Threat to democracy?

The deep state cuts through basic democratic rights like a Bulldozer, leaving behind a trail of corruption, poverty, “Failed States” and puppets working for it. This process is already very advanced. The impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump are not an “uprising of conscience"either. It only shows that the deep state punishes those who do not obey it in all respects. With or without Trump, we get an opposite radical which concentrates dictatorship, and it will keep becoming less and less necessary, the facade of a democratic legal state is maintained.

The idea of having a democracy is in danger. Generals, bankers, management consultants, lobbyists, secret services, civil servants and technocrats are eager to keep up appearances.

It is difficult to soundly portray oneself as the guardian of freedom when Donald Trump is at the same time incoherent about himself, inciting racist violence, insulting our traditional allies and the courts, the press and Congress, tweeting misspelled silliness and impulsively condemning or sabotaging the domestic and foreign policies of the two major parties.

In the eyes of the Deep State, however, Trump’s most unforgivable sin is his criticism of the Empire’s endless wars, even though he lacks the intellectual organizational skills to pull out.

The last twitches of a dying empire

The Deep State committed the greatest strategic mistake in American history when it invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. One calls such fatal military fiasco acts of a " micro militarism”:

Dying Empires usually squander the last capital they possess in futile, insoluble, and intractable conflicts until they collapse.

In these micro-militarism actions, they are trying to recapture former supremacy and lost greatness. Disaster after disaster ensues, but the architects of our Imperial Death Spiral are untouchable.

Idol worship

The clueless generals and politicians who drive the empire into growing Chaos and financial Ruin are successful in one thing: sustaining themselves.

No one will be held accountable. A servile press treated these mandarins, with almost religious awe. Generals and politicians, many of whom should have been confiscated or brought to justice, get lucrative positions on the boards of arms manufacturers after their retirement, for which these wars are immensely profitable.

A stooping Press asks them to provide the public with an analysis of the Chaos they have wreaked. They are held up as examples of integrity, selfless service and Patriotism high.

Chaos and destruction

After nearly two decades, every Mission that was supposed to justify our wars in the Middle East was turned upside down. The Invasion of Afghanistan was to wipe out Al-Qaeda.

Instead, al-Qaeda focused on filling the power vacuum created by the Deep State in the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. The war in Afghanistan turned into a war against the Taliban, who now control the largest Tel in the country and the corrupt Regime threatening, that we have used in Kabul.

The Deep State staged the Invasion of Iraq, which had nothing to do with the attacks of September 11, 2001. He confidently predicted that he could build a Western-style democracy and weaken Iran’s power in the Region.

Instead, he destroyed a united Iraq and pitted warring ethnic and religious factions against each other. This strengthened Iran, which has close ties to the Shiite government in Baghdad.

The deep state armed “moderate” rebels in Syria to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. However, when he found that he could not control the jihadists, to whom he had provided some $ 500 million in arms and support, the Deep State began to bomb them and arm Kurdish rebels to fight them. The same Kurds were later to be betrayed by Trump.

The" war on Terror " spread like a plague from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya to Yemen, which is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world after five years of war.

The financial price of this misery and death is between 5 and 8 trillion US dollars. The human price is in the hundreds of thousands of dead and Wounded, ruined cities, small towns and infrastructure, and millions of refugees.

Puppets of the Empire

Trump committed political heresy when he dared to point out the absurdity of an uncontrolled military apparatus. He will pay for it.

The deep state intends to replace it with someone who does what is asked of him or her. This is the role of the American executive: to personify and humanize the Empire.

Barack Obama, who misleadingly interpreted the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force as granting the executive power to assassinate anyone suspected of terrorism abroad, stood out in this game.

Impeachment proceedings? Everything would remain the same.

The distance Trumps from his office would not endanger the Group. It would not restore civil rights-including our right to privacy and due process.

The expansion of our prison system and secret prisons would continue, as would the mowing down of poor, unarmed citizens in urban wastelands.

And above all, the catastrophic wars abroad, which have led to a series of “Failed States” and cost trillions of dollars in taxpayers ' money, would remain sacrosanct and enthusiastically represented by the leaders of the two ruling parties, puppets of the Deep State.

The impeachment proceedings against Trump, in spite of the Zeal of the liberal Elite, mostly cosmetic art. is corrupt, The whole political and government system.

According to reports, Hunter Biden was paid $ 50,000 per month for his board seat at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, although he has no training or experience in the Gas industry.

He had previously worked at credit card company MBNA — one of the biggest sponsors of Joe Biden’s campaign when he was a Delaware Senator. Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma Holdings for the same reason as MBNA.

His father, who had long been a tool of corporate power and the military-industrial complex, was a Senator and later Vice President.


Joe Biden, the Clintons and the top of the Democratic Party embody legalized bribery — a feature of their rivals among Republicans. Candidates from the corporate world who belong to one of the ruling parties are pre-selected, sponsored and “consecrated”.

