USA Rob reparations

If you lose a war, it can be a really expensive undertaking. The magic word is called “reparations”. Germany in particular has had great experiences in this regard, which extend all the way to neighbouring French Versailles. Bashar al-Assad has to make precisely opposite experiences, that it can come no less expensive, if one wins a war. Of course, we know that this is the guy who slaughters his own people and is therefore always confirmed in office by a large majority of his people … as far as we may or must follow the Tenor of GOOD Western Propaganda.

Briefly to the background. The United States once founded al-Qaeda and is also widely regarded as a founding member of the Islamic State. These terrorist units were needed to carry the war on Terror to any country. After all, as a world policeman, you also have to look into the lucrative corners of the planet for the right. It just can’t be done for no reason. These countries included Syria. After all, Assad did not show himself as docile as one has to be as a state and head of government vis-à-vis the world policeman. A list of the states to be invaded already existed shortly after 2001 … unless the Agenda is significantly older.

Reparations are a fine thing

The conclusion of a war, negotiated. However, the war in Syria is not really over yet, although the US has long since lost it. However, since the American military still haunts Syria in violation of international law, it was probably considered a particularly good Us idea to transform Syria into a kind of self-service shop. If the US has great experience in any matter, it is in stealing oil from other countries. So why not pump Syrian oil for the just us cause now? Of course, only for the legitimate reparation claims, which are open to the top. Especially for the illegal raid by the USA and the expensive support of the terrorists operating in Syria. So far, no “Return on Invest” was in sight.

This has been significantly different for several months. The Americans have stationed their remaining soldiers on a few deep oil wells in Syria and are carefully sucking the now for the mentioned purpose empty. All because the evil Assad did not offer the US appropriate reparations on his own initiative. Here one should perhaps timidly mention that Assad has not yet offered Germany reparations, even though we are also participating very intensively in the destruction of Syria from Jordan. You don’t always have to run this as a friendship service for the USA. Writing your own bills is much hornier. But the US will certainly keep the German share of Syrian oil for itself.

Middle Eastern Grotesques are so rare

USA for theft of Syrian oil sue. That is unheard of. In which court does he want to sue the USA? But not before the district court of Damascus? In the USA, he doesn’t need to taste it. And most of the international courts are not recognized by the USA anyway. Consequently, it is likely to remain pure Actionism of the Syrian Administration. As in any good west, the American form of justice always wins.

Russia is wisely and strikingly holding back on this Front. Probably because it knows very well that NATO is only too happy to break off a major row with Russia. So why not light the fuse in Syria? Russia has not fallen for this for years and probably will not in the future. Even if Syria’s legitimate claim nowhere to be heard, is the story around the stolen Oil is quite remarkable and an obvious blow casts light on the rather strange US-American understanding of the law.