The Russian TV about the fall of the wall

In Russia, the fall of the Berlin Wall is just as important as in Germany itself. Many Russians have experienced the GDR as a soldier. The Russians were also taken by a euphoria of political change and were just as disappointed. It is interesting to see how Russia has recovered economically and politically, seeing this past today. For this reason I translated the contribution of Russian television.

November 9 was an important date in Germany: 30 years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. And in 1990, East and West Germany came together under the Motto " We are a people!“again United, which were separated since the end of World War II. Britain and France, represented by Thatcher and Mitterrand, were actively opposed. But the USSR was. At that time, 30 years ago, there were many plans and hopes, especially among the people of eastern Germany. Not all have come true.

Germany celebrates the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall as well as the 20th and 25th anniversary. George Bush and Helmut Kohl have disappeared, but posters all over the city remind of the horrors of the totalitarian regime. The Chancellor is the same. But the mood has changed: The confidence that the victory of the liberal values that is irreversible, that with the fall of communism, the end of the story came, is lost.

In addition, the Germans have experienced in the last five years that the historical Episode of the third unification of Germany is not over. On the contrary, the Germans differ by ownership and social relations in East and West.

Merkel was on the day with high guests to the remnants of the Berlin Wall: look at the evil that we have won together!

“I remind everyone who was killed by this wall. They were looking for freedom. I also remind you of the 75,000 convicted for trying to escape from your country. I recall those who have suffered from Repression because their relatives have fled and those who have been accused of espionage and who have been convicted of it, " said the Chancellor.

Great that this is over. At least for the Germans. Now, in other places in the world, thousands of people are detained without trial in secret prisons, they are frightened with dogs, tortured by sleep deprivation and by Waterboarding. And in Germany today every Smartphone replaces an entire Stasi Brigade.

But political holidays are needed to convince one’s own people of the correctness of the political course. Especially now, when people completely incomprehensible doubts about the politics of elections for” the wrong " vote.

“In the last elections in Thuringia, the Alternative for Germany, a right-wing extremist party, and the left-wing extremist left party together received more than 50 percent of the votes, while the traditional parties together received less than 40 percent of the votes. I think this Trend can also be observed in other Länder. One wonders: why is this so? It seems to me that the East Germans expected something completely different from the unification of Germany, " said political scientist Alexander Rahr.

The inner cities became more beautiful, telephone communication and sewerage became better, highways were repaired, prostitutes now have a union, but only a few of the 8000,000 East German companies survived. The destruction caused by Western capital in East German industry was called the” largest slaughterhouse " in Europe. The Left and the Alternative for Germany have nothing in common, but the reason for their success is the same.

“The eastern economy has been reformed in favour of the West. West German companies and corporations came because they could buy GDR companies for a Mark. The unit is still made: In the East of the country, you get less money for the same work. The same lifetime brings in the West a higher pension, " said Gregor Gysi, lawyer and member of the Left party.

“Any colonialist coming to a developing country to exploit labor and resources will tell you that he only wants to help. The largest German companies do not even have offices in the East. When a branch is opened, it is run by Westerners. Imagine, a specialist in the East earns less than a craftsman in the West,” said Jürgen Paul, member of the Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany.

The crisis of the classical bourgeois parties in Germany, CDU and SPD, reflects a major process that has taken hold of the neoconservative and neoliberal elites of the West. Since the fall of the wall they were all headed by Brzezinski’s prediction that the new world order will be built on the rubble of Russia. draft: false

This did not work, although they were very close to the target. So they had to change the concept, although this is also exaggerated: because there was no competition between the systems, which could have produced new ideas, there was no concept. It ran out on banal robberies: Iraq, Syria, Ukraine. Now they are looking for growth reserves in trade wars with each other. New walls are being built: the Brexit is a wall. In the middle of the month, Trump will decide whether he wants to burden German cars with customs duties, that would be very bad for Germany. But so is the state of affairs in the world economy. She has come to the point where it is true: you die today and tomorrow I die.

“What we see is the brain death of NATO. We must maintain a sober understanding of what is happening. And here our tasks at the military and strategic level are all the more important. Firstly, European defence: Europe must become independent in the field of military strategy and military capabilities,” Macron said.

The French military-industrial complex could make good money with the equipment of a European army, but that does not change the core problem. The United States, at the heart of the Nato bloc, no longer cares about the interests of its satellites. On the contrary, they are beginning to demand returns, but at the same time NATO remains the main instrument of American influence in Europe. Incomprehensible, but so it is at the Moment.

US Secretary of State Pompeo was in Germany. His escort of forty armored vehicles, American military units, soldiers, and tanks were seen on all German TV channels. That’s why he came. He brought with him a monument of reaction that had asked Gorbachev to tear down the wall. You put it on the roof of the Embassy, because the Berlin authorities found no place for it. The fact that he is badly visible from the street is a disadvantage, but tourists will at least not rub the nose of the president, which is an advantage.

“The day the demolition of the wall began, Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl called President Bush and said:” this day would never have come without the United States, " said Pompeo.

Remember that when you forget, the United States becomes evil. And so it is, without Exaggeration: Everything that is today’s Germany, to its Constitution, is the result of foreign influences. And it is not even clear whether democracy fits the Germans. It was in the GDR and the FRG was always under the strict tutelage of American and under the conditions of a rigid ideological confrontation with the West. A German democracy only existed from 1919 to 1933, and ended with the Nazi-dictatorship.

When the first signs of a systemic crisis of liberal ideas and transatlantic ideology appeared in the 21st century, the Germans began to vote for the” Alternative”. In ten years ' time, a brightly lit stage will be set in front of the Brandenburg Gate, but the mood on the holiday will probably be different. And certainly there will be another Chancellor.