If you don’t comply with the demands of the Deep State — which protects the corporate interests and the management of the Empire — you’re out. There is even an expression for it: primarying (derived from the English word for the primaries, “primaries”; Translator’s note). Corporate lobbyists write the laws, the courts enforce them.

In the US political System, there is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, Exxon Mobil, Lockheed Martin, UnitedHealth Group or Northrop Grumman.

Citizens as spectators, not actors

We, the American Public, are the spectators. And Listeners. Who else will sit in his chair when the journey to Jerusalem is over?

Will Trump be able to hold on to power? Will Pence be the new President? Or the deep state will raise political hacks like Biden, or a neo-liberal apologists like Pete Butiggieg, Amy Klobuchar, or Kamala Harris into the White house? Will he commit Michael Bloomberg, John Kerry, Sherrod Brown or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton? And what if the deep state fails?

What if the putrefaction in the Republican Party is so advanced that it does not support the political downfall of the most incompetent president in American history?

The power struggle, including preventing the nomination of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren for the Democrats, will provide months of great TV spectacle and billions in advertising revenue.

Deep state versus Trump

The battle between the Deep State and Trump began at the moment of his election victory. Former CIA Director John Brennan and former director of National Intelligence James Clapper, as well as James Comey, former director of the FBI, quickly accused Trump of being an instrument of Moscow.

Intelligence agencies leaked lewd stories about “pee Videos” and extortion, as well as reports of “repeated contacts” with Russian intelligence agencies.

Brennan, Clapper and Comey were quickly joined by other former intelligence officials such as Michael Hayden, Michael Morell and Andrew McCabe. Their attacks were then amplified by former military leaders like William McRaven, James Mattis, H. R. McMaster, John Kelly, James Stavridis, and Barry McCaffrey.

With the publication of the Mueller report, the conspiracy with Russia turned out to be a dud. However, Trump’s decision to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden has given new energy to the deep state actors. This time Trump seemed to have handed his enemies from the Deep State the rope with which to hang him.

The deep state and the Left

The impeachment trial against Trump marks a new and frightening chapter in American politics.

The deep state has shown its true face. He has publicly stated that he does not tolerate dissent.

The attempt to dismiss Trump out of his office, sends an ominous message to the American Left.

The deep state not only tried as early as 2016, to prevent Bernie Sanders or another progressive member of the Democrats comes to Power — he has already indicated that it will destroy any politician who provides the maintenance and expansion of the Empire into question.

His hostility to the left is far more pronounced than that against Trump. And he has almost inexhaustible resources for the destruction of the left.

The multiplication table of the system

The political philosopher Sheldon Wolin saw this already in 2008 in his book “Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism”. He wrote in it:

“The political role of corporate power, the corruption of political and representative processes by the Lobby industry, the expansion of executive power at the expense of constitutional restrictions, and the deterioration of political dialogue promoted by the media are the foundations of the system, not its excesses. The system would remain in place even if the Democratic Party won the majority — and if this were to happen, the System would impose strict limits on any undesirable change. The timidity with which the Democrats propose reforms is already a harbinger of this.

In the latest analysis, the much-vaunted stability and conservatism of the US system stems not from lofty ideals, but from the irrefutable fact that the System is thoroughly corrupt and flooded with financial support mainly from rich and corporate donors. If at least a Million dollars are required to enter the House of Representatives or become a judge, and if patriotism becomes the business of those who do not serve in the military, as well as of ordinary citizens, the assertion that politics as we know it can miraculously heal the evil that is indispensable to its existence, is a simple act of deceit.”

The dictatorship of the Deep state

The Deep State is neither controlled from the inside nor from the outside. The democratic institutions, including the press, which once gave the citizens a voice and a say in the exercise of power, were circumcised.

The Deep State will advance the consolidation of corporate wealth and power. He will expand the social inequality that has plunged half of the US-Americans are in poverty or almost in poverty. It will deprive us of our remaining civil rights and feed the predatory appetite of the military and the weapons industry.

State resources will be wasted while the federal deficit continues to inflate. The Frustration and sense of stalemate in a disempowered and neglected citizenry that led to the election of Trump will grow.


The moment of reckoning will come, as it has come in recent days in Lebanon and Chile.

Social unrest is inevitable. Every population has enough at some point. The Deep State will become a corporate fascism at the risk of unrest among the people. He has the legal and physical tools to turn the United States into a police state in the blink of an eye.

This is the real danger behind the Deep State’s efforts to remove Trump from office. It is a relentless message: to be obedient or to be silenced.

Trump is not the Problem after all. We are. And if the Deep State cannot get rid of Trump, it will use him, albeit reluctantly, to do its dirty work. If Trump manages to survive, he will get his military parades. And we get, with or without Trump, tyranny.