Peace is war

The federal government is peace-oriented, guided by humanitarian human Rightsand the UN Charter. The success is strengthened by the print media, and the Public Propaganda Showns.

If it is for the power and the economic elites, then the German government is ready for any murder. Then Merkel likes to pay a visit to the hated Trump, after all, they all love each other at the end.

The public law are true to its own line and see themselves as the press Department of the leading policy in the country, even if falsehoods are proclaimed. The “accepted journalistic principles”, made from the broadcasting State treaty to the standard of reporting, are warped from the Newsreel reality according to unknown. Even the speech bubbles of a pubertal purulent late Konfirmanden in the Foreign Office are clubbed into the audience without distance and without criticism, statements even issued as facts.

Research, truth and the Position of two sides does not take place. Troll Maas was allowed to blubber without consequence at a press conference:

It affects our security interests in an elementary way. (…) We believe that Russia can save the treaty

The daily show came up with the idea to say, the Moment, Russia has introduced the maintenance of the INF Treaty in the UN security Council, this project was however blocked by the US and its NATO verse, all without discussion. Merkel's hypocrisy Germany even ran ahead.

The fact that Germany's Nato Troll Maas accused Russia of failing is a hallmark of German foreign policy. Their chief has not yet made a single successful contribution to a peace-promoting international conflict resolution. But our government expresses its determination to take “more responsibility” worldwide.

Where Germany is then actually trying, as in Ukraine, since Germany is making a mess. Is the have are we the 1940 years, anti-Russian stance, a politician of the apes for Germany took the word race, sub-human, etc. in the mouth, because diplomacy can't work. Only Russia at the Moment has a functioning diplomatic foreign policy and is able to end the war after Syria also in Ukraine.

In lightning thunderstorms, the will for peace and the readiness for disarmament is hyped while being sabotaged behind the scenes. How does this fit with a transparent democracy? For a long time, Germany is no longer just the soulful companion in the wolf pack of the “Western values community”. The characters are on a new self-confidence to put more and more responsibility militarily. 45 countries shot 800 “communications satellites” into space. Most of it belongs Of course Hitler 2.0 also known as USA. Few are exclusively military, most are of double benefit. It offers good services to the people and the military. The Bundeswehr is present with the satellites in space.

The war in space costs the taxpayer a billion euros, how this kind of armor is to reconcile with the Basic Law => Defense remains a Rätzel. As the conquest fantasies of Germany look like nobody learns, and the “journalists” who contribute to the ignorance and the worship of the peaceful Merkel.

With its military use of space, the federal government is already violating the call of the United Nations General Assembly, which, by Resolution a 51/123, strongly appealed to “all states, in particular the leading space nations, to” actively contribute to the goal of preventing an arms race in outer space". This Resolution, entitled ‘International Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of outer space’, of 13 December 1996, approved Germany.

The German foreign policy is hypocritical, as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proves to be double-minded. At the end of June, boldly, at a ministerial meeting, he claimed that his aggressive terrorist organization was not about “militarizing space.“But that's what it's all about. The US and NATO are pursuing space strategy upgrades. They want the possibility of war by attacking satellites or using weapons in space.

Are you dealing with attack or defense? With the naked eye is from the Earth not detectable, who is more popped up on Aggression and who more on Defensive. But any thoughtful who avails himself of his mind, it can be justified conjecture. It only requires a reconsideration of what superpower has ridden most Wars.

The main thing, the Newsreel is offered a pop dance, which you can pick up to the enemy:

NATO representatives point out that China and Russia have tested the possibilities for interference or destruction of satellites. In October 2017, a Russian satellite was remarkably close to a French-Italian satellite for military communication. Paris then accused Moscow of espionage.

Years ago, the truth was another. NATO is a driving force in the armament of Outer Space, Russia and China only react to this threat, according to the federal government in 2003.

The only remaining superpower is the USA …. challenged at all levels…. respond. They therefore set out, through their new security policy concepts and objectives, as well as their actions, the contents and pace of new developments that the other states are confronted with.

Today, on the other hand, Heiko Maas only works as a chief large flap:

In April, when we took over the presidency of the United Nations Security Council, we also ensured that the issue of nuclear arms control was on the Security Council's agenda for the first time after seven years.

What do you think of mother earth, what would become of our future, if we had our Heiko? The pure Grey:

What sometimes sounds like Science Fiction, has long since become reality: supersonic weapons, Killer robots, or the militarization of space. The question of whether we are threatened not only by Megabombs, but also by Megabytes and everything (sic) that one can do with it. Our aim is to launch once again an international debate on how arms control could look like in the 21st century.

