BRICS Meeting and all be calm

It is amazing that the German media reports Make no mention of any on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Yes, there is a world outside of Western Europe and North America. A world that represents more people and brings together a higher GDP. But the court press does not want to show this Alternative, that criminals in Hong Kong dismantle the city fits here more in the enemy image West vs. Other!

BRICS Leaders

So I report about it and translate the contribution of Russian television.

Last week, the world’s media attention was focused on Latin America. It is not only the change of power in Bolivia the only issue. Brazil hosted the BRICS summit. The BRICS countries have been coordinating their positions in the areas of economy and finance, humanitarian aid and social affairs for more than 10 years. Their positions in international politics are almost identical. The BRICS have overtaken the G7 countries in terms of GDP to 12%. There has been an influential force that those who still believe the world is unipolar have to reckon with.

An army of reporters is preparing to fight for the best pictures. In the BRICS, there are no leading countries. The straightness of the same can be seen at the photo appointment. At first, the leaders of China and South Africa stood at the edge and then exchanged seats with the leaders of Russia and India at the direction of protocol officials.

In addition to the participating countries, the press from North America, Europe and Asia is also accredited for the Forum. An impressive Delegation came from Japan. “The BRICS countries should play a leading role in the UN with more Initiative,” Putin said. On the BRICS summit, Russia and China, criticized the American protectionism: “The BRICS countries have reduced their dependence on the Dollar and use national currencies in their trade agreements.”

“You see what’s going on in the economy, just look at the Numbers! This year, the BRICS states have already overtaken the G7 in terms of GDP by purchasing power parity. No one can ignore this. The BRICS are a real and significant factor in world politics and their importance will increase”, - said Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President is driving in his Russian Aurus Limousine. The president of the people’s Republic of China also brought with him his Chinese Limousine “red Banner”. The natives are filming the heads of State cars, they are interested in what the cars are fueling overseas. In Brazil, the most important fuel is not gasoline or Diesel. In general, cars are refueled here with Ethanol, alcohol from sugarcane.

At the gas station we bought a canister of Ethanol to see what this liquid looks like. It is absolutely transparent, not like gasoline, and smells strongly of alcohol. Brazil is the world leader in biofuels. If the sugar prices fall, they produce more fuel, if the product becomes more expensive, the sugar cane is exported as usual sugar.

For the time of the BRICS summit is closed, the administrative district, the streets are empty. Officials got two extra days off.

Meanwhile, the heads of state and government of the BRICS countries have a strictly regulated working day. In the plenary session, they take stock of the first decade of the BRICS and set the objectives for the future.

“We need to promote a positive international Agenda more proactively and more consistently and bring like-minded people together to solve important global and regional problems,” said Vladimir Putin.

“We must pay special attention to trade and investment. The total trade volume of the BRICS countries is about 15 percent of World Trade, while the population of our countries accounts for more than 40 percent of the world’s population,” said Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

In Brasilia meetings were held behind closed doors. The president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told our Filteam that Vladimir Putin had raised the issue of arms control. “He said that the actions of the USA have a negative effect. In fact, we see the end of the INF Treaty, and no one knows what the NEW START Treaty. Is it extended or not? The US does not share your Position. In many ways this position is shared by Putin’s BRICS participants, " said Peskov.

The president himself will be interviewed at the press conference on the situation in Syria. “On the one hand, the successes of the Russian Anti-terrorist Operation in the Region seem obvious,” says the Reporter.

“Why' seem ' the successes obvious? 90 percent of the Syrian territory were liberated by terrorists and again placed under the control of Syria’s legitimate government. That was the goal we achieved. For all countries there is a risk of Infiltration by militants from the territory of Syria. We all know the tragic events that have taken place in some European countries. Everyone is in danger, so we need to get together, " said the Russian head of State.

Reporters are asking Putin to comment on the Chaos in Latin America. Political crises occur one country at a time. Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia…

“If I look at all that happens, for example in Bolivia, what do I think? Imagine there is no government at all, a power vacuum. It is very similar to Libya, although there is no armed Invasion from the outside, but the country is on the verge of Chaos,” Putin said.

While it is troubled by its neighbours, Brazil holds the summit. Father Francis, a Brazilian who became an Orthodox priest in the 1990s, prays for peace in the Region. Vladimir Putin, despite a busy schedule, found time to meet with the clerics.

Father Francis built his church some years ago with his own money. He also painted the icons himself. “President Putin asked me how I came to Orthodoxy. God himself has brought me to this Faith, my wife and I are Orthodox. At the Sunday service we have 100-200 people, which is a lot for Brazil, " said the priest.

One of the members of the congregation, whose Name reveals him as a Brazilian of Russian origin, is Jacinto Anatoly Sabolotsky. A descendant of immigrants who came from Siberia 100 years ago.

Coffee is what really exists in Brazil. Different kinds of drink were offered at meeting to heads of state and journalists in the press center. In Brazil, coffee is cult.

Brazil is located on the other side of the Earth. In the southern hemisphere is the spring of November. That’s why the coffee beans are still tiny. Be harvested in April and may. One of the varieties is processed into Instant coffee and exported to Europe, even to Russia.

Brazil is now launching its economy. The president is obliged to take unpopular action. The UN supported Bolsonaro’s decision to raise the retirement age by five years by 2022. For women it will rise to 57 years for men to 62 years. The number of state employees will decline. Bolsonaro plans to privatise 12 airports and 4 seaports. The budget is about $ 2 billion.

The country is looking for new cooperation possibilities and relies on BRICS partners. Russia is ready to complete the nuclear power plant. “Rosatom” has a good reputation here.

“We have really become very strong in the market of import of isotopes for Nuclear Medicine medicines. Brazilian customers emphasize the quality of Russian products and our reliability,” said Alexei Lichachev, director of Rosatom.

The Russian Delegation calls on the BRICS partners to take a closer look at the new Russian passenger aircraft MS 21. The organization already has its own Bank, now they are discussing a common payment system.

“It is not only an Alternative to existing systems, but it also offers the opportunity to make greater use of national currencies in trade transactions,” said Russian VEB chairman Igor Shuvalov.

The BRICS share the same values. Putin invited his colleagues to the Parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great victory in Moscow. U.S. President Donald Trump also received the invitation. So a Russian-American summit in may possible.

“The fact that the leader of a country that has made a significant contribution to the fight against National Socialism is taking part in the celebrations even in the election campaign would be a real step. But it’s not up to us to decide. But when the U.S. president comes, we will naturally meet with him in Moscow and talk, " said Vladimir Putin.

Either way, Russia will receive many guests next year. Among other things, our country holds the presidency of the BRICS countries. In the summer, the “five” meet in St. Petersburg.