Nato is brain dead

The interview of Bankster Macron with The Economist was also a topic in the program “news of the week” of Russian television. The reaction of the commentator is interesting, which is why I would like to translate the post here.

The British magazine The Economist published an Interview with President Emmanuel Macron, who provided a flood of comments on both sides of the Atlantic. Macron’s most dazzling quote is the diagnosis of Nato’s brain death. Macron not only wrote a Tweet but also explained his idea to the British. While NATO and Europe are concerned with money and markets, they have lost a common idea and a common goal.

“The market is not a community. The community is something stronger: it implies elements of solidarity, a certain unity that we have lost, and political thinking, " Macron said.

America has only milked Europe and demanded more and more money for its weapons and otherwise turned away from the Old World.

“This is the first Time that we have to do it with a President of the United States who does not share our idea of a European project with American policy, which is in contradiction to this project. We are now seeing the consequences in Syria: the guarantor of last resort, the shield that has made Europe stronger, no longer maintains its previous relations with Europe,” Macron said.

Europe itself is in an unprecedented crisis. “In Europe there is a division between the North and the south on economic issues, and between East and West on migration issues, which has led to an increase in populism across Europe. These two crises, the economy and Migration, have put a particularly serious blow to the middle class. If we do not wake up, we will be exposed to a considerable risk of simply disappearing geopolitical in the long term, or at least cease to be the master of our own destiny. I am deeply convinced of this,” Macron said. draft: false

Macron has already expressed this idea of the end of the world for Europe, but now it is Macron’s increasingly persistent leitmotif. Recently, he said that an Alliance with Russia could be the saving Element. Well, what should I say? That’s what we see. But Macron’s weakness is that he has no Plan. He doesn’t know how to approach the dream, and he doesn’t have many allies. Maybe because he has no Plan, but only a dream? Macron makes diagnoses without hesitation.

“In my opinion, what we now see can be called the brain death of NATO. We must maintain a sober understanding of what is happening. There is no coordination between the United States and its NATO allies. We see uncoordinated, aggressive actions by another NATO ally, Turkey, in the area where our interests are at stake. There is no planning, no agreement with NATO. There was not even an attempt on the part of NATO, to resolve this conflict,” said the French President.

Macron is right. He was not asked. And what about other NATO member states if the United States does not even negotiate with France, the only nuclear power of the North Atlantic bloc on the European continent? Macron needs a Plan.