Fortunately, we have the all-round genius Maas. Otherwise, perhaps we would not immediately notice how we are being loaded and how naive our belief in collective security is-in this association of aggressive NATO egoists and commanders of the military-industrial complex.

How beautiful: Maas called for a reduction of nuclear warheads in the UN Security Council. A Window to speak of. Free from any new thought, a real windy. What he asked for, Russia had already proposed a long time ago: namely first of all to extend the contract “New START” by 5 years until 2021. Washington, however, has not yet decided. A decision will not be taken until February 2020.

On the childish profiling attempts of the German minister of foreign affairs no one gives anything to the UN. But Maas is no one for the international audience, but is the press secretary of the terrorist organization NATO at the suspicious and war-torn home front. For these businesses in Germany there are Maas and the Daily News.

When it came to the alleged commitment to Peace trick the Troll in New York and joined the Phalanx of Western arms, supporters and Bellizisten. Russia had tabled a Resolution on 5 November 2019 entitled “measures to prevent an arms race in outer space”. She demands that “… Continue efforts to prevent the arms race, including the use of weapons in outer space, in order to maintain international peace and strengthen global security”.

124 States, an overwhelming majority, supported this Resolution. 40 countries, including the USA, Israel, Germany, France and a number of other European countries voted against it.

It goes without saying that the Daily News shed this message. The leaders in the leading German media shut up. The Resolution does not fit in her image of the “evil Russians”. Alternative media addressed the issue.

very simple reason, that is, because it contained a comment on one of the experts in the expert panel, which, in our view, was completely inappropriate and inappropriate. A side swipe, a personal attack that, in our view, was not justified and had nothing to look for in this Resolution.

The speaker does not say what the comment was. The fits to the Maas and his Berlin Entourage: An unjustified perceived comment against an expert, a trifle, is this Minister more important than the thing itself, namely, the prevention of further arms race in outer space, as the overwhelming majority of the UN member States, desired and intended.

Alternatively, the government is decorated with foreign feathers. In its annual disarmament report of 10 July 2019, it states: “the positive assessment of 2018 includes that in October 2018, under German coordination, an agreement was reached by all states parties on the resumption of regular observation flights for the year 2019.”

It was just not a German, but an OSCE project.

A further” tangible success “is attributed to the political actors in the efforts to” worldwide control of small arms”, although there are no effective and binding regulations. Instead, the report is riddled with Noble declarations of intent. They contrast with the federal government's efforts to constantly increase military spending; with the current annual rate of 50 billion US dollars, Germany is ranked 8th in the world, just behind Russia (65 billion US dollars, 6th place). The US is the leader with approximately $ 700 billion.

The Troll of foreign ministers does not lose a single warning or critical word about this.

There is no trace of peacefulness, as demonstrated by the ruthless German export of arms; even warring parties and crisis areas are delivered. By the end of September, export licences had risen by 75 per cent year-on-year to 6.35 billion euros. As a result, the export volume is approaching the previous record values from the years 2015 and 2016 of 7.86 and 6.85 billion euros, respectively.

Germany's democracy is defended wherever German weapons are used?

ARD-aktuell has reported on the aggressiveness though, but not in the main TV programs, but completely hidden on tagesschau.de in the morning at 5:00.

The popularity values of politicians, which are regularly published, show how perfectly the German foreign ministers manage to express themselves in the media as a peace Apostle. The demoscopic mischief, thought for conditioning the mass taste, is already a Tradition. He has proven himself as a narcotic of individual judgment: the respective foreign minister receives high recognition, even if there is no objective reason. This has not changed since war criminals “Joschka” Fischer's high-altitude flights on the shabby popularity scale.

As a rule, the victims of the poll, who were hit by opinion researchers, do not have a sound knowledge of the activities of a foreign minister and of his diplomatic staff. Solid Information will be withheld from you on the media side. Ergo, you cannot give a factual judgment. This is all the more reason why they are more willing to give up their own opinion on what the state-run media have done to them. Influenced by German self-righteousness, “We are Good”!

Only in this way can an external minister, despite wrong decisions and incompetence, stay at the top of the popularity scale, usually right behind Chancellor Merkel. Heiko Maas it was first reserved to initiate the turnaround in the trend. The number of those who are" satisfied with his work " decreases. His reputation has also declined significantly according to the last ZDF survey.

Which foreign “influencers” have their fingers in the game, can be guessed. Contrary to what Maas once tried to do right, he is accused of, but not, because he also did not fail: seeking compromise in the dispute over the nuclear deal with Iran, instead of the usual unrestricted support for Israel.

He is also accused of publicly denouncing his internal Coalition conflicts. The Greens complain that Europe is suffering from German “leadership weakness”, that an EU military mission does not always need a mandate from the UN Security Council. What has it done to international law?

