Trump had a brilliant idea

Every few years, Trump has new ideas. With the technology, he has now gone through 4 years. Before he was elected, he had some good ideas. The many wars of the USA are useless and that the more than 1,000 bases around the world. What is NATO good for? What’s going on in the Middle East? I will bring the troops home and then also from Afghanistan.

The people thought all this was very good, but they found the idea particularly good: I am making our country great again. Fix the dilapidated infrastructure, get the Jobs back from abroad. With all the money we save, our country will become great again. There is work for years. So he sounded. When he finally sat in the presidential chair, it did not take long for the 0.001% of the oligarchs to kick him hard in the back of the knee. Of course, he collapsed and one previous idea after another was deleted and forgotten.

Bringing troops home and ending wars, that was not possible. So, Trump said, I’ll try diplomacy. And that is the one that breathed in himnetanyahu. He shredded the agreement with Iran and the missile agreement with the Russians also ended up in the trash. He also tore up the UN treaties in Jerusalem and turned the whole Arab world upside down, except for Salman, who has none.

Then he negotiated, insulted friend and foe, broke off negotiations, said this today and that tomorrow. Wanted to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan and Syria. The next day: but not all, one thousand or two or more must stay, for security, to protect “our” oil in Syria. Even the calm, patient Putin has become too much. Then Trump instigated color revolutions - in Nicaragua, then in Venezuela and also in Bolivia, of which the first two failed smoothly.

But in the end it all became too boring for him, the golf game and eternal tweeting. The confusion in the Middle East was not enough for him. Something had to happen urgently, especially since the elections are coming soon: a revenge attack of 5 massive bomb attacks in Iraq and Syria with hundreds of dead for an AMI mercenary. For Iraqis and Syrians have taken revenge, comparatively very mild. Then, Mr. Trump has taken himself revenge by drone on Iranian Topgeneral Quassem Suleimani plus high-ranking Iraqi generals, because Quassem destroyed in Iraq, the ISIS, bosom friends of the USA. So it was not revenge, but pure wantonness. Nevertheless, US generals and Netanyahu cheered. Well, was that all? That was all fucking USA. The Rest of the world has raged for once. Murderer Trump, Trump Assassin, Murderer Trump.

On the second day a light appeared to him and he began to row back. Wasn’t meant to be a warning. But it was too late. If Bush and Obama had let go of it, you would have had to hit the brakes for reasons of reason, right? Let’s take a look at the reactions:

And here comes a joint statement from Iran, Russia and China to the world:

After the US failed to establish an international coalition in the Persian Gulf, Iranian, Russian and Chinese armies conducted joint fleet maneuvers under the code name “fleet security belt” in the northern part of the Indian Ocean and the Oman Sea until January 1, 2020.

Trump now shows fear reaction and threatens with 45 hard blows against Iran. Well, let’s wait and see what China and Russia say.