World domination of money

Money rules the world, says the vernacular, but who owns the most money? It is a small group of people and families that shun the light of the Public, as the devil fears Holy water. In the light of truth, it is important to make visible those who govern us in reality.

The top of the wealth pyramid of our world society are about 3,000 people who dominate all areas of our lives through the money system. Their influence is due to the astronomical amount of money they have and which gives them political power, even world domination, without the knowledge of the world’s population.

The monetary System

This monetary System is operated by banks which are responsible for the circulation of money – equal to a heart, from and to which all the blood of a body flows. This pathological body constantly demands more blood, and the more blood is fed to it, the more greedy it becomes after even more.

In the meantime, a global economic situation has been reached in which all the limits of monetary regulation due to debt are irreversible and which will soon lead to an unprecedented collapse.

Bank for International Settlements

Directly below the top of the pyramid, this small group of people created an Institution with headquarters in Basel (Switzerland) in 1930, which is called Bank for International Settlements (BIS). This worldwide private financial organization is the head office of all banks. The 3,000 people give their orders to Basel, and from there the orders go to the entire System, and will be executed.

The BIS and its regulations were already recognized by all countries of the world in 1931, and each central bank is a member of this private club. A Headquarters Agreement describes many regulations that are recognized worldwide: what the BIS stands for, what it does and what Status it has. This contract is established with Switzerland, that the BIZ has full immunity. Not even in an emergency situation, as in a fire, the local fire department or the police will gain access to the buildings.

The BIZ has its own police, and there is no way to enter your building. It is a state in the State, escapes control, has absolute monetary power and is above all laws. None of your employees can be arrested or prosecuted by courts.

“The bank’s archives and, in general, all documents and media belonging to or in its possession shall be inviolable at all times and in all places.“The same applies to all sister institutions.

In this Club, representatives of the German Empire met with the allies in, but also before the Second World War, and negotiated the stolen Gold of the Jews or of states that were deprived. So: The so-called enemies were sitting peacefully at a table.

The BIZ, in essence, that the monetary and economic System is kept on the Run, whose goal is the entire value of the wealth pyramid below, where the mass of the people, the resources of our earth and our nature are, top of the Pyramid of feed.

International Monetary Fund and the World Bank help to plunder countries

Hierarchical under the BIS is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which provides loans to countries without sufficient reserves, and the World Bank. These two institutions do not intend to help countries with (financial)problems. On the contrary, they create debt in a way that countries can never repay it.

This gives you control over a country that has, for example, a great deal of raw materials, as we find in Africa. With “friends”, in this case corporations, the affected country is then deprived of natural resources, because it can not repay the debt and must supply raw materials for it. It is important that the government of a country is corrupted. There are very different methods for this, such as severance payments, blackmail, acts of shame with children and so on.

The European Central Bank, a state within a state

After that, the hierarchy includes central banks such as the European Central Bank (ECB), which is based in Frankfurt am Main. A site agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany stipulates that the ECB has the same legal Status as the BIS. Thus, all employees and their members of this private Institution have full immunity and are excluded from any prosecution. The ECB is also a state in the state, which is not subject to control .

The City of London and the Federal Reserve

Since the establishment of the ECB in 1998, the national central banks have only been side effects. For more (Free-)States within a state, there are, among other things, in the Vatican, with the Vatican Bank, or in Washington, D.C. with the world Bank. By far the most important state is the City of London. It is the largest heart of the global financial world. Here, the gold course is determined daily, as well as a few filled the pockets and emptied the other. Not to mention the US central bank’s Federal Reserve (FED), a private Institution that issues the US Dollar and whose owners have been unknown for more than a hundred years.

Across all banks, the BIS is at the top. It gives instructions to all banks below it. According to the IMF, the world Bank and the Central banks, business banks, the international corporations, the governments and their population, so one of us.

Magic of money, or just hot air?

The mechanism used by all banks is called interest rates. According to the classical theory of finance, the credits we receive are the saved money of other persons. In fact, before signing a credit agreement, the money is not available. After the signing, it is not fetched from anywhere, but created from nothing, almost from air – the dream of every magician and the banks dominate him. A digital number is generated in the Bank Computer, which is then transferred or paid as so - called Giral or book Money. At the end of the term, the debt is usually settled, and everything should dissolve again in air, so the credit will return to Nirvana.

Unfortunately, interest has been paid on this “aerial number”. These do not dissolve in air, but require a real value, or a new loan, which is the real poison of any economy, the people, of democracy and of the earth. In order to pay the interest, someone else has to be taken away, and this leads to a fundamental lack, which in turn leads to unnatural competition and misery among the people. Because interest rates are constantly rising from the lower part of the pyramid – to capital. Governments, countries, people, companies – everyone takes up loans and thus generates a gigantic interest rate burden, which is getting bigger and bigger.

Money arises only through a debt

All money in circulation is a debt. Money is created by borrowing. There is a credit for all money, and vice versa. If the Federal Republic of Germany has 2,000 billion (2 trillion) euros in debt, then there is someone who has 2,000 billion euros. If the Federal Republic of Germany pays 40 billion euros of interest each year, then someone receives 40 billion euros of interest each year as a credit.