It would have deserved verbal beating in the Foreign Office for completely different reasons than those accused of being accused of right-wing and NATO corner. At the moment, he has missed the Chance to stand up against the brute interference of the US in South America and for the respect of the UN Charter.

Instead, he cheered in front of the fascist-killed Brazilian blast Jair Bolsonaro and even dropped their trifles in connection with the fires on the Amazon. He was the first president of the United States to be elected as president of the United States, and was the first president of the United States to be elected as president of the United States by the U.S. State Department and the CIA, while the democratically elected Nicolás Maduro was still in office.

Even more preposterous is the handling of German foreign policy and the media, with the President Evo Morales and the coup d'état in Bolivia. The man is slipped out of office and was just in time on an adventurous Route to be flown by the Mexican Air Force to asylum. The Daily News, however, seems to her audience that Morales had not been overthrown by force, but had resigned and fled under the pressure of the masses, but on his own decision.

In such subtly falsifying News Design, the incomprehensible fact that the poor and mostly indigenous population of Bolivia is defending themselves against Homicide and fire attacks, while the rich white Elite is one of the Hievt their presidential office and a unopposed, racist fascist at all previous elections, the systematic Maidanization according to known US recipe operates. Nine dead reported tagesschau.de on 17 November at noon, even though South American media had long since reported officially confirmed 23 deaths. In fact, much more victims were to be feared.

Is our great peace campaigner and foreign minister protesting?

No. Even if he has to take note that the Bolivian Congress has condemned Morales detachment as a coup d'état, the him pressed resignation not accepted, and his office has confirmed? Even if he hears, that this Congress does not want to accept the seizure of power by a self-proclaimed transitional President? Assigned our top politicians Maas submit once, his Ambassador Stefan Twin, the coup in La Paz, Germany's dismay about the colonialist return to the feudalism of the money aristocracy and the bloodshed?

Not the track. The coup against a socialist in Bolivia cannot shake a Maas. It's all about access to our Lithium in Bolivia! The indigenous people themselves were part of the Morales after he had approved one or the other Lithium project.

The new, arbitrarily appointed Bolivian cabinet is continuously white and Indigenous-free. This, of course, guarantees further fighting. The Federal Republic of Germany, with its party foundations and aid institutions, is one of the uncontested co-debtors in addition to the United States.

Indigenous Population Groups … Their ability to fully participate in a sustainable development-oriented approach to their country has so far been limited due to economic, social and historical factors. (Agenda 21, Ch. 26)

Maas is also strengthening his back against the reactionary Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, who has been brutally fought mass demonstrations against and his fascist billionaire Clique for weeks. Chile's billionaires have the power to dispose of enormous copper deposits, which were still under state control at the time of socialist President Salvador Allende.

Meanwhile, Heiko Maas has formally recognized the coup President of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, as “interim president”. As already after the ridiculous and rapid “recognition” of the coupist Guaidó, the scientific service of the Bundestag should attest to the Minister even in the new case a clear violation of international law.

But that doesn't bother Maas. He knows Chancellor Merkel and US President Trump behind him, because it does not need consideration of the UN Charter. Áñez expressed his gratitude in Berlin and issued a decree to her Bolivian army to license them to murder. In" restoration of internal order", the military were"exempt from criminal responsibility". This, too, obviously does not disturb our Berlin Regime.

This is the social Heiko. This is how they are, these governing special Democrats: a pact with the white elites always give preference to the right-wing approach to people-bound and people-elected presidents. A Maas knows what to expect from him at home: that “Germany finally takes responsibility”. Perhaps with “hard military policy instead of usual Softpower”.

Obviously, not even a Maas is destructive enough for our German plutocrats and does not do justice to their desire for ruthless power politics, pressure and global influence. The fact that he is now “written down” has earned him, but not for these shameful reactionary reasons, but because he is patently opportunistic, chaotic and irresponsible politics to answer.

It is striking that the criticism of the corporate media exclusively adheres to Maas, while Chancellor Merkel once again remains spared. It is that at the end of the Grand coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD and the Merkel-Union springs has to leave, but the SPD with your disenchanted political Kasper Heiko Maas.

Poor Germany! Gloomy prospects of a government that wants to fluffed moralises like the Bathing in the Catholic rectory and “more responsibility”, a popular phrase power-hungry militarists and arms suppliers. There's something coming up for us. However, the Newsreel will give it to its audience as a patriotic nationalism. Paternal blasts make reactionary relapses always impression, be it when exporting weapons, when breathing life in Mali or when complicity in war crimes in Syria.

Peace policy? Don't pay. Basta! Even if the majority of the population still wants it so much. Where would we go if it were this majority?

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