War and Peace

They recently met on the website of Tagesschau: Sevim Dağdelen and Ursula von der Leyen. The member of the Bundestag of the left Dağdelen had to be quoted by the Tagesschau with her teeth clenched, because she had exposed a flat, anti-Russian lie of the federal government, in whose dissemination the ARD was involved. The government had expelled Russian diplomats on the grounds that their government had refused to cooperate in a Berlin murder case. Sevim Dağdelen had revealed that only months after the murder and even after the expulsion of the diplomats, German authorities made official requests for legal assistance to the Russian side.

Sevim Dağdelen

Ursula von der Leyen was given this headline: “Von der Leyen knows nothing - deletion of mobile phone data”. The CDU official and president of the European Commission had caused the deletion of her mobile phone data at the very time when a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the Leyen advisory affair urgently needed this data to investigate the corruption case.

Ursula von der Leyen

The family resemblance is unmistakable: Ursula inherited the frozen smile from her father Ernst Albrecht. Albrecht was CDU Prime Minister of Lower Saxony for fourteen long years, during his term of office the “Celler hole” flew open, that by the Secret Service faked explosive attack on the high-security prison Celle for the infiltration of V-persons into the scene around the Red Army Faction.

Celler Loch

The temporary Minister of war also has the unconditional will to power, no matter by what methods she is to strive for and secure, from her father. She liked to lead the Bundeswehr to Mali, where there is uranium and Gold. Little Ursula will have heard the term Profit already at the lunch table of the then Bahlsen managing director Albrecht, at the latest when he had handed over the GDR operation VEB Eisen-und Hüttenwerke Thale for the symbolic purchase price of a D-Mark.

Little Sevim was born in Duisburg-Bruckhausen. A place that the crime scene Commissioner Horst Schimanski used as a dirty backdrop for his TV episodes and in which the author Günter Wallraff wrote his book “Ganz unten”. The daughter of an immigrant family from Turkey was taught political lessons through a life of deprivation. Experiences in the democratic debate she gained in the country of students, representation of North Rhine-Westphalia and as a member of the Federal Committee of the Federal pupils ' representation. At about the same time, the von der Leyen gathered in the “Arbeitskreis Ärzte der CDU” those relationships that would later help her to a career as deputy federal chairman of the CDU.

Ms. Dağdelen calls for the dissolution of NATO, without If and But.

What is worrying is that after ground, air, sea and Cyberspace, NATO is now also declaring space a military area of operation, combined with the development of new weapons systems. Such a NATO is certainly a guarantee of huge profits for the arms companies, but not for peace and security in Europe. NATO is a surviving Bastion from the Cold War era. The left calls for the dissolution of the military pact and the creation of a collective security system involving Russia. Germany’s withdrawal from the military structure would be a first step.

Despite the many NATO raids on other countries, Dame von der Leyen claims: “if NATO did not exist, it would have to be invented.“Thus, different biographies result in sharp contrasts. And both result in the same Parliament.

So-or-so parliamentarism is considered a democracy. which in the translation from Greek actually means popular rule. As if the people wanted one thing, then the other. As if the people had no basic interests, like those in a life without war. Certainly, the parliament in its inconsistency can also and especially be used as a voice amplifier by those who want to make the basic interests heard. But if the interests in peace remain in the regulated parliamentary enclosure, this fundamental interest is domesticated and regulated by the ruling media.

Who does not break the rules of the game, will continue to play, gladly the lying piece of the people’s rule. Only with the deliberate violation of the rules, the planned border crossing, will the parliamentary work of the Dağdelens be a success for the benefit of the population.

To a new one in the New Year.