We are the perpetrators

War is the worst Evil of our world and at the same time the Foundation on which the Western Empire was based. If we do not support this logic of war, then it is far from enough simply to do nothing, as Johnstone points out. In order to avoid complicity in the suffering caused by war, one must instead actively oppose the war-driving of the political elites.

The American civil rights activist Angela Davis once said: “In a racist society it is not enough to be racist. We must be anti-racist.“Consequently, we cannot fulfill our commitment to truth and justice by merely observing and not participating in the perverted tendencies in Western societies regarding an ideology of the supremacy of the white “race”. Nor are we innocent, for example, if we only observe group rape without intervening. The decision not to participate in a serious injustice, but at the same time to give his consent by silence, is not sufficient — especially if our skin gives us an advantage resulting from this injustice. No, we must face injustice vigorously.

The same is true of the war, which holds together the empire that dominates our society.

Unfortunately, in left and progressive groups, there is a widespread belief that it is OK to ignore or even ignore the importance of foreign policy in favour of domestic policy.

Politicians alone can gain intensive support by promoting a decent domestic policy, while at the same time pursuing a foreign policy that is not too different from the Mainstream consensus à la CIA/CNN.

I am not familiar with right-wing political circles to the same extent, but I suppose that similar prioritization prevails among libertarian and other right-wing anti-interventionist groups, at the expense of a good foreign policy.

War is the worst thing there is. The extent of death, destruction and suffering caused by this does not equal anything else — War is simply the worst. Worse than economic injustice, racism, or sexism, homophobia or TRANS-phobia, as the draconian (restrictive) drug - or immigration policy. All of these things are bad, but war is worse. Any policy that is supposed to aim at the welfare of people should have this in mind.

Anyone who does not regard war as the worst of all has not dealt enough with what it means and how it works. For war not only causes corpses, but permanently ruined existences, torn bodies; brains and souls, which are irreversibly destroyed by neurological or psychological trauma, as well as the expulsion of millions from their homes; rape, slavery and trafficking in human beings are dramatically increasing as a result of the Warwraps. Extremist groups often come to power and add to people unbearable suffering. Every single one of these military operations — from middle-aged men with loose or sometimes even fun arguments in the Think-Tanks of Washington, to be propagated, in reality, unimaginable suffering and misery.

We live in a civilization that was built by war and continues to be maintained by war. This civilization has opted for war as a career-even beyond its own heyday. The political and economic System that governs our society is deeply rooted in the swamp of war. The Only thing that protects us from the Wars that our government, in our name, is the spatial distance.

In such a society, it is not enough simply to stay away from the war driver’s office.

It is not enough just to have a liking for peace. Our commitment to truth and Justice does not end with us not participating in the war nets, because wars are still going on.

Those who are responsible for the survival of the wars prefer not to think too much about these wars. Because they know that if we were to take a clear look at the horrors that our civilization unleashes every day in the world, we would find the entire System unbearable.

Everyone who wants to be a good, just, sincere and authentic person has a duty to fight relentlessly against the current System. In other words, to monitor closely the activities of our government and its allies abroad, to do as much research as possible and to oppose this policy as loudly and vigorously as possible. This is more important than any other political task worth fighting for. If we do not, we can’t claim to be good, just, sincere, and authentic people. Then we are only further tacit advocates of war.