The total wealth of private households in the Federal Republic of Germany amounts to about 5,000 billion (5 trillion) euros. These are not owned by 83 million citizens, but the majority are owned by about 8.3 million citizens. On the other hand, the 2,000 billion euro debt of the Federal Republic of Germany is equal to all citizens: approximately. 23,000 euros per citizen. These debts have to be paid by the citizens and are hidden in taxes, duties or fees of various kinds. There is no need to think about the repayment of the loan amount.

Compound interest rate leads to astronomical amounts of money

A loan of 100,000 euros with a maturity of 20 years at an interest rate of 5 percent causes at the end of the term more than 50,000 euros interest. A total of more than 150,000 euros have to be repaid.

Even more serious is the compound interest rate, as the thought experiment of Joseph’s pen shows: if Joseph had invested for Jesus a euro Cent 2,000 years ago (term) at an interest rate of 5 percent, this sum would today have a value corresponding to 195 million spheres in the size of the earth made of pure Gold.

In order to tackle this Problem, more and larger loans are being taken up. Debts will be paid by even more debt and the interest payments from the credit flow in the top of the pyramid. For example, World Wealth is concentrated on a few people, while most of humanity lives in poverty. A study by Oxfam has found that eight people possess as much as half of the world’s population.

How the mass of people is held down and their fortune deprived of them

The top of the pyramid has rules, laws, tax systems, police, armies, secret services, courts, media, universities, corporations, NGOs, foundations, associations, think tanks and governments in all countries of the world, which ensure that we remain the mass of humanity below.

As long as people do not realize that they are deceived, deceived, distracted, misled, upset each other, split, driven into war and their value is fed to the top, everything remains as it is.

The abolition of cash

Another tool of the banks is the recently introduced negative interest rates, which take the money to the citizens who still have a credit. In principle, interest can only be paid to people who have money in an account. Negative interest rates cause the term interest to be absurd. Interest must be paid to the Bank for the money in the account, i.e. a balance. The more money a citizen has in the account, the more interest he has to pay to the Bank.

Since many citizens have cash, which cannot be covered by the negative interest rates, the banks are working on the abolition of cash. The cash limit in Germany is to be further restricted from 10,000 euros to 2,000 euros by 10 January 2020, disguised as a directive against the Money Laundering Act. The Federal Council had requested a 1,000 Euro limit.

The IMF, headed by Christine Lagarde, plans to tax cash. If a Person withdraws 1,000 euros from the account, for example, only 950 euros will be paid out. If, on the other hand, it wants to pay for 1,000 euros a product or service in cash, a sum of 1,050 euros is due. Other plans include the abolition of large banknotes.

With the abolition of cash, no citizen would escape a financial crash. A Bailout (rescue operation) would be much more effective. The top of the pyramid, banks and corporations don’t pay negative interest rates. They make their money circulate in large quantities around the globe like ocean currents and thus withdraw it from any tax and any negative interest rate.

In order to include those who own precious metals, purchases with a value of more than 2,000 euros are possible only with indication of identity. In 1933, there was a gold ban in the USA. All Gold had to be handed over to the state via the banks at a fixed price. Even before the violent opening of private lockers, which were systematically searched, they did not scare them back. The introduction of a digital world currency or cryptocurrency also serves to abolish cash. Facebook’s announcement of the digital world currency Libra would be completely controllable by the US intelligence.

Money supply in circulation and Inflation

In addition to interest, the banks have another tool to withdraw the assets from the people. This allows you to influence Inflation by the amount of money you determine. The more money you put into circulation, the less it will be worth. While 50 years ago it was possible that a single earner could feed women and children and pay the credit for a house, today both spouses are working, indebted and the children in a full-time care. It is not just a feeling of people when they say that the Euro is no longer worth anything compared to the D-Mark.

The priceless public debt

The Elite constantly deprives us of our values in various ways through a monetary System through the banks, which ensures that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This perfidious System is supported by governments. The federal government is diligently borrowing money from the banks and has thus arrived from a debt of 10 billion euros in 1950 in almost 80 years to a good 2,000 billion euros in 2018. If, as in 2007/08, there is a bank collapse, the federal government saves these banks, which drive the state into Ruin, with 500 billion euros, which it has borrowed from banks that have created money from nothing, because these private companies have the money monopoly. The interest on this gigantic loan will be hidden upturned on the citizens-in the Form of Taxes, Duties and fees.

Misery as a business model

People must understand that interest is the real evil of every society and that we must return to a humane society. We just think we’re living in a human society. In reality, wars, famines, lack of goods and supplies are outsourced to other countries. Our prosperity is based on misery in other countries, because misery is a business model. Our European history knew times without interest-times in which interest or usury were banned because it was not only non-Christian, but people knew the danger of interest. Today we live in a progressive spiritual darkness in which we no longer even perceive the chains around our minds.

Looting the assets of EU citizens boundless for the rescue of banks is international law.

Other mechanisms developed to maintain the monetary system are, for example, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), an international financing institution based in Luxembourg, which enjoys full immunity – a Free State. It was established by an international treaty which entered into force on 27 September 2012 and forms part of the euro rescue mechanism, the sole purpose of which is to maintain the Elite’s monetary system.

