Germany wants war and rearmament

The Bundeswehr is preparing for new war operations. The minister of Defence Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) announced on 25.11. on a base of the Bundeswehr in the Saarland. “We would also be able to take on additional foreign assignments today,” she boasted.


Specifically, a combat operation in West African Mali is planned. In the past, Germany was mainly in the context of training missions there, but the “actual counter-terrorism” was “currently carried exclusively by France”. There was “the desire of France to put this on a wider footing” because it felt “that the Situation is not easy even with regard to the Malian and other forces on the ground.“That is what we will have to talk about"within the framework of the usual extension of the mandates.”

The message is clear: seven years after the Bundestag decided at the beginning of 2013 to support the French military intervention, the Mission is now officially transformed into a murderous combat operation. The Bundeswehr is not concerned with” combating terrorism", but with the neo-colonial subjugation of the country. Last week, the Africa Conference of the federal government in Berlin underscored Germany’s comprehensive imperialist goals on the continent rich in population and raw materials.

The war and great power plans of the Grand coalition would extend far beyond Africa. Kramp-Karrenbauer referred to her foreign policy keynote speech at the Münchner Bundeswehruniversität two weeks ago, in which she had called for a greater foreign policy and military role for Germany, and said: “We must expect our allies and our partners to reach us more quickly with such concerns.”

The Saarlouis-based airborne brigade 1 with a total of about 4100 soldiers, all paratroopers of the Bundeswehr are to be summarized, was “a proof that we would be able to make such operations”, the defence Ministers. It was “a very special and agile Association”, which had already been used time and again in the past, “especially where it is important on the spot to quickly go in and react quickly”.

Paratrooper troop

In order to put their war plans into practice, the government wants to massively upgrade the German armed forces and screw up defense spending further. On the critique of the Defence Commissioner of the Bundestag Hans-Peter Bartels (SPD), according to which the army is required for major military tasks and lack of personnel, Kramp-Karrenbauer replied: “We know that we have to do more, but we are on the way.“The German army will be “realistically” 2031 in the position to take ten percent of NATO’s military capabilities. By then at the latest, the share of defense expenditure in gross domestic product should also be the two percent target of NATO.

As early as next year, Germany will approach this goal, to which the Union and the SPD have committed themselves in their coalition agreement. According to a report by the German Press Agency, the federal government has reported to the military alliance for 2020 expenditure of 50.25 billion euros. “We meet our international commitments. The NATO defense rate is 1.42 percent, " said Social Democrat Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, in yesterday’s presentation of the budget for 2020 in the Bundestag.

In the grand coalition, the SPD in particular is pushing forward the Offensive for a more independent German Foreign and power policy. A “European defence policy” was “not an Illusion,” said the former social democratic economic and foreign Minister and current Chairman of the Atlantik-Brücke, Sigmar Gabriel, on Monday in an Interview with the Germany radio.

Gabriel and Nato

However, in contrast to the recent move by French President Emmanuel Macron, he would

not unlike NATO organize, but as a complement”.“What Macron does …“if he declared NATO dead, “he said,” there is a danger that the Eastern European countries “might become even more closely bound to the US, and that will divide Europe rather than unite,” Gabriel warned. The Eastern Europeans would “not trust the European security policy”. His " council “is therefore:” of course, the European defence capability will be strengthened, but they will not build up in contrast to NATO.

In order to organize Europe under the German leadership, Gabriel pleads for an even stronger advance in the upgrading of the German armed forces in the framework of the NATO upgrade against Russia.

When talking about the two percent of the defense budget, about two percent of gross domestic product, one can say imagine in Germany to 1.5 percent, we are investing in the German army and 0.5 per cent, we invest in the NATO Fund for the defense capability in Eastern Europe.“That’s how we would” show our neighbours in Poland and the Baltic states that we are prepared to take responsibility for their security to a greater extent than the US has done so far. … A bit of Germany’s fate. We are the central power in Europe. We are the strongest country, the strongest economy.

The Nato Terror

Five years after the Federal government announced at the Munich security conference 2014, the end of military restraint can no longer hide, the ruling class, that it depends on the war and politics of the Empire and the Nazis to power. In his Adenauer speech at the end of October, German President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) described the year 1945 – and thus the fall of the Third Reich and the defeat of the war in Germany in the Second World War – as a “disaster”.