with Björn Höcke’s far-right AfD to form an informal coalition to remove moderate Social Democrat Bodo Ramelow, who is running for the Left party, from office as prime minister. Meanwhile, a similar process, which could have much higher consequences, took place yesterday on the other side of the Atlantic in the rural US state of Iowa. There, a “strange” concatenation of alleged mistakes ensured that it was not the left-wing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but the young outsider Pete Buttigieg, who is close to the Establishment, who was, in fact, celebrated by the media as the winner of the Democratic Party’s first primaries and is now being built up as a great Sanders opponent. Again, the message is: the main thing is not left! In the end, Donald Trump will be able to run for his second term. In order to prevent" leftists", the oligarchs worldwide seem to be ready to fight.

Source: Real Clear Politics

It’s amazing. Pete Buttigieg is celebrated in both the German and US media as the winner of the Iowa primaries. According to the “official” figures so far, which include 96% of the Caucus results, Bernie Sanders took 44,753 votes (26.5%) and Pete Buttigieg only 42,235 votes (25.0%). Both were able to get 11 delegate votes. However, CNN, The New York Times and Co.are not based on the votes cast, but on the purely synthetic calculation of the “state delegate equivalents” (Sde). Thus, the candidate with the second most votes becomes the radiant winner. NPR tries to explain exactly how the SDEs are calculated.

Source: CNN

To what extent these figures are correct at all is a question that probably cannot be answered. Unofficial interim results published by the Sanders campaign not only show a larger lead (Sanders 28.0%, Buttigieg 20.8%), but also clearly see Sanders ahead in terms of the synthetic size of the SDEs. But these Figures relate to only 40% of the districts and are, therefore, no proof that the “official” Numbers could be wrong. Skepticism, however, is appropriate, because one really does not believe in a chain of stupid coincidences with the strange events surrounding the area code in Iowa.

As soon as the first results of the primaries, after which Sanders was clearly ahead and his supposed main rival Joe Biden had catastrophically cut off, came out to the public, the leaders of the Democrats in Iowa reported that there were technical and organizational problems that delayed the counting of the results a little. The “A little” then became a whole day. Breakdown? Coincidence? That may be. Strange, however, that the Software first used to count the results comes from a young company run by senior staff in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Already in this campaign, four years ago, both the Clinton Team and the Democratic Party’s administrative head did everything possible to sabotage the Sanders campaign and disavow the left-wing candidate. These machinations only came to the public because internal emails and documents were published as part of the DNC leak. This Leak made history – but paradoxically, not because of the content that shows in a devastating way how the Establishment prevented the left-wing candidate Sanders by all legal and illegal means, but because of the alleged Russian origin of the hackers who published the Leak.

This Sabotage led to Hillary Clinton winning the primaries in 2016 and running as the establishment’s candidate against Donald Trump, who ran as an Anti-Establishment candidate herself, in the presidential election and lost. In order to prevent the left-wing candidate Bernie Sanders, who according to all polls would have beaten Donald Trump, the establishment of the Democrats decided to help the fickle right-wing Donald Trump as president. Main thing not left. In the current election campaign, things seem to be going the same way.

While Biden’s crushing defeat in Iowa could not be dispelled by such ambitious data cosmetics, another candidate of the party establishment appeared in the sky as if by “magic”: Pete Buttigieg. Although he did not win the primaries, he was hailed as a “surprise winner” by almost all the media. Results were not available, because the Software did not work; the Software, which comes from the nearby Clinton-environment and whose manufacturer is ironically financed by none other than the Buttigieg campaign with more than 42,000 US dollars was. There are coincidences. And the obvious Alternative, to simply collect the results by telephone, apparently also failed – the Democratic Party leaders apparently refused to accept results or hung up the phone directly. Coincidence? You can believe in it, but you don’t have to.

Be that as it may, the" breakdown-related “delay in the results meant that it was not Bernie Sanders but the alleged” surprise winner “Pete Buttigieg, a young,” moderate " politician who fully supports the center-right course of the Clinton camp. But his success in respect was not really that surprising. Buttigieg was built early on as an Alternative to the weakening establishment candidate Biden, and his campaign pursued the tactic of going “all in” and using all the funds for the first two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. This tactic is not new either: Rick Santorum took a similar approach among Republicans in 2012 and even used the Momentum as the big winner of the first primary to give the eventual winner of the primaries, Mitt Romney, a few headaches. If the party establishment now drops the chanceless Joe Biden and diverts the not inconsiderable funds of the major donors to the “surprise winner” Pete Buttigieg, he may well have a chance to challenge Sanders and even win the primaries with the help of other dirty Tricks of the party leadership and the Clinton camp … only to lose to Donald Trump in the real elections as another establishment candidate.

The Democrats, or rather their party leadership, seem to prefer a second term of Trump rather than a left-wing Democratic president named Bernie Sanders. The main thing is not “left”!