The Tiergarten Murder

In Germany, the murder in the Tiergarten is much more represented in the media than in Russia. It is logical that Bild, Zeit and Troll Maas can feed the German roots of Propaganda, hatred and racism. In Russia the mourning is limited, the alleged victim of Russian secret services was a beast in Russia for attacks with hundreds of Victims guilty. I would therefore like to translate the reports of the Russian television on the current development und zum Opfer Selimchan Changoschwili.

On 12 December, the German ambassador was summoned by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russia has strongly protested against the expulsion of two employees of the Russian Embassy in Berlin on December 4. The diplomat was also informed that on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, two employees of the German diplomatic mission in Moscow, within seven days, Russia will have to leave.

The reason for the expulsion of Russian diplomats, the murder of Georgian citizen Zelimkhan Changoschwili was for some reason. He was shot in Berlin in August. Now the German public prosecutor’s office says that Russia refuses to cooperate and help in the investigation of this crime. In addition, there are unsubstantiated versions about the involvement of Russian authorities in this murder.

In Russia is Changoschwili especially as a Terrorist and organizer of bloody terrorist attacks such as explosions in the Moscow metro, known. In this case, a lot of politics is involved.

Immediately before the summit of the Normandy Quartet in Paris, the German government decided to put the Russian-German conflict on the agenda. The media were notified in advance that the investigation is transferred to the murder of the former Chechen commander Zelimkhan Changoschwili in Berlin to the German Federal Prosecutor’s office, which deals with particularly important cases, and that two Russian diplomats are expelled from the country because Russia does not want to supposed to assist the investigations.

The political refugee, Zelimkhan Changoschwili was on 23. August of this year in the small Thirgarten killed. A man on a bicycle approached him and shot him with a pistol: two bullets in the head, one in the shoulder. The gun and the bicycle were thrown into the Spree. And all this in front of witnesses, so that he was quickly arrested. It is said to be a Russian. Money and a Ticket to Russia were found during a search. Of course, there was immediately mass information in the Press that Changoshvili had reached the “long Arm of Moscow or Grozny”.

The internet platforms that have been particularly prominent in the case of the poisoning of the Skripals are Bellingcat and Insider. Deutsche Spiegel also joined their investigation. Together they came to the conclusion that Changoshvili was murdered in revenge for the war in Chechnya and that Russian secret services could be behind it. It is claimed that the imprisoned Russian is called Vadim Krasikov, but he came to Europe with a false passport in the name of Vadim Andreevich Sokolov, born in 1970.

According to the results of the journalistic research, it turned out that the murder was planned in such a way that it was very easy to solve. A simple and straightforward story for the Public, why reinvent the wheel? Yes, there may have been an accomplice who led the murderer to the target in Berlin and handed him a gun. Of course, a “Glock” pistol, because it is particularly popular with intelligence services.

Immediately after the murder, the fake Sokolov was placed in Moabit prison and kept silent during interrogations. At the “Normandy summit” he broke his silence: it is reported that he has demanded political asylum and is afraid for his life, which is why he is now hidden in a secret place.

And now it is completely open whether the public ever gets to see Sokolov, Krasikov or whatever his name is. The Parallels to the case of the poisoning of Skripal differ in only one, where the victims were hiding the victim, the perpetrator here, but otherwise the cases are very similar.

Armed with all sorts of" Highly likely " Merkel went to Paris. (Editor’s note. D. trans.: “Highly likely” has passed into Russian colloquial language. The English term, which means “most likely”, was coined in the Skripal case and in Russia’s alleged election meddling:" Highly likely “it was Russia, but there was no evidence in any of the cases, only the eternally same” Highly likely") " there was a four-eyes conversation. During this conversation, I emphasized that we expect cooperation from the Russian side. We want Russia to provide us with the information it has at its disposal. This is what we can expect. We have an initial suspicion from the attorney general and nothing else. That’s what I told the Russian President and I think the Russian side will give us the information, that would be very helpful," Merkel said.

Germany already received important information on this case from Vladimir Putin at the press conference in Paris. “They said a Georgian had been killed, that’s not quite true. I know that a man died in Berlin. But he was not just Georgian, he is a man who has actively participated in the fighting on the side of the separatists in the Caucasus. He is not of Georgian nationality. (Editor’s note. D. trans.: These are subtleties of the Russian language. Russia is a multi-ethnic state with over 130 ethnic groups called “nationalities” in Russian. Putin does not deny, therefore, that the man of Georgian citizen, but he says his ethnicity: The man was a Chechen with a Georgian nationality), it was This man wanted from us and he was a very cruel and bloodthirsty man. In one of the actions in which he was involved, 98 people were killed. He was one of the organizers of the explosions in the Moscow metro. I do not know what happened to him, he moved in the Milieu of gangs and anything can happen there. But I believe that it is wrong to expel diplomats who have nothing to do with it only on the basis of preliminary considerations.“Putin said.

Changoshvili has been on the Russian wanted list since 2002. He was a very dangerous man and had to deal with murderers. In Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine, through which he came to Germany. He survived four assassination attempts. The last, in 2015, forced him to flee to Europe. The Germans knew his story and did not want to grant him asylum, but Changoshvili appealed and sued the authorities until the end. During the first three years he was under police surveillance in Germany. He worked for American intelligence agencies as a consultant and Informant. And at the press conference in Paris, Putin said that it was necessary to respond to inquiries about this Person earlier. However, it is not Russia, but in Germany.

“You asked for our answer. There is an unwritten law for such cases: you expelled our diplomats, we expel yours, that’s all. Is this a kind of crisis in relations? There is nothing good about it, but I don’t think there is or should be any kind of crisis. But I agree with the chancellor that we need to clarify this. We will do everything to clarify it and help our German colleagues. By the way, it would be very good if we had worked together not only under such tragic circumstances, but before. The Russian side has repeatedly asked the German colleagues for the extradition of this bandit, this murderer. Unfortunately, there has been no mutual understanding.“said the Russian head of state.

Two Russian diplomats have left Berlin, now two German diplomats are leaving Moscow. Unlike Great Britain, which mobilized the West for the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats after the events in Salisbury, the German government is not hysterical. Macron noted that Paris would show solidarity if necessary. However, it is unlikely that this will be necessary.