The China Expert

Adrian Zenz is currently the mega-source for all media. From Print media, Radio to television. The active China Bashing is made not only by the United States of the desolate. Opening the door is enough.

Mr Zenz is the protector of the Uighurs, a Muslim people in China who are probably subjected to repression. Zenz was not the voice of the 4 million dead Muslims that the West has slaughtered since the war on Terror. That certainly did not fit into one's own worldview. The resume makes it understandable that others are the bad guys, but not the fine Christian West.

Who is Adrian Zenz? The day-to-day show is quite straightforward when it comes to the presentation of its “China expert”. Zenz “is regarded worldwide as a renowned expert on the Situation of Muslims in China. Zenz lives and works in the United States of America.“Of course, that sounds serious. But where did the “world renowned expert” actually work exactly? According to the science database ORCID, Zenz is active at the European School of Culture and Theology in Korntal, Baden-Württemberg. The very least of them will have heard of this school so far and that is understandable. The TRUST belongs to the Academy for world mission, a rather peripheral Evangelical educational institution, which is closely associated with the also in Korntal-established Association of Evangelical missions, including the Evangelical “Chinese mission community”. The FAZ compared to Zenz describes themselves as “deeply religious,” and speaks of a “vocation”, and that God had directed him there, on a “prepared way”.

According to his own entry at “Academia", Zenz is also working at Columbia International University, where he oversees the doctoral students of the Korntaler ESCT. PhD students from a private evangelical school at Columbia University? Yes, because Columbia International University is not to be confused with the prestigious New York Columbia University, but a dubious evangelical Bible School in Columbia, South Carolina. Their “doctorates” to be reached online are probably to be assessed rather than as a bizarre rather than as a “renowned science”. By the way, compared to the FAZ, Zenz has indicated that he does not earn his money as a scientist, but as a “freelancer in the IT industry”. His studies in China are probably more of a Hobby, which he pursues in his spare time. This scientific background is not particularly renowned. That all sounds more like a religiously guided hobby scientist.

Zenz's reputation comes from a completely different source. Adrian Zenz is Additionally “Senior Fellow” for China Studies at a dubious Think Tank called “Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation”. In this function, thanks to his extreme statements on Chinese politics, he got into a citing cartel of right-wing and transatlantic Think Tanks. This is obviously sufficient for the Newsreel to be regarded as a” world-renowned expert”.

Who or what is “Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation”? This is a Think Tank that has set itself the task of freeing the “free world” from the “false hopes of communism”. VOC emerged from the anti-communist factions around McCarthy's Committee for un-American deterrence and the reactionary factions built upon it that were installed around the intelligence services in the Cold War era. VOC was founded in 1993 by the Cold Warriors Lev Dobriansky, Lee Ewards, Grover Norquist and Zbignew Brzezinski. The current Chairman Lee Edwards was formerly the Chiang Kai-shek, close to the standing Committee for a Free China and founder of the American Department of the World Anti-Communist League, an extreme right-wing international, also of Chiang Kai-shek initiated anti-Communist League, which included, among other things, so “illustrious” persons, such as Otto Skorzeny (Waffen-SS, Organisation of former SS members), Ante Pavelić (ustasha of Croatia) and [numerous](https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-YAnJOkt3G0B4uEGh/Scott+&+Jon+Lee+Anderson+-+Inside+the+League+(1986%29_djvu.txt “Full text of “Scott & Jon Lee Anderson - Inside the League”) commander-in-chief of the Latin American death squads attached.

VOC's adviser is John K. Singlaub, a 98-year-old former Major General of the U.S. Army, who is one of the founders of the CIA and has led the CIA operations in the Chinese civil war. In 1977, Singlaub had to resign after publicly criticizing President Carter's announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea. After that, he founded the “Western Goals Foundation” with like-minded people, a private intelligence service that organized the arms deliveries to the extreme right-wing Contras in Nicaragua during the Iran-Contra affair. The “Western Goals Foundation” was described by one former member as “a collection of Nazis, fascists, anti-Semites, malicious racists and corrupt egotists”. ^ “The World Anti-Communist League”. By the way, the United States Council for World Freedom was founded with financial help from the reactionary government of Taiwan – on board was also Lev Dobriansky, the co-founder of VOC.

Who financed the VOC today, remains in the Dark. The right-wing Think Tank lives on anonymous million grants and appears mainly as a keyword for the think Tanks related to the military-industrial complex, when they once again need ammunition against the left-wing governments in South America or even against China. Is a serious, scientific analysis of Chinese politics to be expected from this environment?

Adrian Zenz, according to his own data, was once in the province of Xinjiang – 2007 as a Tourist. For his studies, he has explored freely accessible internet sources, such as calls for tenders and job offers from the Chinese government in the province of Xinjiang, and then, on this Basis, has established estimates of the extent of internees in Chinese re-education camps. Compared to the FAZ, he describes these estimates as “speculative”.

Of course, all these background information does not say that there are no re-education camps in the province of Xinjiang. The number of “one Million inmates” who are sent by our media via the “expert” Cenz is, however, more than questionable and like an internet researcher like Cenz, who has not been in the Region for 12 years, wants to make reliable statements on Details, is also a mystery.

Of course, the media are also happy to report critically on the suppression of the Uighurs in the province of Xinjiang. However, whether it serves the credibility of relying on such dubious “experts” is questionable. Anything other than questionable the Concealment of the background of the “experts” Zenz, however, is. Because if the audience and readers do not know this background, they can not make their own picture about the seriousness of the statements and information. But you're not supposed to. This is how opinion-making works.