Looting the assets of EU citizens for the rescue of banks Without Borders has thus become international law.

The ESM should help banks and countries in crisis situations. It can demand billions of dollars from governments to be paid within seven days.

There is no upper limit, The ESM can claim € 100 billion, but 500 billion euros of the Federal Republic of Germany.

First of all, the rescue of countries was a priority, but it quickly became clear that the ESM was about the rescue of banks. Of the 240 billion euros, which were paid primarily by the European financial stability facility (EFSF) and the ESM to Greece, only 24 billion euros in the country. 216 billion of this amount went to banks in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. The banks had spied on Greece. To get their money back, they have used the above institutions.

With this mechanism, the banks bought themselves free, but the money comes from us, and we have to pay for it as debt and taxes. So we are talking about a lot of mechanisms, which ensure that we stay where we are, and always less able to afford.

The job of the media

The Mainstream media are becoming more and more fair to their reputation as a gap-lying press. They have long passed away from their original mission of independent fourth state power in the country. They secure the power of the elites and act like Opium in the people’s body: they drink their appeasement formulas daily, hide the true state of our country and fog the minds of people with nonsense.

The media Mainstream is a master of the stigma and has created a Portfolio of defamation, ranging from conspiracy theorists to anti-Semites. Every hour, they extend the Definition and the circle of people they include to discredit the alleged enemies of their masters at the Pranger of the public.

The Facade Of Democracy

The political parties and their governments – the so – called representative democracy-from the beginning served only as facade democracy, which the people should keep away from the power: a spectacle that pretends democracy and in truth serves only the power and the money of the elites. Empathielos and advice resistant to their own people are the top politicians. They are the publicly installed Rammbock of the elites, before which the people demonstrate, appeal, ask, ask, hope and wish – without success. Voter turnout is a special matter of heart to them, to see themselves as legitimate by the people and to convey to people the feeling of democracy in order to devote themselves entirely to the interests of the economy and banks after the election.

Before leading politicians can be elected to the highest offices of the facade democracy, they present themselves in one of the large personnel departments of the elites, exemplary are the Bilderberger conferences. In this private club, the elites legitimize their puppets, which are later presented to us as ministers, chancellor or president, in short, as a cabinet.

In the past 45 years, all federal chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany were present at Bilderberg conferences prior to their election: among them Helmut Schmidt, Helmut Kohl, Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel. The list of guests can be expanded in any way, for example with Ludwig Erhard, Kurt Georg Kiesinger, Emmanuel Macron, Mario Monti, Christine Lagarde, Franz Vranitzky, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Peer Steinbrück, Olaf Schulz, Jürgen Trittin, Franz Josef Strauss, Wolfgang Schäuble, Joschka Fischer, Christian Lindner, Thomas de Maizière, Ursula von der Leyen and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. This is also where leading people from the economy and the media meet, who later serve the politics of the federal government. Friedrich Merz was not invited, as they probably used the short service via Blackrock.

Neoliberalist monetary system as cause

Today, the most powerful organizations of the Elite are international corporations and banks. That is why we need to talk about a neoliberalist monetary system. They are the most visibly powerful instruments of the money elite. When we bring the problems of our society down to a common denominator, we stand before the doors of the banks: climate change, environmental pollution, wars, over-exploitation, scarcity of resources, social injustice, unjust tenure, age, poverty, competition, debt, raising the retirement age, wars, refugee flows, poverty of the world’s population, famine by food speculation, lack of education, destruction of social systems, a division of the company, alienation of family, neglect of children, to name just a few , are in the reduction causes of the neoliberalist monetary system.

Not Berlin demonstrate, but Frankfurt am Main and Basel

Not in Berlin, but in Frankfurt am Main before the ECB or in Basel in front of the BIZ we need to demonstrate in order to achieve our goals. We must draw politicians ' attention and, in the light of the public, we must devote ourselves to the visible main headquarters of the elite that remains in the dark. These protect the Elite, hide your name, but fulfill their orders protected by the ruling politicians, who have driven their own people in the interest of slavery.


We don’t have much time. Our country and Europe are on very shaky ground. A financial crash, which, according to experts, is necessary every 70 to 80 years because of this monetary system, in order to put everything back to zero, is overdue. At the Moment, Europe is a powder barrel: a financial crash at this stage, or in the next two years, would cause incalculable events. The yellow-West protests in France have indeed been crippled by force, but the wrath of the people is only postponed.

The independence efforts of Catalonia could lead to a civil war, and Germany is politically torn apart in the West and East. After 30 years she stands again, the wall of spiritual nature and she threatens to become physically in a Crash.

The banks are already working on a soft financial crash and are not aware of it. But the critical mass is exceeded. If they delay it beyond the years 2020/21, the Western world is threatening to creep into a totalitarian surveillance state in which we can be eliminated with a mouse click.

“Do you have a Euro?”, will definitely belong to the past. An uncontrolled Crash will cause a lot of misery and Chaos in Europe and is the only Option for a system change. Only when people realize that the money in their hands is worthless will the faith building of the Mammon collapse.