The usual lies

A highlight of propagandistic deception, transparent as never before, is Germany's high-quality Press in the case of the deadly downed White Helmet founder James Le Mesurier. This article really only wanted to illuminate the brilliance of the mirror, but what the editorial network Germany has to say about it deserves a certain mention and is therefore shown in a suitable place.

It is a question of giving the founder of the Syrian White Helmet the holy sign after his death, and at the same time guiding the writing of history in the way that Putin was responsible for his death.

Three days before his death, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that Le Mesurier was a former employee of the British Secret Service, reports Der Spiegel, which probably means that the early murder of the accused had been announced. One of the really bad slander on the part of the Russian Propaganda does not include this claim, of course. After all, the German editorial network quotes The Guardian as saying that while Le Mesurier was working for a British intelligence service in Kosovo, he was working in the framework of a peace mission. Well, at odds with this is not exactly the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It then follows in the article the anthem on the life performance of the various. He had then, probably after Kosovo, worked “in the humanitarian sectors of private security firms”. This is a huge announcement. I assume that very few of us have known so far that there are “humanitarian lines” in private security firms. Good Harbor Consulting doesn't find the same thing. This is, according to Wikipedia, a named of these otherwise anonymous security firms. Good Harbor Consulting praises in its Internet self-presentation in detail its range of services under the Top topic “Cyber Security Risk Management”.

Among the many services, there is no one that could have anything to do with “Humanitarian Services”, and since the company provides all these services with 15 employees, it is extremely unlikely that there will be any other unnamed offers between the lines. Good Harbor Consulting focuses on the United Arab Emirates UAE and Yemen. This work was a good springboard for Le Mesurier to Syria, but probably more for the focus on Cyber-warfare, as for the civil protection.

The Mirror quotes under " what is known about his death?“the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency. That there is already the heading: “Le Mesurier thought of suicide before his death: Wife” finds no mention. Even the very detailed description of the statement of the wife, the Swedish Emma Hedvig Christina Winberg, which begins with:” ( … ) told police officers on Monday that her husband had recently started to take psychiatric medications and told her 15 days before his death that he thought of killing himself " does not exist for the mirror. The Anadolu Agency is known all over Le Mesurier's death, the mirror strangely nothing.

A little more honest is already the star, who knows: “his wife has testified to the police that he has recently had ‘extreme Stress’ and therefore taken sleeping pills and other medicines, reported Anadolu.“This statement comes in the Anadolu report, immediately after the above quote with the suicide intent, the has also skipped the star.

The mirror still knows “rumors” that in Le Mesurier's face “traces of a sharp object” were found, of which no one else knows anything.

If you take note that the editorial network Germany is booming by being responsible for the National contents of 50 regional daily newspapers, then a horror can, which is probably already on Germany's breakfast tables. There, that the monument would only be large enough, the White Helmets were almost posthumously selected as Nobel Peace Prize winners.

RND Propaganda

The editorial network Germany also knows about the background, which does not exist. The editorial network does not care about the fact that the editor, the BBC Journalist Mark Urban, has deleted his Tweet due to oversized fragility. It nevertheless maintains the claim of the “White Helmets “that"a state actor is suspected to be behind death”.

For what is more credible than “Nobel Peace Prize laureates”, whose credibility even with 212 alleged Assad-poison gas attacks and 115,000 people, which should have been saved by the White Helmets, no one doubts.

According to recent press reports, Le Mesurier's body is now on its way to autopsy in England. It is not easy to predict that there will be clear indications of external debt. Who else could possibly be able to enter the apartment secured by fingerprint sensor, without leaving traces of burglary and without the wife noticing anything, than Russia's Secret Service? Also clearly Russian DNA will probably be found on the fingerprint sensor.