The road to the 1930 years

The history repeat

In Thuringia something happened 90 years ago that fits the current events very well.

On 23 January 1930, for the first time in Germany, a state government was formed in which the Nazi Party participated. Aware of their" indispensability " for the parties of the so-called Centre and their strict course against the left, they made far-reaching demands that did not reflect the actual balance of power. Already on 11 January Hitler had made an impression in a speech about “politics and economy” before representatives of Thuringian business and industrial associations. Now he openly threatened: if his representative Wilhelm Frick did not become a Minister, there would be new elections.

Biased in more or less fundamental rejection of the Weimar Republic and seeking to portray its bearers as responsible for the crisis-ridden economic development, the right-wing parties of the “center” wanted to see no other option than the alliance with the NSDAP. Their ideas and concepts were closer to them than any action in defense of Weimar democracy and in defense of racist politics.