Turk Stream delivers Gas

Nord Stream II is currently making headlines in all media and among the Greens, although Gazprom has already announced that the Pipeline will be completed despite the sanctions, but it will probably take another year.

During the agitator campaigners of German media Bulgaria has already started to obtain gas via the new Pipeline TurkStream, which Bulgartransgaz reports. The new route will replace Ukraine and thus save run 35 million euros by eliminating Transit. The gas price will be 5 percent cheaper, which consumers will already feel in the first quarter of 2020.

Turk Stream

Bulgaria will receive three billion cubic meters of Gas annually, a corresponding contract has already been signed which also provides that no more Gas will be supplied by Ukraine. TurkStream also has corresponding connections to Europe in order to supply Gas to Europe without NordStream II and Ukraine if necessary.

An important step in a secure energy supply, which in the conditions in Ukraine, a president who lets himself be blackmailed by nationalists, nationalists openly propagate Wars, a government that thinks contracts can be changed with hindsight, a bankrupt state, offers more security and confidence!