Syrian letters to the United Nations

On 7 January 2020, Syrian Ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari delivered two identical letters on behalf of the Syrian government, one to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the second to the president of the UN Security Council. With these letters, Syria protests against the violations of its country’s sovereignty by Turkey and denounces the continued support of the terrorists of al-Nusra and Co.by Turkish authorities.

The translation of the text at this point would like to draw attention to the fact that our leading media never record the simple fact that Turkey is waging war against its southern neighbor, making use of Islamist terrorists. The State-terrorist actions of the Turkish leadership are not only tolerated but also supported by the members of the self-proclaimed community of values. The leading media play a decisive role in this with their Propaganda against Syria. Just for the word civil war in Syria one should dismiss the scoundrels and expropriate the publishers! In this way, the mass of the population in this country still remains unaware of the violation of international law in which its government and its army are involved. The following is the text of the letter.

On behalf of my government and continuing our previous letters regarding the ongoing violations and attacks against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic by the Turkish government, the ongoing violations of the principles of international law and the spirit of the United Nations Charter, and their open support for terrorism, what constitutes a threat to international peace and security and in response to the letter from the permanent representative of Turkey to the United Nations (S/2019/958), I am compelled to draw your attention to the following :

The Turkish government, which promotes terrorism in my country Syria and other states in the Region, continues to spread lies to justify its military attacks against the Syrian Arab Republic. It abuses articles of the Charter of the United Nations, in particular Article 51, which cannot be interpreted in any way for military operations against Syria. To this day, this Regime occupies parts of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. It promotes and finances terrorism and training measures and has enabled tens of thousands of foreign terrorist fighters from more than 100 countries to enter Syria.

This government is continuously involved in the theft and looting of Syrian oil, as well as of antiquities and businesses. Now, and before the eyes of the international community, it is transferring Syrian and foreign terrorist fighters from Idlib via Turkey to Libya, with the prospect of escalation and undermining stability in this fraternally linked country.

The Syrian Arab Republic stresses that no country’s national sovereignty can be achieved at the expense of attacking another country’s sovereignty. None of the pretexts used can change the fact that the Turkish regime’s violations of Syrian sovereignty amount to Aggression, Invasion, occupation. This calls upon the Security Council, in its responsibility to support international peace and security, to stop the Aggressor and force him to withdraw his forces behind internationally recognized borders.

The council must put an end to the actions of the Turkish regime-backed terrorists operating on Syrian territory, bearing in mind the fact of an occupation, with the creation of demographic and social changes on the ground, by which the expansionist Agenda of the ruling regime in Ankara becomes apparent to the Syrian Arab Republic.

My country Syria rejects the lies contained in the letters of the representative of the Erdogan regime (S/2019/958). It stresses that the de-escalation agreements concluded with the Turkish regime in Astana and Sochi cannot be extended to armed terrorist groups as listed in the Security Council, especially the al-Nusra Front, also known as the Levant Liberation Front, or other groups associated with al-Nusra. These de-escalation agreements were intended to deal with the specific military situations on the ground, in order to promote stability and eliminate the terrorist groups considered as such by the Security Council.

Those agreements were limited in time as well as to certain objectives. Most of these goals have not been achieved, especially in and around Idlib, as the Turkish Regime has so far failed to meet the commitments made to the Russian and Iranian guarantee powers. This Regime, instead, continues to support and manage the activities of the al-Nusra Front, which manifests itself in the ongoing coordination and leadership of various terrorist activities in and around Idlib, and has turned Idlib into a launching pad for acts of violence against Syrians in nearby cities and towns, especially Aleppo, Hama and Ladhiqiyah.

What is written in the Turkish regime’s letter on the Geneva process is merely further proof that the current regime in Turkey is acting beyond international legitimacy. It still does not understand or understand that the secretary-general has appointed a special envoy to moderate a Syrian-led and responsible process. Free from external influences, in particular from that of an enemy party whose hands are stained with the blood of the Syrians, as it supports terrorism, military Aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and the occupation of parts of the Syrian territory.

The government of the Syrian Arab Republic stresses that it will not tolerate the hostile Turkish Regime taking advantage of the de-escalation agreements to consolidate its occupation and attack the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and unity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Syrian government will continue to fulfil its national and constitutional obligations in defense of the security and stability of the country by eliminating all manifestations of terrorism wherever it occurs, confronting foreign military occupation and ending this occupation in accordance with internationally recognized means, the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law.

Finally, we stress that it is high time for the international community to intervene against the atrocities committed by the Turkish regime against the Syrian Arab Republic and several other states in the region, which represent a continuation of the atrocities committed by the Ottoman sultanate earlier. What the president of this terrorist, occupying and aggressive regime is doing is also a direct threat to international peace and security and stability in the Region and the world. He must be held accountable for his reckless and aggressive behavior.

I would be grateful if this letter is issued as a Security Council document.

Signature Bashar al-Jaafari

Permanent Ambassador of Syria to the United Nations

It is easy to see how thin-skinned Syria’s government is now responding to the ongoing attacks on the country, knowing that the United Nations is involved. We must not forget that a majority of Western states, with the support of states such as Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, under the umbrella of the United Nations, cover Al-Qaeda terrorists in and around Syria, sponsors and taxes! Accordingly, the agreement of a new ceasefire for Idlib by Syria has certainly been accepted only under the gentle but continuous pressure of the Russian partner and will probably be hardly more than temporarily effective. Above all, the Syrian Arab Army will now try to ensure that by creating a buffer zone west of the city of Aleppo, the constant attacks with rockets and mortars by the “rebels” are finally put a stop to.

Since the beginning of the war, bashhar al-Jaafari has been at the forefront of diplomatic efforts to defend or restore the existence and unity of his country on this difficult Terrain. He in particular has every right, especially vis-à-vis his Turkish neighbour, to point out unequivocally the violations of international law and the perpetrators.