USA wants war

Imagine the following scenario: chief of the US General Staff Mike Milley arrives in Kiev for an informal visit, and Vladimir Putin orders the Russian forces to destroy the motorcade in which Milley is picked up by senior Ukrainian military officers from the city’s airport with an air strike. A few minutes later, Putin posts the Russian flag on Twitter … without further comment. What would happen in such a case? In Morgenmagazin, German security politicians would outdo each other with accusations to the Russian side and condemn this open breach of international law quite rightly. How would the USA this “Declaration of war” is left to the imagination of the reader. Fortunately, this is only a hypothetical scenario.

On the other hand, the missile attack in which US forces, on the orders of their supreme commander, killed Iranian general Ghassem Soleimani along with senior Iraqi commanders in a vehicle column in Baghdad is very real. In order to understand the meaning of this attack, it is worth remembering who this General Soleimani actually was.

Formally, Soleimani was the Supreme Commander of the " Quds Brigades, “a unit usually referred to by the media as the” Elite " of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. More precisely, the “Quds Brigades” are a highly controversial foreign unit of the Iranian military, which was active in the wars in Lebanon, Syria and most recently in Iraq to fight Daesh.

A Portrait in the Asia Times describes Soleimani as a man celebrated by his followers for standing up to the Islamists in Iraq and Syria and defending Iran’s influence as a hegemonic power in the Region. Former CIA Analyst Kenneth Pollak described him as a mixture of “James Bond, Erwin Rommel and Lady Gaga in one person”-a military pop star whose political influence in Tehran was apparently enormous. This description is more than a"decorative accessory". Rather, it is intended to illustrate how much the Iranian government will now be forced, according to the logic of escalation, to repay “the same” with “the same”. Tehran has already announced “severe retaliation”. It is to be expected that Iraq will once again become a battlefield for a proxy war between the US and Iran. The USA have called on their compatriots to leave the country “immediately”.

This escalation has been provoked bit by bit by the USA. On December 29, as an overreaction to an attack in Kirkuk that killed a US mercenary, the US Air Force launched a large-scale bombing of military and civilian targets attributed to Iraqi Shiite militias. What is more problematic under international law, however, is that these militias are officially integrated into the Iraqi security forces, so the US flew attacks against Iraqi security forces under international law, in which more than 25 people were killed. This was the trigger for attacks by an Iraqi " mob “on the US embassy and the “green Zone” in Baghdad, a heavily militarily sealed district the size of the Vatican State in central Baghdad, in which the de facto US and the US government-paid mercenaries are in charge. The riots on the edge of the “Green Zone”, which began on New Year’s day, finally flattened out noticeably yesterday and one dared to hope that the entire security situation could relax again … but the US obviously wanted to prevent this and set on maximum escalation.

Critical observers find clear words for this. Al-Jazeera journalist Rania Khalek describes the attack as a “declaration of war”. Her colleague Sana Saeed finds even clearer words.

As expected, the criticism of the assassination is contained in the German media and German politics. That an assassination attempt on a government representative on the ground of a third country an act of war, which is not covered by international law even in the local coverage, no mention of it. Instead, one caprices oneself on the person of Soleimani. However, this discussion leads to nothing. It is not of interest whether Soleimani was an angel or a devil. The important question, what are the consequences of Trump arranged the assassination and how the US government is now responding to the anticipated escalations by Iran and its supporters. But knitting enemy image is the job of the Atlantic Media in the country. International law is only for Africans, Russians, Chinese and Iranians a means to raid and Rob corresponding countries.

It seems that the US is ready to cover the Middle East with another war. This increases the re-election of politicians in America. In American minds, there is an ideology of descendants of Armsled monsters that no one in Europe wanted anymore. That is why the US was already called terrorists by England back then and this statement is as current today as it was then.