The invented enemy

Wannabe jihadists are bred by secret services, arrested by the police and sentenced by courts. Thus, leading media are repeatedly given the opportunity to spread the fiction of a terrorist threat. This free advertising of the leading media for al-Qaida and the Islamic State is largely overlooked. The attempt is made to enhance the supposed power, competence and ambition of these false organisations. They’re supposed to be the enemy number one of civilization. In this campaign, double-faced hate preachers, agents Provocateurs and pro-Israeli institutions also play an important role.

Preachers of hate and recruiters

The role and function of hate predators consist in generating “jihadists” who participate in either the military or the Online jihad. Hate preachers work in public and even seek media attention through provocative actions. Recruiters, on the other hand, work discreetly, together with secret services.

The methods of recruitment to Jihad has the story. It began in the 1980s when the CIA, with the help of Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, set up a worldwide network of recruiters, such as the recruitment office Maktab al-Khidmat lil-mujahidin al-Arab (MAK), which asked volunteers to fight the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan.

In the USA alone, 30 recruitment centres were set up and large sums of money were deposited. Already a part of the received acquired a military training by the FBI. A lot has already been written about the construction of this “foreign legion”. Their mercenaries, also known as “Arab Afghans”, after the withdrawal of the Soviet forces from Afghanistan constituted a Reservoir of unemployed fighters deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya by Western intelligence agencies against Serbia and Russia. This story has been repeated in recent years with the sudden appearance of the “Islamic State” (IS).

The Saga of German-Syrian Muhammad Haydar Zammar illustrates these secret services perfectly: after his fighting experience in Afghanistan and Bosnia he returned to Germany, took part in the alleged radicalization of the so-called Hamburg terrorist cell around Mohammed Atta and is said to have recruited members of this group for a short-term training in Afghanistan.

Zammar was well known to German investigators or worked on their behalf. Following the attacks of 11 September 2001, he was “permitted” from Germany to Morocco from the highest authority, so that he was not available for testimony in the trial of Mounir al-Motassadeq. He would have had to admit his role as a recruiter. Later he was deported to Syria by the CIA with the help of the Moroccan Secret Service. The German authorities denied knowing of these machinations, but did not want to bring him back to Germany. Instead, German investigators visited him in Syria, to hear him. The minutes of your interviews are still a matter of closure.

The Dossier Zammar was politically so explosive that it was concerned with the Federal Chancellery and the then Chief Frank-Walter Steinmeier dealt intensively with the case. Interested people can read Zammar’s astounding Saga in part in a report of the BND committee of inquiry of the Bundestag.

Since 2001, there have been some known cases of hate predators and recruiters who are suspected of working on behalf or at least with the condolences of the secret services.

Hate preacher Yahia Yousif was not looking for the public because he was also an employee of the state Office for the protection of the Constitution of Baden-Württemberg (LfV). According to Ewald T. Riehtmüller (CDU), Yousif even represented the LfV at an Islam Conference in London. When his double role burst, he left Germany.

Another dumped hate preacher, who was also supposed to have helped Atta in Hamburg, was the Moroccan Mohammed Fisasi or Fazazi (14). He too left the Federal Republic of Germany very well, but was then arrested in his homeland for other reasons. However, in 2011 he came back on free foot.

The Salafists Yassin Oussaifi, Sven Lau and Pierre Vogel are repeatedly suspected of working or having worked on behalf of the protection of the Constitution. Sven Lau was accused of recruiting a young person to participate in the fighting of the Islamic State in Syria, what he denies.

In Britain, too, hatred preachers have been rumbling for years in the protection of the secret services. They were largely upgraded by the media through Interviews. Ajem Chodary, who once called on the murder of the pope, apparently had good relations with US media, because the conservative newspaper USA Today offered Chodary on the day of the Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo to publish his opinion on it. The post appeared the next day. Chodary justified the attacks on behalf of Islam!

Hate preachers play a double role in the maintenance of myths:

Firstly, they ensure the ideological willingness of young Muslims to join the jihad.

Secondly, they show the media the ideal appearance of the deceitful, conspiracy Islamist.

Through staged actions in Public and constantly published determination procedures, the Salafists, Sven Lau and Pierre Vogel can dream of a permanent free advertising that even top artists, world-famous scientists, human rights activists or peace activists only. Leading media even announced lectures by Pierre Vogel!

In a single year, according to the database Nexis, Pierre Vogel 532 times and Sven Lau 390 times in German media were mentioned, the German Nobel Prize in chemistry 2014 Stefan Hell only 70 times and the human rights activist Rolf Gössner only 14 times. These statistics point to an official strategy of upgrading these Salafists and jihadists.

