Julian Assange is a Journalist

On November 2, The International Day for the termination of impunity against journalists was held. On the occasion of this day, the Secretary-General of the United Nations called on all of us to fight for truth and Justice. This also applies in particular to all those whose professional self-image is that of a journalist. State-sanctioned crimes against journalists can hardly be more symbolized these days than with the name of Australian journalist Julian Assange.

Julian Assange

UN Secretary-General António Guterres: statement on the International day to end impunity for crimes against journalists:

Freedom of expression and free media are essential to promote understanding, strengthen democracy, and our efforts to achieve the goals for sustainable development.

In recent years, however, the scale and number of attacks on journalists and media workers has increased, and there have been more and more incidents affecting their ability to carry out their vital work. These incidents included threats of law enforcement, arrests, detention, denial of access and failure to investigate and prosecute crimes against journalists.

The proportion of women among victims of death has also risen, and journalists are increasingly exposed to gender-based violence, such as sexual harassment, sexual assault and threats.

When journalists are targeted, the company as a whole pays the price. If we are unable to protect journalists, we are hardly able to stay informed and contribute to decision-making. Without journalists who are able to do their work in safety, there is the danger of disinformation and confusion.

On this International Day to end impunity for crimes against journalists, let us work together for journalists, the truth and Justice. (unric.org)

One of the most striking features of true journalism is the courage to power. It is the courage to reveal the abuse by this power. By Julian Assange and his colleagues at WikiLeaks war crimes were uncovered, which the leader of the self-proclaimed Western community of values has to answer. For this courage, Assange is now paying an extremely high price. It is time for the Journaille to break out of her anxiety and realize that the attack on Assange is also an attack on herself.

The truth has been raped

A bit of hope in me was that the ARD-Tageschau, which eventually claims journalism for itself, at least points to this day. It wasn’t like that! Perhaps because the reference to this day without the inclusion of the case Assange would have been incredible?

The European Union has issued a similar opinion:

The EU provides support and legal assistance through its funded protection mechanism for vulnerable human rights defenders. This mechanism can be quickly activated when human rights defenders are in danger. … In 2019, the European Commission raised funds of more than EUR 8 million. in addition, the commission has provided € 5 million for projects to promote quality journalism, cross-border cooperation between media professionals and self-regulatory bodies, as well as for financing cross-border investigative journalism and the protection of journalists at risk. (EU COUNCIL)

You can, of course, fight his dissonance and, in the spirit of those who simply want to destroy Assange, argue that Assange would not be an investigative Journalist. The next chill-out will then make a statement: persecuted investigative journalists are only present in dictatorships and autocratic states – and the world is right again. If, however, the term “investigative Journalist” does not apply to Assange, then it is nothing more than an empty, well-known word sleeve.

I love Wiki Leaks

The ARD-Tagesschau has not prefer to be in the nettles, and therefore the above statement of the EU published or even discussed. This was not what the broadcasting format did with regard to the statement of the German Federal Foreign Office, which was well received:

Journalists need an environment in which you are able to work in safety, without fear of harassment, intimidation, political pressure, censorship, and persecution. Legal systems must protect media houses and journalists around the world, so that they can carry out their work in complete independence.

In times when the targeted dissemination of disinformation by both state and non-state actors seems to be increasing, the independence of critical journalists needs to be strengthened and their security guaranteed. Democracy cannot live without free, diverse and independent media, they are the cornerstone of any democratic society. (Federal Foreign Office)

But people like Chelsea Mannings and Julian Assange or whistleblowers like Edward Snowden can already rejoice when the German government fills their words with life. As much as I know, none of them went to a journalism school. Only this is not the key to being a Journalist.

Die Auslieferung von Julian Assange an die US-Justizbehörden wird nicht lange auf sich warten lassen.

Elsewhere, the ARD da was much more “courageous”: however, it was about a recognized member of the” public moral Court”, employed by the Springer group. In Deniz Yücel, there was no need to show a flag. Although it was a question of showing solidarity with journalists detained in Russia, the moral blow-up was about to burst. But courage is necessary and convenient when swimming together in the outrage sump soaked by morality. draft: false

But with the Hegemon, as an embedded Journalist, you don’t even volunteer at all – unless it’s about the Trump group. The intellectual penetration of the connected participants is, after all, the very practical purpose of a decades-built and well-maintained transatlantic network.