German Imperialism

It is already a phenomenon: at the same time as the festivities to what was called exuberant reunification, the federal government fetches the stick out of the bag and demonstrates with public swearing of recruits and accompanying speeches that it now wants to make what the former war opponents feared so much during German reunification, namely Germany as an economic as military leadership nation.

The declaration of war to the population

In particular, two women are on tour with this claim at the time. On the one hand, the former Diva von der Leyen Cannon, who is now speaking as president of the European Commission, is saying that Europe must show muscles in order to enforce its interests. Germany and Europe are congruent.

On the other hand, the new minister of Defence, Mrs Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, formulated the claim to dominate military again at the swearing ceremony in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin, excluding the public, which explicitly underscored the claim that the Bundeswehr is in the centre of society. To say that of a professional army is already bold to do that in a military-protected area is frivolous.

At the Berlin event, the local Messiah of economic liberalism, Wolfgang Schäuble, could not be missed, explains itself. He already held his protective Hand over the Leyen dictator and he won’t let Kramp-Karrenbauer out of sight for a second, because he wants to help the corrupt, neoliberal and American enemy of democracy Merz to further influence.

In speeches that call for Germany’s greater military involvement in the world, the democratic values that are at stake in promoting a mandate of “robust operations” are always a declaration of war for its own people. There, the ideological war is to be linked to the hot, military and everything will be about. The Christian-Democratic Soldateska seems to be ready to do so and the social-liberal coalition parties are involved in the vehicles of troop transport.

It is no different to interpret evidence clearly documenting that economic interests dominate international law, one of those values that seeks, but in many cases itself is ignored.

Oil, Lithium, and natural gas as a motive

After having spoken out for the support of the coupist Juan Guaído in Venezuela, even and especially at the Federal Foreign Office, and having diplomatically supported all the actions resulting from the overthrow of the legitimate government, this scenario is being repeated at the moment in the case of Bolivia. It is argued with the democratic values that actually play a role in the case of Venezuela and Bolivia, but which, if international law is taken seriously, can only be described by internal processes.

Bundesadler mit Stahlhelm: Bundes Wer?

The fact that Venezuela has immense oil resources and in Bolivia both Lithium and natural gas maneuver is not only evidence, but tangible motives.

The interesting but logical counterpart is the recent events in Chile, which is currently in danger of being shattered by the structures created by the Pinochet coup. However, where five families own and govern the country, the federal government does not come up with the idea of seeking democratic values. There is international law and it is an internal matter. International law as a propaganda Tool – that would then also be clarified.

Imperialism 4.0

Remains a temporal gap to initiate clarification processes. Between the dream of robust military operations and their ability to perform them successfully, the state of the armed forces, whether or not the same with the disaster reports is now correctly described, is far below the potency required to trigger cheers again in their own country. And, let’s not pretend, should this succeed, then the reservations against a German imperialism 4.0 are no longer so great.