Syria and stability

After the withdrawal of the US from northern Syria, Russia and Turkey has created facts with an establishment of the security zone along the Syrian-Turkish border. The Kurds have withdrawn from the territory that autonomous region Rojava has submitted to the protection of the Syrian state. Russia has proven itself as a crisis Manager? Can Peace be finally developed in Syria?

The establishment of the security zone was possible only because the Kurds are subjected to. What opportunities do the Kurds and thus Rojava have in the future within the state?

Although the Kurdish Warriors, as well as the representatives of the autonomous municipal bodies of Rojava, have been protected by the Syrian military, their representatives, such as the general commander Mazlum Kobane, stress that they are not willing to give up their claim to autonomy.

This Position is given particular prominence by the statement that the responsibility for the detained members of the “Islamic State” should continue to lie with no one other than the forces of self-government.

There are two reasons behind this statement: on the one hand, the more than justified concern for one’s own well-being, inasmuch as the Kurdish Warriors and their allies, with more than 10,000 casualties and twice as many wounded, were not only those who carried the main burden of fighting the terrorists of the Islamic State, but were also the first to

Secondly, there is the hidden hint behind the statement that without it the Islamic State will not be able to cope in the future. This fact is perhaps the only reason that the Kurds and their partners of Rojava can currently score points, at least as long as the Western states shy away from returning their warriors to trial.

What is more, what attitude the people coming from the self-government are willing to take towards the planned constitutional convention of the Syrian state is also open. Will you be prepared, contrary to your ideas of “democratic confederalism”, to subordinate to the requirements of the Syrian nation state?

Asked differently, will Syria be prepared to integrate such critical ideas as Abdullah Ocalans, which are based on a fundamental criticism of the nation state, into the negotiations on the Constitutional Convention? If not, there will be new, unforeseeable conflict potentials here, which are not certain whether and how they will be resolved peacefully.

In addition, Turkey does not intend to carry out ethnic “cleansing” in the “Security Belt”. The fact is, however, that the expulsions that occurred in the course of the Invasion and the declared intention of Turkey to settle in the Syrian refugees Strip have already set in motion such population movements and will continue if Russia does not intervene accordingly.

Stretched West

It is also the result of the panic of the “Western” terrorists, in which, in view of the current operation of the Russians in the Syrian space, the realization matures that Russia, despite all attempts to limit it, is no longer a great power to pass.

In other words, such an aerial number as that of the current German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer cannot be explained if she proposes to bring the" security zone " under the control of German, French and British military forces after Russia and Turkey have already created facts.

However, after the withdrawal of the US troops stationed in the border area of Rojava, the squadron of Donald Trumps, who only made it possible for the Turkish Offensive to roll up tanks to protect oil sources in the northeast of Syria from Iraq after the Zone has been set up. At the same time, he wants to enter into new “talks” with the Kurdish forces, which he had just dug through his retreat and dropped.

The “Deep State” of the EU, especially from Eastern Europe, even voices are heard that reject the UN mandate for the protection zone, which Kramp-Karrenbauer considers temporarily, because this, because it would not be possible without the consent of Russia in the Security Council, could lead to the appreciation of Russia as a Allies.

Test for Russia

In general, the question of how Russia intends to face its challenge as a protective power in the future is only raised at the level of the strategic patty of dominant forces, where any pursuit of autonomy as a “separatism” is suppressed, or in the tradition of the Soviet Anti-colonialism, as Putin suggested in the African summit just held in Sochi?

To face up to this anti-colonial Tradition of Russia, more precisely the Soviet past of Russia, would be to support liberation movements and struggles to achieve the right to self-determination and autonomy, at least to protect them, in any case not to suppress them. Will Russia be ready for such a policy in Syria?

If not, that is to say, if Russia should watch a repression of the self-government of Rojavas by the Syrian state without action, or even actively engage with it, then it created a potential for protest from which new unrest, on which could be linked from the outside to well-known manners. I am sure, however, how Russia will show its activities in the Middle East that it will do this task far better than the West.