and once again Syrian letters to the United Nations

If the inclined media consumer will receive the next messages about Syria from the Mainstream, then he has no background knowledge about the events there. Instead, to put it simply, he is more or less brazenly lied to. “Poor civilian population is being bombed by Assad’s troops and the Russians,” a monthly hoax.

Syria regularly informs the World Organization about what is happening in the country. On January 13, this happened in two other identical letters to the United Nations. These letters are about al-Qaeda in Syria.

We still remember who, according to the Guardians of the only truth, was responsible for the “attack on the free world”, that is, the destruction of the Twin Towers and the WTC Building number 7 on September 11, 2001, thus initiating the pretext for the gigantic Western-led “war on Terror”? Exactly, that mysterious al-Qaeda organization whose offshoot al - Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra)-rededicated to Hayat Thahir al – Sham (HTS) - now administers the Syrian province of Idlib and receives covert aid from the Western community of values.

This is already a funny “war on Terror”? Wrong, because in reality it does not exist. At least not when we speak of that war of the Western community of values. More precisely, it is the opposite: state terrorism of the USA and its”partners”. In Syria, the observant observer can see this crystal clear.

Let’s not get bogged down: even if “aid to Idlib” may actually be passed through to the population in individual cases in the form of aid, its primary purpose is to save the Islamist rule of an al-Qaeda organization in Syria. This rescue of terrorist structures is also supported by” aid " from Germany. When it comes to” defending values, " the West has always been very creative in its ruthless pursuit of its own interests elsewhere.

By the way, the Syrian government does not play the game of “change trees” and therefore consistently refers to the strongest Islamist group in Idlib as al-Nusra. The following is the text of the letters to the United Nations written on your behalf.

On behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic and also in relation to my previous letter to the United Nations, I consider it necessary to repeat the following points.

Some members of the UN Security Council, especially Western states, continue to spread false information that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are bombing civilians and civilian facilities in Idlib province. This is what these states are doing in order to torpedo the efforts of the Syrian state and its allies to protect the civilian population from the actions of armed terrorist groups – especially the so-called Levant Liberation Front (al-Nusra Front), which is classified as a terrorist group by the UN Security Council – and to raise the morale of these terrorist groups by offering them protection and political cover.

Unfortunately, the circle is not limited to the group of states mentioned above, but also to high-ranking officials of the United Nations Secretariat.

The government of the Syrian Arab Republic would also like to draw attention to the following:

The city of Idlib and a number of areas around it are controlled by the “Liberation Front of the Levant”, the so-called Al – Nusra Front, which-as an armed Arm of al – Qaeda in Syria-is listed by the UN Security Council as a terrorist organization.

This terrorist group has taken advantage of the Turkish government’s disregard for its obligations under the Astana and Sochi agreements to take control of Idlib province and commit the worst crimes against its people.

The operations carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are a response to the systematic crimes committed by the “Liberation Front of the Levant” against civilians in the city, as well as those in nearby villages and towns. The terrorist “liberation front of the Levant”, which controls Idlib, has thousands of foreign fighters in their ranks.

The terrorist group of the “Liberation Front of the Levant” uses hundreds of thousands of civilians of the city as human shields and commits the most heinous and barbaric crimes against them. It has spread death and destruction and brought civilian institutions, including hospitals and schools, under its control to turn them into barracks and centers where it tortures and kills those who refuse to accept Al-Nusra’s takfirian and radical ideology.

In addition, it has been proven that this group confiscates most of the humanitarian aid that reaches the province, including aid delivered across the border in accordance with Resolution 2165 (2014).

This terrorist organization has been proven to have committed crimes not only in the areas under its control, but also in the areas populated by civilians in neighboring communities and cities, which it randomly shelled with grenades and rockets, killing dozens of civilians – most of them women and children.

More than any other party, the Syrian government is concerned about the lives of its citizens and will continue to take all possible measures to ensure their safety and protection. In this regard, the government opened three crossings in the southeastern regions of Idlib province on 13 January 2020. It followed calls from civilians from Idlib who want to return to their homes in areas recently liberated from the violence of the terrorist groups. The government will provide them with everything they need, as well as secure the Transfer to their homes. It must be borne in mind that the armed terrorist groups are trying to prevent civilians from leaving the area through these crossings.

The Syrian government continues to exercise its sovereign and constitutional right to defend its territory and its citizens, a right guaranteed by international law, as well as the Charter of the United Nations and all decisions of the UN Security Council regarding the fight against terrorism.

The government of the Syrian Arab Republic reaffirms that in order to end the suffering of the Syrians in Idlib, hypocrisy, political partisanship and support for terrorism must come to an end, and that a minimum level of humanitarian aid must be ensured for those affected by the practices of the terrorist groups, rather than relying on intimidation out of touch with reality.

The Syrian Arab Republic calls on the UN security Council and the UN Secretary General to condemn immediately and strongly the crimes of terrorist groups against the defenceless population and to support the Syrian state in its battle against terrorism. It also urges the UN Security Council to fulfil its responsibility to ensure international peace and security by imposing preventive and criminal measures against those Regimes and governments that support and finance terrorism, in implementation of the relevant decisions of the Council resolutions, in particular the Resolution on 2170 (2014), 2178 (2014), 2199 (2015) and 2253 (2015).

I would be grateful if this letter is issued and distributed as a Security Council document.

Signature Bashar al-Jaafari

Permanent Ambassador of Syria to the United Nations

Syria is of course clear that the UN Security Council will not comply with the call to condemn terrorism in the country. This is not in the interest of those actors who are harassing Syria not only by means of terrorism smuggled into the country, but also by means of economic terrorism. Rather, the Syrian government uses a platform here to disclose its view of things and let them be disseminated by interested parties. It is a small step towards the abolition of opinion rule, which can be effectively supported by alternative media.