Nord Stream 2 stops no one

Politicians in the US have put all the pressure on but they did nothing. Sanctions could have been introduced earlier, a majority in the rogue state would certainly have been present. Finally, the US wants to sell its own fracking Gas and further weaken Russia. Anyone who is already upset about expensive bills of the gas supplier is only really exploited with Frackinggas. Killing Nord Stream 2 only brings something to the US.

The construction of the Pipeline is a bit delayed but the sanctions will not postpone this fact any further. The ship moves three kilometers of Pipeline a day and there are still 150 km. The Pipeline is therefore delayed by one month and will be ready by the end of January.

The United States did not use the usual CAATSA law for the penalties, but the defence adopted. A fact that takes time, after the adoption of the sanctions, the State Department has 60 days to draw up the list of companies and that does not come into force until another 30 days later. So companies need not be afraid. As I said in a month, the Pipeline will be ready. The Pipeline is ready before sanctions can be imposed.

The Nord Stream 2 project has announced that the necessary work can be completed without the special vessel of the Swiss company Allseas. That would take time and cost more, but it won’t stop Nord Stream 2 anymore.

Even though senators like Ted Cruz are diligently and camera-wise railing against the project, nothing has actually been done in 2019 and no one has an answer as to why the US has done nothing to stop the double-hating Pipeline. The mirror wrote:

In fact, if the US government had wanted to, it could have taken action against the Pipeline long ago. It could have simply imposed sanctions under the CAATSA Act of 2017, the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. But she refrained from doing so. Trump’s party friend Cruz has noticed this. If the Pipeline were completed," it would be the fault of members of this government who sat on their butts and did not exercise their power, " the Senator recently quipped. It meant: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Others suggested that Mnuchin was not the only brakeman. Why did the White House and Congress wait until the very end before adopting sanctions? Ben Lefebvre, an energy expert for the Politico news portal, asked. The answer to his research: fear of Trump. Republicans feared that Nord Stream sanctions would fall into the context of Russia’s 2016 election meddling, an issue Trump doesn’t want to know about. So they delayed a decision.

This is not convincing. Trump is so deep in the ass of the US oil industry that a more resistant appearance would have been necessary if not even wanted by the Hillary Clan. The Merz der is certainly already full of hate and anger.

How little German politicians understand again, yes even so monkeys living in the anus of the USA show the corresponding reactions. It is raging and one is full of ambition to carry out the appropriate distance to US politics, in reality the monkeys themselves voted for it.

Der Spiegel has reported on the reactions of some politicians to the US sanctions:

His party friend and first parliamentary managing director of the SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider, expressed himself clearly more undiplomatic. “The US has finally arrived back in the Wild West, where only the right of the stronger applies,” he told SPIEGEL. “If sanctions are now also used against allies, we are facing difficult times.“Those who act in this way soon have no more allies. Schneider stressed that Europe must not and will not allow itself to be blackmailed into buying “dirty American liquefied petroleum gas”.

Otherwise, you won’t hear such clear words in the Bundestag in the direction of the USA. But not all of them were so clear. As expected, the reaction of the Greens was the most mendacious, as you can read in the mirror:

Green Party leader Annalena Baerbock told Der SPIEGEL that Nord Stream 2 was completely wrong on this issue, both in terms of energy policy and security policy. However, the US administration’s method is irresponsible.

The greens like to claim that the environment is the concern, but this is only a brazen lie. On 7 June 2018, the Federal Council adopted the” regulation to improve the framework conditions for the development of LNG infrastructure in Germany”, i.e. Fracking GAS for Germany and the Greens were of course involved. All raised the right Arm according to the old tradition of 1940 years where the Russian is evil. However, the Green Party is not only for Fracking Gas per se, it also voted in favour of the consumer paying to create the appropriate infrastructure.

Ukraine, a supposedly close ally of the US, was left alone by the US. Through Nord Stream 2, Ukraine will hardly make any money from the transit of Gas. Ukraine is even losing twice, gas transit in central Europe and the South will soon pass through its own Pipelines and thus the already bankrupt state will probably go further to its knees. The Ukrainians can then thank the West and of course the nationalists in the country.

The fact that the Ukrainians do not all have on the fence shows the struggle for a new transit contract, the old one expires at the end of the year. The Ukrainians believe that they are still in the position to negotiate as before and for this reason peace has returned here at the moment.

It is nice that in the US since Trump fires a power struggle, on the one hand the Hawks who want wars, sanctions, yes the world. Then there is Trump who unconsciously fucks the Deep State with his behavior. We should be thankful that Trump is in office, with Clinton we would probably be in the middle of a war that will mutate into a World War.