Putin with tears in Israel

A Holocaust memorial event took place in Israel and the world saw a Vladimir Putin as it has never been seen in public. With tears and a failing voice.

The liberation of Auschwitz was 75 years ago and even though Germany in particular did not learn anything during this time and forgot the guilt, a memorial was also opened for the victims of the Leningrad starvation blockade. Leningrad? Hunger blockade? I said nothing learned, Russian-phobic Atlantic role, history-forgotten elites and a big hole in education! In Russia, Leningrad is called in a word with Stalingrad, the Blockade of the city (St. Petersburg) lasted three years and cost a Million lives.

Putin has a special relationship with Leningrad. Putin was born there, his father became a war invalid there, the older brother died due to the Blockade and had not been the vehement struggle of the father the mother would have been deported to die.

How close this story Putin went could be seen in his speech at the opening of the memorial. In the end, the voice failed and Putin could not speak any more and left the stage.