The Fight Against Symptoms

Recently, the President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) Ronald S. Lauder in the country, to German Chancellor Angela Merkel give the Theodor Herzl medal, the highest award of the world Jewish Congress, for their efforts, the postwar promise of “Never Again!” meet. Let us not say that Schröder is responsible for the war of aggression against Yugoslavia, and her participation in the war in Syria will welcome Lauder as a fight against terrorism.

He also certainly did not have the full text of the promise “never again War!“quoted, because it was obvious to him something else: never again fascism and its consequences! And to this end, he took the opportunity in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 25 October 2019 to draw attention to a new study commissioned by the WJC, which had found a serious increase in anti-Semitism in Germany. 27 percent of all Germans and 18 percent of the German elites, whatever they are, are anti-Semitic. And he asks the justified question: “what drives this dangerous Trend?”

Israel is Appartheid

On the one hand, Lauder identifies traditional neo-Nazi anti-Semitism, the racism and hatred of which he also incites Halle's assassination. On the other hand, he sees the radical Muslim anti-Zionism, “which coincides in many areas with the traditional anti-Zionism, an extreme faction of the German Left”.

But when asked what “this new dynamic”, which “promotes hatred against Israel and all Jews, with which anti-Semitism is to be normalized in the guise of Zionism,” really drives, Lauder knows so rightly no answer.

He laments the blindness to the obvious “exclusion from public life,” the marginalization of Jewish citizens and the “lack of education”, contributes his opinion to the alarming rise of anti-Semitism.

This may be a factor in the ordinary anti-Semitism that has occurred in all European societies for decades. However, he does not explain why, in recent times, anti-Semitism appears to rise across Europe, as Lauder takes away from the study. There are also sufficient doubts about the effectiveness of increased educational efforts with the education of the history and fate of Judaism in Europe and especially in Germany. Educational bourgeoisie and the so-called elites are not immune to draft: false anti-Semitism. This has been proved by European history and now obviously also by the study of the WJC.

But when Lauder combines Muslim anti-Zionism with that of the German left as a new Form of anti-Semitism, he only touches the surface of a problem, which he does not want to go deeper into.

Anti-Zionism is not only conceptually different from anti-Semitism. And Lauder obviously knows too well that anti-Semitism has no roots in the Arab countries.

Their anti-Zionism developed only with the Jewish colonization of Palestine and intensified with the establishment of Israel and the subsequent wars until 1973.

The fact that this rejection of the Zionist taking of land became a hatred for the settlers with anti-Semitic features among many Arabs is most likely explained by the harshness and brutality of the occupation regime, which overturned the country with a system of Apartheid.

In addition, there is the total refusal of Israeli governments to accept UN resolutions and international law, which guarantees the Palestinian people a decent life in one or two states. Lauder knows that too.

He also knows that the anti-Zionism of the left follows solely from the criticism of the policy of conquest and annexation of an aggressive branch of Zionism, which dominates the official Israeli government policy. This anti-Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Whenever he threatens to turn into anti-Semitism, he is fought by the left. If Lauder nevertheless identifies this anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, so obviously because the missing arguments against anti-Zionism can only be replaced by the accusation of anti-Semitism. Not, as Lauder says, “anti-Semitism in the garment of Zionism should be normalized”, but anti-Zionism in the garment of anti-Semitism should be scandalized.

Lauder, however, should also know that the package of measures he has so much promised by Interior Minister Seehofer does not provide any means against anti-Semitism.

The protection of synagogues and Jewish institutions, the tightening of criminal law against perpetrators of anti-Semitic attacks and hate crimes, increase the penalties for Online publication of anti-Semitic hate-posts, and the removal of anti-Semites from the parties like to increase security, to combat anti-Semitism, but they are disabled.

And if he calls for the” extension of the legal Definition of anti-Semitism " in order to be able to fight it by legal means, the next study will probably only find the further increase in the percentage of anti-Semitic beliefs in Germany.

Even today, the category “Israel-related anti-Semitism” in the popular anti-Semitism definition aims at the criticism of the Israeli government, which as such has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. It is only too obvious that this extension of the Definition protects the Israeli occupation policy from criticism. However, the president of the WLC should be aware in New York of the restrictions on freedom of expression and attacks on freedom of Assembly on which this nonsense category is also used in his country.

The bans on discussion and the slogans on space, which are justified by the accusation of anti-Semitism, are increasingly employing the courts and creating a climate of intimidation, which is already compared with McCarthyism in the US.

The demand for more education is a disgrace. For they hide only laboriously that the growing anti-Zionism is connected with the increasing radicality and aggressiveness of the occupying policy. The definitive refusal of all Israeli governments to put an end to the occupation and annexation policies has penalized their simultaneous commitment to a two - state solution and has taken away all credibility from governments.

Who are these criticisms, and the various forms of public Expression, whether it is trying to delegitimize by the Free-Gaza flotilla, or the BDS movement, as forms of anti-Semitism, creates only two problems. He will have to register a steady increase in anti-Semitism until the occupation policy has ended and the Palestinians have received what the Jews have been having since 1948, a viable state based on their right to self-determination. And if he still refuses to recognize the occupation and persistent disregard of international law as an essential reason for global anti-Semitism, he will never find an answer to the question: “What do you do about it?”

Unfortunately, it is an enduring feature of the blindness of the lawsuit over the rising anti-Semitism that it does not dare to look for the causes in Israeli politics. This is not due, for example, to the attempts to prevent the so-called Anti-Germans from going into the grotesque, but to the official taboo of Jerusalem's politics for fear of being branded as an anti-Semite.

Otherwise, it would also be under pressure to be more effective and uncompromising in the end of the occupation and the rights of the Palestinians. One may call it cowardice or the necessary restraint which the German history territory, it is a heritage of this nonsense history.

The reluctance to force Israeli policy to abide by the UN Charter, which it signed when it was included in the UN, to give peace and to grant the Palestinians the rights that they themselves avail themselves of, is a sign that, despite all the speeches of remembrance, rituals and reprisals, this unfortunate history is far from being accepted and worked up. Germany has yet “not really resolved its difficult past”, as Lauder suspects. As long as this is not possible, the fight against anti-Semitism will not succeed.