Police invent crimes

After several claims by the police about alleged extreme left-wing violence at a new year’s Eve celebration in Leipzig’s Connewitz district have already been exposed as brazen lies, new eyewitness reports and Videos show that on the contrary, there have been brutal riots by the police against peaceful demonstrators.

In recent days, the Taz and the online magazine Buzzfeed have compiled eyewitness reports and Videos that trace an image of unbridled police violence. One victim, Laura N., was seriously injured when a number of police officers stormed into the crowd unprovoked. She was grabbed, yanked to the ground and punched several times in the face with her fist, so badly that she lost an ear piercing. According to N., The reason for this attack is a mystery to her.

When N’s partner, David K., wanted to rush to the aid of his attacked girlfriend, he was pulled away by the hair of policemen and taken away. He spent the night in a cell. According to several eyewitnesses, before the attack, the police said, “take everything with you!” call. Laura N. was dragged several meters across the square after the attack before the police let her go and strangers took care of her.

A photo of the arrest of David K., was published by the Bild newspaper with the Headline “attacks on police by left-wing terrorists”, so that the young man has to fear evil harassment. An officer testified that he was mistaken for someone “from Antifa” – but he is now being charged with assault on a police officer.

Another victim, Madeleine G., was on the verge of the incident when she was run over by police officers and lost consciousness. She suffered a broken nose, but told Buzzfeed that filing a lawsuit against the police would be useless anyway.

In the Videos published by The Taz and Buzzfeed, numerous other examples of police violence and failure to provide assistance can be observed. One of the Videos shows a man standing on the sidelines being pushed away by a policeman as he passes by. When he fights back with a missed kick, two policemen grab him and start to beat him. More policemen join him and he is dragged away.

Again and again, people are beaten to the ground by police and simply left lying. A person lies motionless on the street for more than a Minute, an officer even climbs over them without the police helping.

Buzzfeed reported from a third, unpublished video that a bleeding man who was thrown into a side street by police was still handcuffed in this Situation. At least one arrested person had to be hospitalized during the night and treated under police supervision.

Leipzig city councillor Thomas kumbernuß told The Taz that an arrestee had been pinned unconscious on the street by police officers. When he said, " stop, he doesn’t do anything anymore," the policemen told him to “fuck off.” They then left the man lying down without notifying paramedics. Kumbernuss and acquaintances had to take care of the man. In the Buzzfeed article, another witness added Kumbernuß’s observations:“when he was lying down, I just saw a policeman give him a really hard slap on the right temple.”

None of these descriptions, some of which were already reported on New Year’s Eve by eyewitnesses on social media, found their way into the national coverage on New Year’s day. Almost all major media had widely reported on New Year’s Eve in Connewitz, but relied exclusively and completely uncritically on the police reports. Politics and the media swathed in “Chaots who wanted to kill policemen” (Tag24), an “attempted murder in Connewitz riots” (Leipziger Volkszeitung) and in a “new RAF” (Bild) and warned against alleged “left-wing terrorism”.

In the immediate aftermath, it turned out that the police had Essentially lied. The claim of the Dresden police that a colleague was in danger of his life and had to be operated on in an emergency turned out to be just as much a lie as the statement that a burning shopping cart had been driven into a group of police officers.

But not only this statement published on New Year’s Eve turned out to be a deliberate hoax. The information later provided by the State Criminal Police Office was also incorrect. The LKA had spoken of “20-30 people” who had torn the “officers' helmets off their heads”, brought them down and had a massive effect on them. On 3 January police chief Torsten Schultze spoke to Die Zeit about"a planned and organised attack".

Titanium ballistic helmet for police use

In a video released by Zeit on January 6, police officers can be seen dragging an arrested man across the street. Thereupon loud shouts are heard and they are pelted with fireworks and attacked, a policeman is injured. He is then dragged away by his colleagues. It is clear that an officer wears his helmet in his Hand at the beginning of the Situation and does not get it torn off. It also becomes clear that this is a small group of attackers, who are not organized at all, but rather occur spontaneously.

The extremely brutal scenes that took place during the police assaults on New Year’s Eve, attacks on police seem to have been taken into account from the very beginning. The fact that on the same night the police falsified these self-provoked scenes into an attempted murder, which is then used by almost all media completely uncritically as evidence of left-wing terrorism, suggests that it was an orchestrated action.

Combat boots

In this way, politics and the media want to intimidate anyone who opposes the shift to the right and growing militarism. By spreading the myth of leftist terrorism, the foundation is to be created for taking action against leftist organizations with police and intelligence services. While right-wing terrorist networks are killing members of minorities and political opponents in rows, any Opposition to them is to be suppressed.