So-called jihadist media

Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, or their offshoot, are to produce professional propaganda films and magazines that call not only the “holy war” but also the “slaughter of all unbelievers”. The IS, for example, is to publish the gloss magazine Dabiq in English and Dar al Islam in French and run a news agency called Amaq or Amak. Anyone can download these magazines from the websites of the U.S. distributors and thus acquire an entry in the database of federal constitutional protection.

Both magazines are characterized by a high degree of graphic quality, which indicates a study of designers at the best advertising agencies. These magazines include creepy images of beheadings and long essays to justify slavery with quotations from the Koran. This is intended to connect Islam with this barbarity. Al-Qaeda, for its part, is to run a media house called as-Sahab, the “terrorist agent” GIMF, and issue the Inspire magazine.

On one request, the Spiegel Journalist Christoph Reuter explained mutatis mutandis that there is no exclusive source for statements of the Islamic State, but these would be taken up by various authorities. By the way, Amaq does not operate a website, does not have an E-mail address and is not accessible via telephone. A news agency whose existence cannot be proven is considered fiction. Reuter also said that for reasons of division of Labour, German journalists relied on unnamed Arab colleagues who spied on the Internet and found the media IS Productions somewhere before they disappeared quickly. His response confirms that German media rely on dubious sources in their coverage of the IS despite the lack of transparency in the flow of information. The fact that journalists are thereby violating the German press code does not seem to disturb anyone.

Two aspects form the common denominator of these “jihadist” writings:

Firstly, the location of producers is not known. You do not operate any websites and do not have a contact address. It is therefore impossible to establish their true identity, although the prevailing media cite their products as wash-proof.

Secondly, jihadist writings and Videos are not distributed from Afghanistan or Syria, but by chance from pro-Israeli companies located in the US.

SITE Intelligence Group mainly disseminates jihadist speeches, testimonies and Videos to its subscribers.

Clarion Project runs the magazine Dabiq, which is assigned to the Islamic State.

The company Jihadology gives the magazines “Dar al Islam and Inspire”, which belong to Al-Qaida.

Those who follow the trail of these media products are repeatedly hit by these companies, which seem to possess exclusive rights for the distribution of Al-Qaida and the IS. Since these companies have to guarantee the authenticity of the products they sell, it can be assumed that they maintain close contacts with their mysterious suppliers. A rogue who thinks of the CIA’s laboratories.

By the way, the V-Man of the German Federal Constitutional protection Irfan Peci succeeded young people to bait and spread jihadist Videos on the Internet. The Videos called Muslims to the armed “holy war” or showed atrocities. At the same time, site co-founder Joshua Devon, under a camouflage name, tried to build some young Muslims in Germany into court-ready “terrorist suspects”. Devon provided them with a free Server and helped them with the procurement of Software. The FBI, the federal criminal office (BKA) and the federal intelligence service (BND) knew about this conspiracy.

According to the Frontal21 broadcast and the research of Elmar Theveßen, the BND is supposed to have even commissioned the dubious SITE to provide this logistical support. The eight young people were then arrested and sentenced to imprisonment by the Higher Regional Court of Munich. The Drahtzieher were not even charged. Anyone behind SITE, Clarion Project and Jihadology remains in the dark. Is it those circles who, on 11 September 2001, managed to transform the Twin Towers in New York with inventory and 1,120 people into fine dust?

The fact that the jihadist media products enjoy great popularity among the dominant media is expressed in their willingness to promote them free of charge. For example, the latest issue of Dabiq was published between July 28 and July 5. August 2016, the other in the following 44 key media worldwide, quoted in Asharq Alawsat, Bild-Zeitung, Boa Informação, Canberra Times, Corriere della Sera, Courrier International, Cyprus, E-Mail, Daily Star Online, Diario De Yucatan, DNA India, El Espectador, El Nacional, Express Online, Folha De Spaulo, Fox News, Ha’aretz, Het Laatste Nieuws, Hindustan Times, Il Giorno, Il Resto del Carlino, Irish Mirror, Jornal de Estado, Jornal de Piracicaba, La Nazione, La Rioja, La Stampa, Le Figaro, Mail Online, Nederlands Dagblad, NRC Handels- blad, reformatory Dagblad, Reuters USA, SDA, Sur, Tages-Anzeiger, Thai News Service, The Guardian, The Independent, the Vancouver Sun, Valeurs actuelles, Voice of America, time Online.