The World War-Sample

The military-industrial complex consisting of NATO, the Bundeswehr, the federal government and the" Ministry of defence", the defence industry and strategy developers ensure that the public as far as possible does not receive information about the fire-threatening activities. He prefers to be able to carry out his business, planning and maneuvers without public attention and without criticism and Protest. While the critical nuclear scientists have put their watch on the warning of the nuclear war on two to twelve, the air force of the German armed forces and other NATO military are testing the opening of the nuclear war. You risk the end of civilization. The peace forces will work together against the nuclear threat in the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima.

The Nato want war

This autumn, the Bundeswehr has simulated the nuclear Inferno in conjunction with other NATO"partners". The scenario for the maneuvers of the air and nuclear war on Germany. The US nuclear warheads B-61 are likely to be equipped with “Tornado” jet fighters and fly towards the target area.

This is the secret alliance exercise “Steadfast Noon”. The symbolism states that it is no longer five to twelve, but that the hour has already struck twelve.

For this purpose, the critical nuclear scientists presented their Doomsday Clock, the clock for warning of the nuclear war, on two to twelve.

Shortly before the maneuver, B-52 bombers, whose predecessors had already been used for bombardments in the Vietnam War, landed on the British base in Gloucestershire. The US Air Force's military have been dubbed a news announcement on the internet about the landing of these carrier weapons in Europe with the words: “enemy beware: Bombers are back and ready to take off".

The message clearly expresses the willingness to Inferno that threatens Europe's civilization and its population. The peace-policy spokesperson of the parliamentary group die LINKE, Kathrin Vogler, annotated:

It's totally insane what's happening. The United States, together with the German armed forces, as well as Dutch, Italian and Polish Armed Forces, is practicing how to conduct a nuclear war in Europe. If it were to happen, millions of people would die (…) It is also scandalous that the population is not informed. For example, we don't know if the Büchel nuclear bombs are flying over the Eifel during the exercise. In mid-September, I asked a small question on ‘Steadfast Noon’, which the federal government has not yet answered. What is the risk of a catastrophic accident happening here? This nuclear war exercise should be a political and military threat to Russia, makes everything worse: Steadfast Noon marks the return to the nuclear-tipped Cold war, taking us all as hostages. My answer to this is that we must abolish all nuclear weapons. The federal government must sign the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty immediately.

The former Federal President Gustav Heinemann called the nuclear weapons in his Bundestag speech against the atomic armament of the German armed forces on 25. March 1958 “vermin-killers, in which this time the man is the vermin is supposed to be”. In his opinion, he called these only” so-called weapons", since their use can mean “our all suicide”, they “are the principle abolition of all martial law, (…) the end of all achievements of Occidental culture”. His consequence was then: “self-defense with mass destruction is impossible.”

The speech of Heinemann was then directed against the plans of the CDU-Adenauer-government and its military minister Franz Josef Strauss to equip the Bundeswehr nuclear. This request led to the expansion of the peace movement, buoyed by the appeal of the göttingen professors “fight the nuclear death!". Among the authors were physicist Max Born and atomic researchers Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg and Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker. The 18 Professors made their appeal, among other things:

No natural limit is known for the development of the life-killing effect of strategic nuclear weapons. Today a tactical atomic bomb can destroy a small city with a hydrogen bomb, but a land of the size of the Ruhr area temporarily uninhabitable. By spreading radioactivity, hydrogen bombs could probably eradicate the population of the Federal Republic already today. We have no technical means of safely protecting large populations from this danger. (…(I) for a small country like Germany, we believe that it still protects itself best today and that it is still the best way of promoting world peace if it expressly and voluntarily renounces the possession of nuclear weapons of all kinds.

The official reduction of the Infernal danger, which continues to this day from an atomic escalating war, made clear the words of Chancellor Adenauer in an Interview on 5 April 1957, in which he stated that the tactical nuclear weapons were “nothing more than the further development of artillery”, and of course the Federal Republic would have to " participate in the normal armament the latest

The Anti-nuclear movement, which started at that time, resulted in the Easter March movement, and was a predecessor of the great successes of the peace movement of the 1980s, in which it was said again: “Against the nuclear threat act together!".

It is telling a lot that the military and the government carry out and approve the maneuver “Steadfast Noon” behind the veil of concealment. They have gained experience with the resistance. The peace and ecology movement are called, the statements of the enemies of life and Survival with a widening of the protest to cross.

A maneuver that endangers, allows and carries out the peaceful coexistence of people and life at all, is a scandal that also amounts to a breach of law:

An Advisory opinion of the International court of justice in The Hague from 1996 to the UN General Assembly stating that the threat of use of nuclear weapons is generally contrary to international law and against the rules of humanitarian war, international law in Particular. Where right to wrong, resistance becomes a duty if we want to survive.