Sanctions and the effect

Putin was asked how he sees the relationship with the US and also about the sanctions. His answer is the same for all the image & co. consume a Surprise.


Mr President, How do you intend to improve relations with the United States, where can you work together and what prospects are there for reducing or abolishing sanctions?


Know about the sanctions and prospects for their repeal, you need to ask the U.S. government. We have not imposed any sanctions on ourselves, that is what the US Congress has done, ask there.

What should I point out in this context? Firstly, the sanctions have forced us to be independent in the areas of imports, where we believe that it is in our national security interests. It is a wide range of industries: agriculture, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, the defense industry. And, by and Large, we have achieved very positive results.

You know, I’m telling you honestly, now I can say it openly and also publicly: after the first sanctions were introduced, I had a certain concern. I would like to thank all my colleagues, the unknown people who work in their workplace in Industry, Production, Development and research institutes. We have taken a very great step towards strengthening our economic and technological sovereignty. In this sense, all these sanctions have even benefited our economy.

But there are of course disadvantages, and the disadvantages for all parties Involved. We’re talking billions of dollars. Let us take Europe: according to the calculations of the Europeans themselves, they have made about 50 billion losses. By the way, our losses were much lower. The same applies to the United States. The sanctions introduced by the US government in the last few years, I don’t remember how many there were, there were more than a dozen new sanctions have hit 400 U.S. companies and nearly 300 individuals. This is called the boomerang effect. They just banned something, say, the companies that wanted to work with us in the energy sector, I’ve talked about it before. Why? The US companies have invested in a specific project and then had to withdraw with losses from these projects. Who was punished here? You’ve punished yourself, you’ve shot yourself down, that’s all.

How do we build relations with the US? I think we have many common interests with the United States. The United States is a great country and we have treated the United States with respect and do the same today. We were allies twice in two World Wars. All this is our shared story and the story is positive. Of course, we want to work together in the technological field and in the economy as a whole. But you see, under President Obama – I think I mentioned it-our trade has shrunk to 20 billion. During the two years of trump’s presidency, the trade grew to $ 25 billion. Is that a lot or a little? We have 25 billion dollars with Turkey, and with an economy like the United States, there are also 25 billion dollars. Of course, that’s little.

In the economy we have common interests in the energy sector for sure. We have common interests with regard to international security, after all, Russia and the United States are the biggest nuclear powers. This is still the case today. You can’t ignore that. In the fight against terrorism, it is more bad than right, but we are still working together, at least cooperation in Syria is in progress at the operational level. In the fight against organised crime and the fight for the preservation of nature, we also have common interests.

A colleague has just mentioned that the US withdrew from the Paris agreement, but I think that was a mistake. But the logic behind it can be understood, because the restrictions that the previous US government has adopted were certainly not easy for the United States. Finally, the Paris agreement is a framework agreement, it is binding, there is nothing Binding in the agreement and the U.S. government would have been able to change their obligations under this agreement. But the current government has taken a different path.

Nevertheless, the current government must be involved in solving these problems. This is also an area for joint activities. I think it’s possible. President Trump has repeatedly said that he does not want to destroy the environment around the world, but only wants to find balanced solutions in the interests of the American economy. I think there is much to discuss here as well.

This means that we have many overlapping interests for a joint work. We are prepared to do so to the extent our American partners are.

But we can see what is happening there. Thankfully, no one is now blaming us for interfering in the elections in the United States, but it is now accused of Ukraine, but that is to be resolved among themselves. But this factor of domestic political struggle still has a negative effect on Russian-American relations, and I hope that this will stop at some point. We’re ready for this.